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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 135: Fight It Out!

Chapter 135: Fight It Out!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chen quickly kept the spirit cage out of sight. Wenyuan was ethereal and invisible to the naked eye, so he wasn't that worried.

The doors of the minivans slid open and some ten plus bodyguards in black suits and shades stepped out of them, all of them rubbing their fists and limbering up as if preparing to fight. Wen Tiandou then came strolling out of the last van and stared right at Xiangyu. "After waiting outside the university for three days and nights, you finally appeared, my dear niece!"

"Animal! Murderer!" Wenyuan's anger was bursting out.

"This is bad, he came… I'm still not strong enough…" Chen became very worried.

"Don't give up! I'm here!" Xiangyu said.

"Bro Yu, do you have 5000 combat power?" Chen asked excitedly.

"Close. But since we're already here, might as well end things with this bastard!" Xiangyu replied resolutely. The word "retreat" had no place in her dictionary.

"Good! Since you put it that way, let's fight it out! Right here, right now!" Chen was all fired up.

Never retreat, never surrender!

"You two are the best! Kill that piece of sheet!" Wenyuan had no idea who was in her body, but she did not mind it one bit. As long as she could avenge her father and grandfather, everything else would not matter.

Chen and Xiangyu stepped out of the car and shouted, "Wen Tiandou, you animal! You killed your own father and brother, and now you want to kill your niece? You really are a shameless bastard!"

Wen Tiandou glanced at Chen and scoffed. "Ho? You lucky son of a b*tch. How did you get away from my shixiong?"

"You mean, Blood Dove?" Chen replied in a cheeky manner. "Last I heard he went and attacked my village head's family and died."

"Lies! My brother's abilities are greater than mine! He could level a whole village if he wanted to! Killed by your village head? Ha! You must think I'm an idiot!" Wen Tiandou rolled his eyes. He did not believe Chen's words. How could Blood Dove, who was even stronger than him die so easily?

"Well, since you have so much faith in your brother's abilities, why don't we bet on that? Try calling him. If he picks up, I'll cut off my head and let you play soccer with it. But if he doesn't, you come over and let me kick you once. How about that?" Chen challenged.

"Sure why not? I wasn't not planning to let you both leave here alive anyways!" Wen Tiandou said and took out his phone and dialed Blood Dove's number while turning on the speaker mode.

"Hello?" In just a few rings the call was picked up and a stern voice answered.

"Hahaha, did you hear that? The call connected! Now cut your head off!" Tiandou laughed.

"Haha, this kid thinks he's a smartass, betting his head! He has no idea just how strong Blood Dove is!"

"Kid must be from the circus to think up this clown act! It's dumb!"


The ten so bodyguards were all laughing silly at Chen like he's some comedian. But in the next few moments, their laughter turned into frowns when they heard the voice over the phone said: "Hello? Why aren't you talking? Are you the family of the deceased? If you are please come down to Green Vine Police Department! We need you to identify the body!"

"Wait… What did you just say?" Wen Tiandou's face convulsed as he couldn't process what he just heard. Blood Dove was an elite disciple of the Hundred Beasts Faction! How could he just suddenly die on a mission in a poor backwater place like the Chen Village? If this news gets out, not only would Blood Dove be humiliated, it will also bring shame to the entire Hundred Beasts Faction!

"You got seven days to come identify the body, or we'll surrender it to medical institutions without delay!" The voice said impatiently and ended the call.

"Blood Dove… Brother… He is really dead…" Wen Tiandou was so upset his face was screwed up as if he had just eaten a steaming pile of sheet.

"Wen Tiandou! You lost! Now come over here and let me kick you." Chen's lips curled into a sarcastic smile. He was prepared to give him a good taste of the Nutbuster if he came over!

"You want to kick me? In your next life maybe!" Tiandou obviously did not intend to keep his word. "All of you get him! Kill this piece of sheet!" As soon as he ordered them, the bodyguards quickly moved to surround Chen.

"That scum! He's not keeping his word and brought so many allies to go against you two, Xiaobei, will you be alright?" Wenyuan asked nervously as she flew and darted around Chen like a pixie.

"Chill, just some small fries? Not even enough to whet my appetite!"

"You got some balls punk, still not peeing your pants?" Wen Tiandou folded his arms and said. "Don't say I didn't warn you, but these bodyguards are all professionals from a very expensive company and they are a lot stronger than the thugs you meet on the streets…"


Tiandou almost bit his tongue. Before he could finish his sentence, one of his so-called "professional bodyguards from an expensive company" was kicked by Chen and flew five meters away, laying completely still.

"What's happening? This punk is also from Jianghu?" Wen Tiandou's eyes bulged. But Chen did not stop there. He grabbed another bodyguard by the arm and twisted.



His arm was twisted into a knot and he was rolling on the floor in pain.




The bodyguards watched helplessly as Chen tore through their ranks like they were nothing more than origami. Whenever Chen struck, bones crack, muscles tear, and one by one the men in black fell. In just less than half a minute, only one bodyguard was left standing.

"Stay there! Don't… Don't come over!" The poor man was terrified and shaking in his pants.

"Really? If I didn't come over just because you told me to, won't I be losing face?" Chen smiled and gave the man a hard kick, not anywhere else, but right in the crotch!

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