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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 122: Enter Wei Xiaobao!

Chapter 122: Enter Wei Xiaobao!

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Growing these Huaguosan Peaches would be a very good idea. Just by looks and smell alone, these peaches could be sold at a very high price. They would also strengthen the body and extend one's lifespan as well. If they really set up a farm, Chen was very sure that they would not be selling them by weight, but by fruit! Imagine a peach selling at 998 yuan each. That would be very awesome! But, that's a discussion for later. Chen was currently still busy getting Beichen Jewelry off the ground. The farm would have to wait.

"Mom, dad, sure we can plant them, but not here. Go pack your things, we'll leave for the city this afternoon. I just bought a villa in Green Vine, and I'd like you both to move in with me. We can plant these in the garden there." Chen said.

"Huh? You want us to move in with you?" Mom startled.

"Yes. Your son has made a small fortune and bought a house, of course, I want you to move in and live a better life with me. Don't you want to?" Chen laughed.

"Of course we do! Who wouldn't want that? Since our son has become successful, we're finally able to enjoy life!" Father nodded repeatedly with a radiant smile on his face.

"That's wonderful! I'll go and pack up right now! In the future we'll all be living under one roof, we'll be able to see each other every single day!" Mother was overjoyed with the news and went on to start packing. She even gave Luo a wink as she passed her.

This gave Luo a huge headache. Did that mean that she had to continue pretending being that scumbag's girlfriend, even after they return? What a bother! Headaches aside, she still assisted Chen's mom in packing up. The Ice Demon Queen's upbringing had caused her to be highly respectful of elders, and even Chen could not help being constantly surprised by her attitude.

After everything was loaded onto the SUV, the four of them began their journey back to Green Vine City. They made a pit stop when night fell, and arrived around noon the next day. Chen dropped Luo off at her place, and drove his parents to the villa.

Seeing the fifty-five million yuan real estate for the first time made their jaws drop. Never had they imagined that one day, they would be able to live in a mansion as grand as this! The two of them were still not used to such luxury, and stood outside the door awkwardly. It was only after Chen's relentless assurance and comforting that they mustered the courage to go into the house.

After helping them settle down, everybody was exhausted from the journey and retreated to their rooms to rest. Chen laid down his bed. He grabbed his phone and logged into his Weibo. The number of followers had increased to 140 thousand, and the discussion about Beichen Jewelry was still hot and ongoing. Just four days away from the launch, and he was already very sure that it would be a massive and phenomenal event.

Chen then took a look at his treasure chest. There were still two strands of Monkey Fur, a bowl of Mengpo's soup, one Heavenly Dog biscuit, the Heaven Smithing Furnace, as well as a few hundred bottles of Hundred Herb Potions.

"I still don't have enough treasures. Since I have 43787 merit points, why not buy something and fill it up?" Chen entered the group chat. He already had an idea of what to get.

Chen: Are there any doctors here? I'm looking for books on the practice of medicine. Please, let me know if you have any!

NeZha: Whoa! Chen is online! (act cute emoji X3)

Li Shizhen: Saint Chen! My "Compendium of Materia Medica" is cheap! Only 1000 merit points! If you buy it, I'll also throw in free consultations and tutoring for all eternity!

Sun Simiao: Are you stupid? Saint Chen has the Heart of Comprehension. He doesn't need your lessons! Saint, Buy my "King of Medicine's Journal" instead! This is a total record and complete study of my life's work, only one in print! It's only 1000 merit points!

Hua Tuo: Saint! I have one "Nine Dragons Acupuncture Technique" if you are interested. The best acupuncture skill to date! I'll let you have it for only 1000 merit points!

"Dafuq! Three legendary Chinese medicine masters all out at once! If I master their knowledge, won't that make me the greatest Chinese medicine master of my time?" Chen was too excited to reject them.

Chen: I'll take all three! Check your private messages!

Li Shizhen: As expected of Saint Chen! Now, that's what I call generosity!

Hua Tuo: Thank you, o' saint for the gift of merits

Sun Simiao: Hahaha! With these merit points, I'm just a few more step away from sainthood!

The three of them were all wandering spirits in purgatory, thus making it hard for them to do good and accumulate merit points. Getting 1000 merits like this is enough to send them flying on cloud nine. Chen immediately checked his inbox.


[Congratulations! You have received Hua Tuo's Red Envelope. Acquired one "Nine Dragons Accupuncture Technique". Already stored in your treasure chest!]


[Congratulations! You have received Sun Simiao's Red Envelope. Acquired one "King of Medicine's Journal". Already stored in your treasure chest!]


[Congratulations! You have received Li Shizhen's Red Envelope. Acquired one "Compendium of Materia Medica". Already stored in your treasure chest!]

"Hahaha, now, with these three medical books, I will be able to carry on the mantle of the three great masters to the modern medical world. All three teachings in one body. Who else can rival me now? Wakaka…"

As soon as he received all three Red Envelopes, Chen's excitement soared through the skies.

He then sent the 3000 merit points as promised.

Since Chen now had accumulated a considerable amount of merit points, 3000 wasn't much to him.


[Current accumulated merit points 40787. 49213 points until next level. (charm: 4079, luck: 4079)]

Just as he was about to log off and study the medical manuals, someone in the group chat tagged him.

Wei Xiaobao: Chen! Are you looking for martial arts manuals?

"Da heck! Wei Xiaovao exists?" Chen stared blankly at the screen. Reading and re-reading the name on his phone screen, Chen could only think of three things to describe the person: despicable, cunning, and a polygamist! "Isn't this guy from a novel? How is a fictional character here in the group? Did he really exists at one point in history?" Chen's mind was suddenly filled with big questions, but he shook them out of his head. "Who cares if he existed or not? The existence of this group alone is already against the laws of science. So what if there was a fictional member in the group?"

Chen: Hello Noble Sir Wei, what skill is it that you are selling?

Wei Xiaobao: What I'm selling is a secret technique I created, powerful enough to render an enemy useless in combat in just one move! As long as it connects, your victory is guaranteed! (cool emoji X3)

Chen: What the f*ck! A technique like that actually exists? That's got to be very expensive…

Wei Xiaobao: No no no! It's really cheap! It's not 10 thousand, not even one thousand! Only… 998!

"998 again…just like he did in the novel…" Chen squinted. He smelled a scam. "Nah, I have to haggle with him. Since my merit points is 40787 now, let's round it down."

Chen: I only have 787 points right now. Would Sir Wei still be willing to sell me the manual for that much?

Wei Xiaobao: SOLD!

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