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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 136: Xiangyu Fights!

Chapter 136: Xiangyu Fights!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Owww… Awww…"

The bodyguard was sent flying like a cloud in the sky backward, towards where Tiandou was.


As the bodyguard was about to crash into Wen Tiandou, his boss did not catch him but instead, smacked the poor man another seven, eight meters away. The poor man was seen throwing up blood before he crashed hard on the ground and passing out.

"How could he do that to his own men! He's a monster! Animal! Trash! Scum!" Wenyuan was throwing a fit and waving her tiny fists around. Being just a spirit, Chen was the only one who can see her.

"Looks like you're no simple kid! You're skilled for your age!" Wen slowly stepped towards Chen. "Too bad you aren't smart enough! Showing off like that just makes me want to kill you even more! I won't leave anyone that threatens me alive!"

"Oh but it's a bit early to say who's killing who don't you think?" Chen said with a straight face. As he finished, Xiangyu, who had been quiet all this time stepped forward in front of Chen. Her small frame getting in between Chen and Wen in a defensive stance, exuding a strong sense of security like a huge mountain defending Chen from any threat. With a brother like this, what was there for Chen to fear?

"You? Protect him? Are you joking?" Tiandou laughed.

"As long as I am here, don't even think about touching him!" Xiangyu replied.

"Hahaha…" Wen Tiandou broke into laughter. "I must be hearing things. A girl like you think that you can stop me?"

"Wrong! I'm not here to stop you, I'm here to beat you up!" Xiangyu bellowed in her cute voice.

"Pffttt… Hahaha…" Wen couldn't stop laughing when he heard that. "Did a donkey kick your head or something? I'm an Inner Qi level fighter! You, you can't even fight, and you say that you want to beat me up? Hah! Just hand over the pendant the old man gave you and I'll consider sparing your lives!"

Xiangyu's expression darkened and replied in a cold tone, "Since you say that I'm weak, why don't you try me and let me slap you?"

"Hmph! Don't say that I never gave you any chance! Come, here!" Wen snorted as he turned his cheek towards her and playfully slapped it a few times. "You better hope you can kill me with your slap, or you both are dead!" Wen Tiandou did not even consider Wenyuan as a threat. Chen might be able to put a dent on him, but Wenyuan? The girl has barely enough strength to wrestle a chicken! Never in his wildest dreams would he imagine that his niece was already possessed by the great Overlord, Xiangyu! He took her threats merely as a joke and acted all high and mighty until…


The loud sound of Xiangyu's slap resounded throughout the construction site. The surrounding buildings even echoed it back and forth. That was one very powerful slap.

That's right.

Xiangyu the King slapped Wen Tiandou!

Her fair and delicate looking hand landed squarely on Wen Tiandou's cheek and slapped him with more than two thousand pounds of force! That is what 5000 combat power feels like! Although Wen Tiandou's defense was 5000 as well, he had let his guard down completely because he thought that it was Wenyuan who had slapped him. However, a palm-sized truck had just struck his face! In just a split second, he was sent flying across the site like a comet towards a pile of construction rubble nearby.


The pile of construction waste exploded in dust and debris as Wen Tiandou crashed into it.

"What the f*ck! Bro Yu! That was f*cking awesome!" Witnessing Xiangyu's strength with his own eyes got Chen's blood boiling with excitement.

"Oh my god! Just who is in my body! So strong! That's so freaking awesome!" Wenyuan's eye opened wide in awe. Even her small mouth became O shaped.

"That slap looked so good! Now, that's what I call strength!" Chen said while clenching his fists. "I'm going to step up my cultivation and become as strong as Bro Yu!"

"I need a potion now." Xiangyu calmly lifted her small arm. Her hand was covered entirely in blood and wounds!

"What? How did this happen? Your body still can't handle 5000 combat strength, yet?" Chen quickly took out a bottle of Hundred Herb Potion and poured it over her bloody hand. As soon as the potion covered the wounds, her hand began to heal quickly.

"This body is still too weak. I've been training non-stop, but it's still not there yet. Now, it can only handle the strain from 4000 combat power." Xiangyu said disappointingly.

"That's ok, training and cultivation need time. Besides, Wen Tiandou is probably knocked out cold, I'll just go over and finish this!" Chen said with a murderous look in his eyes.

"That's right! Kill that bastard! Brother Chen, if you kill him, then I will call you my master!" Wenyuan was waving her tiny fists nonstop with an eager expression.

"Wait don't go, he can still fight!" Xiangyu stopped Chen.


As soon as he said that, the rubble erupted and Wen Tiandou jumped out from it. Even though his face was bloody and his nose was crooked from Xiangyu's slap, he was still not defeated yet.

"What the f*ck! What is this? b*tch, since when, were you this strong? How?" Wen Tiandou was confused. How did his niece become strong enough to slap him like that?

"You are about to go down, so why bother asking?" Xiangyu said that with the cutest expression ever. She then took one step forward and bolted towards him like a rocket.

"Bro Yu…" Chen was worried. Xiangyu's body could only handle 4000 combat power, she might not be enough to defeat Wen Tiandou.


[Cultivation: Inner Qi Stage; Defense: 4200; Combat power: 4200!]

Reading the info from the Netherspirit Battlescouter, Chen was slightly relieved. "That slap across his face really did a number on him! But, he still has the upper hand. We need to do something, or Bro Yu will lose for sure!"

"I can help too! That monster must die today!" Wenyuan circled around Chen while waving her tiny fists.

"Okay, here's the plan. We need to…" Chen quickly came up with an idea and told her his plan.

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