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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 132: A Hidden Illness Attacks!

Chapter 132: A Hidden Illness Attacks!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Sheet! Why am I doing this? This is crazy!" Wu may look calm and ready on the outside, but his heart was close to an explosion, it was close to popping out of his chest. He had never done anything bad before in his life. Now, he's about to smack a girl's ass in broad daylight… If people ever find out, how was he ever going to show his face in public? But if he backed out now, Chen would surely laugh at him!

"Screw it! This is for Mengchen!" Wu bit his lips. He had already prepared himself for the worst. If the girl was a timid one, she would just glare at him, at most. If she was the kind to get angry, then she would probably just screamed at him. Even if she was the kind to fight back, he should be able to take a hit or two, no big deal! After all. if he apologized and explained himself, he should be able to diffuse the situation. Or so he thought.

With that in mind, Wu walked faster and soon closed in on the girl from behind. She was wearing skinny jeans which showcased her long and slender legs, her bum was perfectly round and curved naturally like a peach, bewitching whoever who was looking at it.

"I'm so sorry, miss!" Wu screamed internally. He checked his surroundings to see who was watching, but only saw Chen giving him the thumbs up from afar.

"I can't let that asshole look down on me! I won't lose this chance to be with Mengchen! f*ck! Let's do this!" Wu thought. He gritted his teeth and moved his hand towards the girl's butt.

"What do you think you're doing!" The girl suddenly snapped as she turned around and caught Wu's hand. It all happened so fast, as if she saw it coming, like she had eyes on her back! Not waiting for Wu to even react, the girl pulled him towards and over her and threw him in a textbook manner.

"Oww…" Wu was thrown three meters away and fell flat onto the ground. His whole body was aching from the impact.

"Hey, isn't that Green Vine's most handsome bachelor Wu Junfan? Why is he on the ground?"

"I think he was thrown over by that girl because he was being a perv!"

"Seriously, what? Really shouldn't judge a book by its cover… Who would have thought that Wu Junfan was such a degenerate?"

"Junfan Oppa! If you wanted a girl, you can come at me! Why did you go and become a perv? Why…"

People around all turned their attention to him, all shocked and disgusted.

"Ugh…" Wu's face was as red as a tomato. All he wanted to do now was to smash the ground open with his head and bury himself in it. His reputation for being a proper and upstanding member of society was now utterly in ruins…

"Wu Junfan! You animal! How dare you do something so lewd in broad daylight!" Chen came running over. "Now, I know this lady's figure is hard to resist, but this is not an excuse for you to do something so shameless! Apologize immediately!"

Wu's face looked as if he had just swallowed sheet as he cursed Chen over and over again in his heart. He had deliberately just jumped into the gutter that Chen dug! This guy is pure evil!

"Not accepting any apologies. I'm going to turn this perverted asshole into an eunuch!" The girl shouted in rage.

"Oh my god… All I did was tried to slap a butt… I didn't even do it yet… And now I'm going to become an eunuch? That's blatant cruelty!" Wu was already sweating profusely. He was avoiding capture with all his strength. Having already tested the strength of this lady, he knew that he would die if he does not escape!

"Huh? Why, isn't it the beautiful Miss Luo! Why are you here?" Chen faked his surprise and got between the two. Pranking Wu was enough for him. But if this ended up becoming a cock slaughtering incident, then that would be too much.

"Shut up and step aside!" Luo Puti would never even allow men to look at her with pervy eyes, let alone sparing a "lowlife" who tried to touch her bum! She was definitely going to chase Wu to the ends of the world!

"Run! I'll stop her for you!" Chen shouted as he wrapped his hands tightly around Luo's waist.

"Thanks! I owe you one!" Wu sprinted off as fast as he can.

"Let go of me! You're just another pervert like him!" Luo's face was red with anger. But Chen was hugging her tightly like a koala bear. Being this close to her, Chen caught whiffs of her feminine scent and felt her soft and limber waist in his arms. Only an idiot would let that go.

"Let go! Ugh…" Luo suddenly stopped struggling and let out a painful moan. Then, like a deflated balloon, she slumped into Chen's arms.

"Hey what's wrong? Are you okay?" Chen was shocked.

"My chest hurts…" Luo's face was pale as a sheet, sweat beading up on her forehead, and her whole body was shivering. But other than that, she had no other symptoms. Chen princess-carried her to the car without hesitation.

"Get me my painkillers from my bag… Quick!" In merely a few seconds, Luo's body became weaker.

"Even Xiangyu was frowning at the sight. "What's wrong with her? Just moments ago she was up and throwing people around, now she looks half dead!" He could not imagine just what kind of pain could torture the strong and powerful Luo Puti into such a terrible state after just mere moments!

Chen looked inside Luo's bag and took out a bottle labeled - painkillers. However, after opening the bottle, he did not find the usual pills or tablets like those of western medicine, but found instead some small and black colored round pills. The old Chen would not have suspected a thing. But now with the combined knowledge of the three legendary doctors of Chinese medicine, as well as having read the Black Mamba Demon King's Secret of Million Poisons, Chen could instantly tell what they were. He closed the bottle and threw it aside.

"What are you doing?… Do you want me to die of pain?…" Luo's eye widened. She could barely hide the pain from her expression.

"That thing is poison! Don't you know that?" Chen shot back.

"I know… But if I don't take it… I will die!" It was now taking her a lot of effort to talk properly, her condition was painful to watch.

"No you're not! I'm here. You don't have to take them anymore!" Chen went through Luo's bag again and took out her silver needles.

"What are you trying to do? If I don't take them I'll really die…" Luo was anxious.

"I'm going to cure you with acupuncture!" Chen looked focused as he pulled out the silver needles.

"You? Acupuncture? Chen… I know how much you hate me… But you can't harm me here! Please!" Luo was in distraught. She would never believe that Chen knew proper acupuncture.

"Bro Bei, give her the meds, it's not good if she dies." Even Xiangyu was nervous.

"Luo Puti, if I can heal you, how about a kiss?" Chen winked as he stabbed a needle into her chest.

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