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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 137: Kicking Wen Tiandou!

Chapter 137: Kicking Wen Tiandou!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


The two fighters with over 4000 combat strength or more clashing in a distance, their every punch and kick carrying more than a thousand pound of strength in them, and there were more than a hundred of them a minute! The surrounding ground cracked and dust and debris constantly flew around them with every move they make, the scene was much more surreal than a Hollywood action movie! When they started, both fighters were on equal grounds, but as time passed, the odds were slowly leaning in Wen Tiandou's favor, his slight difference in combat strength prevailing.

"Now!" Wen Tiandou saw an opening and caught Xiangyu's wrist with his left hand. He twisted her arm behind her and wrapped his right arm around her neck.

"Ugh…" Xiangyu was bound and choking, unable to free herself from his hold.

"B*tch! How do you like me now? Tell me where did you put the jade pendant that the old man gave you! Or I'll let you know what pain really feels like!" Wen Tiandou had a villainous smile as he said that. It was obvious by now that he held no attachment whatsoever towards his own kin. He would put his own niece through a lot of pain just to get what he wants.

"Stop!" Chen shouted while running towards them. "I know where the pendant is! Let her go, and I'll tell you!"

"Bro Bei…" Xiangyu was confused. Since when did Chen know where it is? But while he was puzzled, he saw Chen looking at her in a peculiar manner and realized that this is a ruse, so she played along.

"Oh? So you do? Then tell me now!" Wen Tiandou said haughtily. "Your lives are in my hands, you are in no position to be negotiating with me!"

"Let her go, or I'll never tell you!" Chen did not budge. He secretly activated the Heaven and Earth Scriptures, as well as all the Dragon Force inside his body.

"Hah! You think you can threaten me?" Wen Tiandou spat. "Stop testing my patience boy! You think I dare not kill her here and now?" Xiangyu was like a fish on a chopping board, her life is in Wen Tiandou's hands. Even under these circumstances, Chen did the unthinkable.

"No I don't!" Chen shouted and charged at Wen Tiandou.

"Hmmm? Did you squeeze your balls between a closing door or something? You think you can save her with those low-leveled abilities of yours?" Wen Tiandou scorned. He could not imagine Chen's efforts bringing out any kind of result in this situation. To him, Chen was merely rushing to his own death. But just then, the unthinkable happens! Unnoticed by anyone, one of Wen Tiandou's bodyguards had crawled up behind Wen Tiandou. The man had grabbed onto Wen Tiandou's leg, and bit into his ankle!

"Oww…" The sudden painful feeling of teeth biting into his Achilles tendon surprised Wen Tiandou! His body reacted naturally to the sharp pain and loosened his grip momentarily, and that was what Xiangyu has been waiting for! Xiangyu broke free from Wen Tiandou's hold and twisted his arm behind his back into an armlock!

"Huh? What?" It all happened so fast, he could not yet grasp the situation. In just mere moments, he went from the one doing the holding, to the one being held! But before he had enough time to react to that, Chen was already right in front of him.

"Nut! Busting! Kick!" Chen screamed as he summoned every ounce of strength and Dragon Force inside his body and put it into his kick. His leg shot upwards in a curve at a blinding speed and connected squarely in between Wen Tiandou's legs.

"Ayeee… Wuwuwuwu…" Chen kicked with everything he got and sent Wen Tiandou screaming like a little girl and flying straight up ten meters into the air, like an obnoxiously loud space monkey!


Wen Tiandou's body was still relatively unharmed after falling from that height, his high defense stats showing its benefits. But even if he did survive that, the injury at his crotch however, was painful enough to put him down! His eyes were wide and bulging like a dead fish, veins popped on his forehead, and he was frothing at the mouth. Wen Tiandou had no fight left in him! He lost! Defeated by Chen Xiaobei!

'What the f*ck! Bro! What move was that? That sheet is sick! I want to learn it! I must learn it! The next time someone gets on my nerves I'll give them a kick! Just thinking about that feels awesome!" Xiangyu was excited. She had always been interested in martial arts, especially strong and powerful moves like these. This is a must-learn for her!

"Wow! Master! You are waaaaaayyyyy too too too toooooo cool!" Wenyuan said as she came out from the bodyguard and flew around Chen. "From now on, you are my master! I will always be your little slave! Master! Smooch…"

"Oh my, smooch…" Chen was taken by surprise, but puckered up and kissed. Too bad Wenyuan was only a spirit and merely floated through his head. He felt nothing.

"Hahaha! Master is a big perv!" Wenyuan floated in front of Chen and teased.

"Hmph! You naughty little slave! How dare you tease your owner! Now change into a maid outfit." Chen pouted.

"I can't, my cultivation is too low, hehe. I'll do that once my cultivation is high enough!" Wenyuan winked. She was feeling very happy now that she got her revenge.

"Alright let's get back to business. These people have seen too much, they must die!" Xiangyu being the mature one of the trio quickly calmed her excitement and went towards the bodyguards lying on the floor.




One by one she twisted their heads. With every head she snapped, her merit points grew by a hundred or two. These bodyguards were not good men themselves. Killing them would be a service to society!

"Bro Bei, I'll leave Wen Tiandou to you!" Xiangyu said.

"Good! Let me put an end to the Wen Clan's vengeance!" Chen said in a serious tone as he made his way towards Wen Tiandou.

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