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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 133: Nine Dragons Acupuncture Technique!

Chapter 133: Nine Dragons Acupuncture Technique!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chen did not just stop there. After inserting the needle, he lightly flicked the end of the needle to vibrate it. As the needle was just embedded at the right length and flicked with exactly the right amount of force, it mysteriously vibrated at a constant rate without stopping. Moving on to the next needle, Chen did the same thing again. But when the second needle was inserted and flicked, the two needles started resonating with each other! By the time he was done with the third needle, Luo's pale face was looking a lot better. Her eyes opened wide in surprise as she watched Chen skillfully inserted needle after needle and felt her pain going away. Xiangyu's mouth was open in awe. Both of them did not believe Chen when he said he knew acupuncture. But with just three needles, Chen turned their beliefs completely around!

"Gorgeous, don't keep looking at me like that. What if you fall in love with me?" Chen joked. Luo blushed, but did not turn her eyes away and watched as Chen inserted the fourth needle. She wasn't paying attention to his looks, but rather, his acupuncture technique. By the time he was done with the ninth needle, the pain in her chest was totally gone. Luo could no longer hold in her surprise. "My god! Chen Xiaobei! Was that the Nine Dragons Acupuncture Technique? I must be dreaming!"

"Oho! So you know this?" Chen was also surprised. This technique was founded in the early Qin dynasty (221 BC). After Hua Tuo's death, it was lost to history. He did not expect Luo to be able to identify it. Looked like this lady was not as simple as she appeared to be!

"Of course I do! I've been learning acupuncture from my grandfather since I was a child. His biggest wish was to see it in action before he dies!" Luo said. "For that, he journeyed across the whole country and visited countless other acupuncture masters, but did not find any significant because no one had learned the real thing. I still cannot believe that you actually can use it!"

"I still have a trick or two!" Chen said cheekily. "Just because of my great looks, a lot of people keep mistaking me for simply being an idol. I'm actually someone with skills you know?"

"Stop being disgusting…" Puti rolled her eyes and asked him in a serious manner. "When did you start practicing acupuncture? Your level of skill looks like you have been practicing for over 20 years! Even if you are an acupuncture genius, that would still take 10 years at the very least!"

"Umm… Almost 10 I think…" Chen said with a straight face. He couldn't possibly tell her that he has the scholar's heart and had only used one hour to learn that!

"Wait, if you knew this technique, why didn't you use it to cure your father?" Luo's detective instincts kicked in.

"About that…" Chen was taken by surprise, but luckily the heart of scholar gave him the ability to process thought and information and come up with an answer instantly. "Isn't it obvious? I didn't have internal energy cultivated yet. So even if I knew this technique, I still couldn't treat my dad."

"Oh, right." Luo nodded. "The pain is gone. Can you take off the needles now?"

"Sure. But you have to give me a kiss first like we agreed!" Chen smiled as he put his face forward.

"Go away! You're the one who decided on that yourself! I didn't agree to it in the first place!" Luo rolled her eyes again. "Besides, the deal was only if you heal me. You just relieved the pain for now, and I'm still miles away from being completely healed!"

"Heh heh, Since you put it that way, that means you acknowledge the bet! So you agree to kiss me if I heal you!" Chen said expectantly. Getting a kiss from the Ice Demon Queen was going to be a very thrilling experience!

"How about you tell me, how are you going to heal me?" Luo herself was looking forward to being cured. She had been suffering for many years now, and had even contemplated suicide on many occasions. If her sickness could be cured, that would be the most wonderful thing to her right now! As for the kiss, well even if she weaseled her way out of it, it was not like he could do anything about it!

"There is one way to fix this, but you're going to get angry."

"Just tell me, I won't get angry."

"Fine. The poison is rooted deep inside your system since you've been feeding it for such a long time. You know acupuncture yourself, so you should know that this only treats the symptoms and not the cause." Chen explained.

"Yes, you're right." She nodded.

"To get rid of the poison completely, you need to fix it from both internally and externally with medication and… And… You sure you won't get angry?" Chen stuttered.

"Come on, spit it out! Are you a man or not? Just tell me, I won't get angry." Luo was very eager to hear his diagnosis.

"Fine, I'll say it…" Chen swallowed. He glanced at her wonderfully voluptuous chest and said, "the external part of the treatment is via massaging. Only my Medicine King's Art of Massage can do that, others can't…"

"Massage?" Luo frowned.

Xiangyu, who was listening from the sideline started giggling. "Girl, don't you get it? Bro Bei wants to give you a boob massage! Hehehe…"

"What?!" Luo exclaimed. "Chen Xiaobei, you lecherous degenerate! I had so much faith in you, but you're only thinking about touching my boobs? That's it! Come here, you!" Luo was like an enraged lioness. She pulled off the needles on her chest and quickly got up, going straight for him. She was thankful and amazed with Chen for healing her just now, but all that feelings went out the window as soon as she heard him say "massage".

"Lady, please! Calm yourself down!" Chen backed up. "If you don't want a massage, fine! I'm not forcing you! We can still continue using needles to fix the pain. I'm not trying to get naughty with you!"

Luo stopped when she realized that she was overreacting, but was still glaring at Chen. "You better not! If you try anything hanky-panky, I'll castrate you in a heartbeat!" She turned around and walked away in her heels.

"That woman is extremely hot and spicy!" Xiangyu said rudely, but in a cute voice while folding her arms and rubbing her chin. "Bro Bei, you definitely need to make an honest woman out of her! That would be a great achievement!"

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