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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 134: The Evil Spirit's Identity!

Chapter 134: The Evil Spirit's Identity!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Now you're being obscene!" Chen smirked at Xiangyu's words while watching Luo's hips sway as she walked away. How could any straight man resist that? But Chen knew better and shook his head. "This lady was many levels above me in terms of strength, and has a horrible temper. Not my cup of tea."

"Why? You admitting defeat?" Xiangyu teased.

"The word "defeat" has been erased from my dictionary a long time ago!" Chen laughed. "But she really isn't my ideal kind of woman. If she was, I'd make her beg to be in my pants!"

"Then what is your ideal?"

"I like girls who are gentle, considerate, and most importantly, kind! Well, at least two out of these three qualities."

"Well, if you say so." Xiangyu shrugged.

"Bro Yu, wait for me for a bit, I'm going to the guard's post to find out what she was doing here," Chen said and headed towards the guard's post.

After identifying himself, the guard handed him the bag of Chinese medicine that Luo had placed there. Chen took a whiff and was surprised. "These meds are excellent for bone recovery! Did she get these for father? The Ice Queen, delivering meds herself. That's rather kind of her!" Chen thought. He looked through the items in the bag and found a piece of paper with her handwriting on it. It contained detailed instructions on how the meds should be prepared and served, as well as the do's and don't during preparation. "Aww, how considerate of her!" Chen smiled. "Kind and considerate. Gentleness… Can be taught over time. Looks like I should really give Xiangyu's suggestion some thought. Taming the Ice Queen, that's going to be interesting! Hehe…"

After that, Chen drove away with Xiangyu to have their discussion elsewhere. As they drove away from the campus gates, a man dress like a bodyguard was eyeing them from behind a corner nearby. He took out his phone and called. "Hello, Manager Wen, Wenyuan has just left school grounds!"

"Good! Tail her and don't let them find out. Keep updating me on her location. I'll be there in half an hour. Hahaha… It's been three days, but she's finally outside!" Wen Tiandou's excitement can be heard through the phone.

"This place seems alright, no one should bother us." Looking for a secluded place in the middle of the day was hard. But Chen finally found an abandoned construction site and drove straight in. "So here's the thing…" Chen summarized last night's meeting with Murong Xiaoyao for Xiangyu.

"I don't have Wenyuan's memories, so I have no idea where the pendant is," Xiangyu said. "But I can help you handle the Murong girl. And you can school her later with a dog biscuit!"

"Well since we don't know where the pendant is, it's just a matter of time before she realizes and comes after us. Looks like the last biscuit is hers then." Chen nodded. "Let's not talk about her now. How's the evil spirit? Is it cleansed yet?" Chen then asked.

"Almost. But you have to finish the job," Xiangyu took the Spirit Cage out from her backpack.

"Why so?" Chen puzzled.

"That's because this spirit cage is yours. After an evil spirit has been cleansed, you have to decide whether to keep it or to let it pass on into purgatory." Xiangyu explained while he took out Sanzang's prayer beads and mantra manual.

"That so? Then let's see who this ghost is!" Chen placed the cage in front of him, held the manual and prayer beads in both hands and started the final step of the cleansing ritual. Soon the nine dark skulls on top of the spirit cage became brighter and the car lit up in wonderful colors as if a holy cleansing light was coming from it. A small ethereal human figure appeared in the cage. Although ethereal, it had the body of a human girl. Her face was no longer distorted and looked beautiful. But when Chen saw her face, he was shocked.

"Wenyuan!" He could not believe it! The evil spirit that they cleansed was the very person that they were just talking about!

"Chen Xiaobei? Is that really you?" After cleansing her malice, Wenyuan had regained her senses and she could not believe who she was seeing as well. "Wait, is that my body? How is it still alive? And moving!?" She screamed in confusion while pointing at Xiangyu.

"Calm down! You're here because you became an evil spirit and I cleansed your soul of malice." Chen said. "You have two choices: One is to go on to purgatory, the other is to acknowledge me as your master and stay in the spirit cage."

"I…" Wenyuan just regained her sense of self and was in confusion. But she soon her memories slowly came back and she calmed down. "I remember everything! Chen… Thank you for saving me…" Wenyuan said earnestly while biting her lips. "I'm so sorry that father and I tried to use you. I don't know if you'll forgive us, but I beg you, please help me avenge father and grandfather! As long as you can help me to kill Wen Tiandou, I'll be your slave and give you everything I have! Although I am just a ghost and have nothing now, I can still possess any beautiful girl you like and you can…"

"Cough cough…" Chen interrupted. His face was bright pink. He then continued in a serious voice: "Possessing another body is a great sin, so you better don't! And besides, the journey is just as important as the destination. I will make my woman mine by my own means."

"Then would you help me please? Brother Chen, I'm begging you, pleeeaaasssseee…" Wenyuan was biting her lips and saying that in a sultry voice, her eyes were giving Chen seductive glances. When it came to the art of using her sex appeal to get what she wanted, she would be the grandmaster.

Chen tried resisting, but finally relented and said, "Wen Tiandou that animal! Murdering his family members and coming for my life so many times! I was going to take care of that asshole even before you asked me to!"

"Really? Oh Chen, you're the best! I'm your slave forever!" Wenyuan cheered and danced around in the cage with her ghostly body like a cute little pixie.


And just then, three minivans swerved into the construction site and blocked their way out.

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