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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 120: Total Victory!

Chapter 120: Total Victory!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

I must be a god!

Chen does not usually argue over the internet. But when he does, his replies are savage! That reply was way too cool and too savage for them to recover from! And like the start of a battle cry, it threw the whole fans club into a frenzy! Boosting their morale and igniting their fighting spirit!

[Whoa! Bro Bei is Fighting back!]

[That reply was so cool and so savage!]

[That's my idol! Absolutely undefeatable]

[Bro Bei is so awesome, even his comeback game is strong]

[My hero! I know you're not a fraud! I'll always support you! Support Beichen Jewelry!]

[He is a god! Who else wants a piece next?]

Chen had one hundred thousand fans. Their torrents of comments alone washed away all the negative comments that came earlier. Amidst the huge wave of replies, Chen caught on to two in particular:

Crown Jewelry Shop: Just who's the stray dog here? Can't it reply in a more civilized manner instead of flaming others? How rude and barbaric!

Master Feng: Chen Xiaobei has always been a bumpkin. If he knew the reason, then pigs could climb trees!

Bro Bei: It's not that I don't want to be reasonable, but Confucius said: Don't try to reason with idiots. Because they will just drag your intelligence down to their level and use their extensive experience of being idiots to defeat you there!

Master Feng: You imbecile! Who are you calling an idiot!

Crown Jewelry Shop: Yeah! Who!

Bro Bei: The Lord said, let there be light, and then came light! Let there be water, and then came water! And when the lord said, let there be idiots, you two were born!

[Pffftt! Hahahaha! Bro Bei! You are too creative!]

[This is the burn of the century!]

[Two idiots! Challenging our big brother with only that level of intelligence! Absolutely asking to get rekt!]

[Bro Bei is so cool and awesome!!!]

Chen's replies summoned up another storm of comments and replies from his fans. The hater squad had only a few members, and in mere moments, their attacks were drowned out by the huge amount of replies and comments from Chen's fans.

Master Feng: Chen Xiaobei! So what if you have a sharp tongue? You can't bite me with it!

Bro Bei: Sorry, but I don't eat sheet.

[Pfffttt! Hahahaha…]

[Sorry! Bro Bei doesn't eat sheet!]

[Sorry! Bro Bei doesn't eat sheet!]

The message board went wild with the fans copying and pasting the same comment over and over again. At that point, it was not hard to imagine Wenfeng spurting blood behind his own screen right now.

Bro Bei: Wen Feng, you should read more books.

Master Feng: Just who do you think you are? Asking me to read more books?

Bro Bei: Haven't you heard the saying that ugly people should read more?

Master Feng: Oh piss off you! I look awesome and am even considered a trendsetter of the city, and you dare call me ugly?

Bro Bei: Don't you feel the tiniest bit of shame when you lie to yourself? Your pictures can ward off evil spirits when hung on walls, and is a good contraceptive when placed next to a bed! Your figure, is as stout as a huge pot, but not even as tall! Your entire body is just made up of a butt and a belly and that's it! If you're not ugly, then there are no ugly people in this world!

[Hahaha! My god, bro! That's too savage! But… I love it!]

[Selling Wen Feng's selfies! Wards of evil spirits and pregnancies! Your best friend for your home or on vacation!]

[Hahaha! Bro Bei is undefeatable! Even flames people in style! Totally my idol!]

[I bet one pack of spicy snacks that Wen Feng is throwing up gallons of blood right now! Hahaha!]

The fans were already in a state of mania, cheering and praising Chen in every reply and comment. Their enthusiasm and spirited retaliation silenced the hater squad.

Crown Jade House: Chen Xiaobei! That's enough! Stop humiliating Master Feng!

Bro Bei: Ho! Ruguan! Just because I didn't mention you, you thought it was safe to come at me? If Wen Feng is a plate of sheet, the only difference between you and him is that you don't have a plate! The first time I met you, I knew that you'll never float on water!

Crown Jade Shop: Sink? What do you mean?

Bro Bei: Friends, tell poor chap whose IQ is the equivalent number of room temperature, just what does that mean, please.

[You're dense! Hahaha…]

[You sink! Because you're dense]

[You dense motherf*cker!]

Another epic burn, followed by another wave of replies and comments. Ruguan probably just wants to smash his head on a tofu and die right now.

Bro Bei: I just don't get it. Of all the things you could have become, you went with Wenfeng and became a piece of sheet! You could have said some good sheet, but you chose to tell everyone bullsheet! Well now, after everything is said and done, you finally became a dipsheet!

Master Feng: …

Crown Jade Shop: …

Bro Bei: Why the silent treatment? Weren't you guys having so much fun? Where're the haters? The flamers? Come on, don't leave me hanging!

After seeing how badly Wenfeng and Ruguan got thrashed by Chen, the keyboard warriors knew that they had underestimated him and the power of his fans club. Not one of them dared to fight back, knowing how it would end.

Bro Bei: What a bunch of useless cowards! Talking to you guys is an utter waste of oxygen! My fans, if you ever see assholes like these again, tell them I said this: Your hands are free now!

[Huh? Hands free?]

[Bro Bei, what does that mean]

[Hahaha! It means that your hand is free, so you can go jack off!]

[Sheet! Bro Bei is Bro Bei! That's just perfect!]

[This is why Bro Bei is my idol! The strong don't need to explain themselves!]

[Guys! Now that our idol has safely defended this board, don't you think it's time to go on the offense?]

[Yeah! Let's push back now! Counterattack!

In just a few minutes, Wenfeng's and Ruguan's Weibo were bombarded with messages posts! All with the same message: Your hands are free now! All hundreds of thousands of Chen's fans were posting the same post on their walls again and again! Eventually, it was too much that the people at Weibo decided to shut down Wenfeng's and Ruguan's account, resulting in a complete and total victory for Chen and his fans! After the battle, everybody returned to Chen's page once more.

[That was fun! From the moment Bro Bei responded until their accounts were shut down, this battle was beautiful!]

[Isn't it? Gosh! It's great to be Bro Bei's fan!]

[I'm going to be his fan for life! No regrets!]

[Fan for life! No regrets!]

[Fan for life! No regrets!]

The fans club members, having gone through a huge war together, were now much united and loyal than before. Many people who had been watching the whole thing from the sidelines had joined the fans club, resulting in a huge spike in the numbers of fans club members, to 130 thousand! Beichen Jewelry once again became most talked about topic on many other discussions and message boards, with many people spreading the news around, generating more publicity for Chen. As a result, not only was Beichen Jewelry's popularity unaffected by the negative posts, but became a much bigger name than it was before! By the time of the launch, it would definitely be a huge event!

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