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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 131: So What If I'm A Perv?

Chapter 131: So What If I'm A Perv?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"It's a gift from her grandfather, I'm not surprised that you have never heard of it. All you have to do is find me that pendant!" Xiaoyao said.

"Ugh… ok. I'll try." Chen nodded. He was also curious, just what is so special about this green jade safety pendant? But his biggest concern right now is that the current Wenyuan is actually Xiangyu… How the hell would 'she' know about a pendant?

"As for my third wish, I'll let you know when I figure that out. Give me your number." She saved his number to her phone and made a call with it. Hearing his phone ring, an evil smile flashed on her face. "Whatever you do, you'll never run out of my hands!" She turned and struted away from him.

Chen stood there, thinking in silence. He then text-ed Xiangyu and arranged to meet her at the campus gates first thing in the morning to come up with a plan.

After a quiet night, the next morning, Chen drove to the campus gates to meet up with Xiangyu. He arrived as Xiangyu was making her way out of the campus gates. Xiangyu had no idea on how to be a woman: she came walking out with no makeup, messy hair, dressed in baggy sports wear. Other than her well-endowed top, there was nothing else left of the once beautiful girl. Fortunately, she was at least carrying the spirit cage in a bag instead of waving it around in public.

"Bro Bei! Did I keep you waiting?" Xiangyu hurried over. She tried to be as manly as possible, her movements were that of a man that exuded great strength and authority. But as soon as she spoke in that sweet voice of hers… It was hard for her to be anything else but adorable.

Chen stifled his laughter. "I just got here. Bro Yu, I know that you are a straight man on the inside, but don't forget that you're in a girl's body! You need to take care of how you look, or people will start asking questions!"

"How I look?" Xiangyu pouted and replied, "Bah, great men don't fuss over the small details!"

"Even if you don't mind the smaller things, could you at least comb your hair properly? It looks like a bird's nest! Here, let me tidy it up a bit." Chen shook his head and tried to fix her hair with his hands.

"Chen you animal!"

Just at this moment, an angry voice came from behind Chen. He turned to see who it was and saw a well dressed, good looking man making his way towards him hastily in great strides. It was Green Vine's most good looking man, Wu Junfan!

"Who the f*ck you think you are! Shouting at Bro Bei like that? I'm gonna slap you to death!" Xiangyu screamed in her cute voice and was about to rush at him.

"Wenyuan! Don't! He's my friend." Chen quickly stopped Xiangyu. If she really went at him, Wu's soft and delicate face would easily be disfigured with just one slap…

"I'm no friends with an animal like you!" Wu stared at Chen angrily. "You already have Mengcheng, why are you still with Wenyuan?"

Chen was amused by his words, but didn't explain himself to him. Instead, he smirked and said, "Well, I have no idea why, but pretty girls keep flocking to me. Maybe it's because I'm too good looking, is that a crime?"

"Ugh…" Wu almost puked blood when he heard that and lamented, "O' great Buddha! O' great Goddess Guanyin! Please! Smite this foul beast of a man for he has no shame…"

"Well, if there's nothing else then we'll get going." Chen laughed.

"Stop right there!" Wu's face was red with anger. "Wenyuan! Let me ask you: Don't you mind at all that this man has other women besides you?"

Xiangyu merely pouted and replied, "Are you even a real man? What's wrong with a great man like him having three wives or four mistresses? There's absolutely nothing wrong with that!"

"Umph…" Wu really almost threw up blood. "What's so good about Chen Xiaobei? Why are these beautiful women all so smitten by him? Wenyuan actually doesn't mind him having lots of women around? F*ck! This is just too much!" Wu's vision was getting blurry as he starts to wonder about life.

"Hehe. You heard the lady, she doesn't mind. So, stop your nonsense, kay?" Chen chuckled.

Seeing Chen's carefree attitude, Wu pressed on. "Just you wait! I'm here to see Mengcheng, and I'm going to tell her just how much of an animal you are!"

"Hoho, you should know that Mengchen will only think less of you for tattling on me like a child."

Wu was taken aback. He had been brought up as a gentleman that's upright and proper, acting lowly like tattling, was way beneath his station. "Hmph! Chen you asshole!" Wu spat. "But don't celebrate just yet! I won't stop until Mengchen is mine!"

Chen merely laughed at him. "She's already mine. How do you plan to woo her?"

"As long as you both are not married, then I still have a chance! You can still back out of this now if you're scared, you know? Cowards don't deserve her!" Wu confidently exclaimed. If it is about looks, family, or his upbringing, he is confident that he is well above Chen in these areas. So if they were to compete fairly for Mengcheng, he is sure that he would win!

"Me? Scared?" Chen was amused. "Have you forgotten that you are at a disadvantage in this matter! I'm the one who decides if I want to compete fairly, not you!"

"Then, are you?" Wu shot back.

Chen thought about it while looking around. His eyes then caught someone from afar and he had an idea. "If I simply entertained any Tom, Dick, and Harry that came at me for "fair competition", wouldn't that be frustrating? But well, since you're so eager about this being a fair competition, then fine. I'll give you a test! If you pass, that means that you have the necessary qualifications to challenge me! But if you fail, stop bugging me. How 'bout that?"

"Shoot! What's the test?" Wu pressed on.

"You see that pretty lady standing at the entrance of the security's office there? Yes, the one wearing jeans! If you can give her a slap on her bum, then I'll agree to your fair competition!" Chen said cheekily.

"What? You want me to act like a perv? No way! I'm not doing that!" Wu rejected. He is the heir of the second richest family of the city. How could he bring himself to do that?

"Well then, fine! You said it yourself. Mengchen doesn't deserve a cowardly boyfriend." Chen nonchalantly said. "Wenyuan, get in. We're leaving."

"Stop right there!" Wu's face was a mix of expressions as he gritted his teeth and said, "I'll show you that I'm no coward! For her sake, so what if I become a perv this one time?"

"The go on. Good luck!" Chen was grinning sheepishly, trying to hold himself back from laughing out loud. He watched as Wu readied himself, and strode off confidently towards the lady at the security's office's entrance. And at the very same moment, the girl was talking to the security guard on duty.

"Hi, can you do me a favor and keep these Chinese meds for me? I'll call someone to come get them later. He's a student here, his name is Chen Xiaobei." The lady said.

"Well sure! Please give me your name and contact number and your messenger if you have one." The guard replied.

"Ok. My name is Luo Puti."

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