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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 138: Number One Swindler of the Three Realms!

Chapter 138: Number One Swindler of the Three Realms!

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Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chen strode towards Wen Tiandou. He intended to put an end to this blood feud. Wen Tiandou saw him approaching and knew his end was near. He gritted his teeth and fought the pain in his groin and tapped on his wristwatch.

"Hmm?" Chen noticed this and was alarmed, he was afraid that Wen Tiandou might be up to something. He rushed over quickly and stepped down hard on his neck, but he was too late. The smartwatch had already sent a message.

"What was he trying to pull? Even when he was at the gates of hell…" Chen frowned, his gut telling him something was wrong. But he had no clue whatsoever on what it was and decided not to think too much about it for now. He would deal with it when the time comes.


[For exterminating a three-lifetime evil person, you gained 30,000 merit points!]


[You have accumulated 70,000 merit points, only 20,000 left to the next merit level (Charm: 7,000; Luck: 7,000)!]

Reading the notification, Chen was jumping with joy. "Wow! 30 thousand points in one go! That's great! My number of fans will increase! If my Weibo is getting this much attention, Beicheng Jewelry's opening the day after tomorrow will be the biggest event the town has ever seen!"

Eradicating evil men and gaining merit is the best job for him. With these collected points, he could buy items from others in the Red Envelope Group, and increase his charm and luck. Although charm and luck were not tangible stats, they had indirectly influenced and helped Chen out a great deal, especially in areas that he had never expected. So not only does exterminating evil help make the world a better place, it would also grant him many wonderful benefits that were literally out of this world!

Chen then took the Chaos Sword out and allowed it to absorb the blood of the bodies. Especially Wen Tiandou's as he was a high-level martial artist and practitioner and had much more power in his blood than the others. This gave the sword a significant boost in its strength. After he was done with that, Chen then kept all their corpses into his treasure chest. At then, these men had completely disappeared from the face of the planet without a single trace. Even if the police were to get involved, they would not be able to find any clues leading to his involvement. After double checking to make sure he did not leave any traces behind, Chen and Xiangyu drove away from the scene.

"Bother Yu, you mentioned that you want to return to being a man, tell me how and let's get it done right away. By then, you can return this body to Wenyuan and everybody is happy!"

"Yes! Master is right! I want my cute body back!" Wenyuan reacted expectantly.

Xiangyu nodded. "It's actually very simple. I just need to die and leave this body, and then possess a second Corpse using the Soul Possession ritual."

"If that's the case, then this is easy!" Chen said confidently. "I have 70,000 merit points now. I just need to spend 60,000 and I'll be able to perform the ritual for the both of you!"

"No, it sounds easy but unfortunately, there's a catch!" Xiangyu sighed. "The ritual itself is against heaven's will and a taboo. The first one may cost 30,000 points, but a second ritual costs 300,000!"

"What? 300,000? That much?" Chen was shocked. It took him a lot of time and effort to hear that 70,000 points. But 300,000? That's way above his expectations! Unless… "Here's what I'll do: I'll go get some spicy sticks and sell them in the group. As long as I can sell 30 sticks, you'll be able to become a man very soon!" Chen smiled cheekily. "Don't worry. They that say every problem has its solution. And spicy sticks is our solution!"

Hearing that Xiangyu gulped. "Uhh… Bro Bei…" he said with a guilty expression. "There's something I need to tell you…"

"Well then spit it out! Since when does Xiangyu the Great Overlord stutter?" Chen responded.

"A few days ago… When you went back to your village… I visited the campus' convenience store… and bought a bag of spicy sticks… I thought they tasted great and wanted to send some to my wife…" Xiangyu gulped nervously and continued, "But I mistakenly sent the whole bag into the group instead… along with the price tag on the bag… so the whole group now knows how much it really costs…"


Chen felt like he was struck by lightning. He was speechless and couldn't think straight. Even his Scholar's Heart had also stopped working. The one thing he worried so much about has finally happened! No wonder there was a wave of Red Envelopes on the day he returned to the village. He even got two bowls of Mengpo's soup from that. So it was because Xiangyu sent a bag of spicy sticks into the group…

"Bro Bei… I really didn't mean to do that… I'm so sorry…" Xiangyu said in a soft voice. Guilt was written all over his face.

"Well, what's happened already happened. No use for apologies now!" Chen replied in a nervous voice. "I more worried if Lord Yanwang won't take off ten years of my life from the book of life? Or will Monkey King get so angry, he comes down to earth to beat me personally? And the Bull Demon King… God Erlang… Old man Shennong… Oh god! I think I've just offended a lot of gods. How am I going to live after this?" Chen was already crying. So many angry gods coming for him… That idea alone is terrifying!

"Uhhh… I don't think it will go that far… After my mistake, I haven't even logged in once… I don't know what's going on in there… Want to take a peek?" Xiangyu was much more remorseful than before.

"Errr…" Chen did not dare delay the matter any longer. He pulled up the car on the side of the road and logged into the chat.


Little Nezha: Wow! God Chen in online! I'm out of here… (3 running emojis)

God Erlang: What the actual f*ck! Number one Swindler of the Three Realms! You actually dared to log on! @Chen Xiaobei

Yanwang: F*ck you! Number one Swindler of the Three Realms! Give me back my merit points! @Chen Xiaobei

Bull Demon King: You bastard! Lock the door and let the dogs lose! Bite this Number one Swindler of the Three Realms to death! (3 angry emojis)

Shennong: Let's beat this Number one Swindler of the Three Realms up! (3 knife emoji) @Monkey King, Why aren't you saying anything you monkey? Come out and help fight this swindler!

These few gods were the ones who had previously bought spicy sticks from Chen and they are all so furious they could skin Chen alive. And as soon as they started flaming, the other gods and deities that were on good terms with them also joined in as well. Ox-Head and Horse-Face, both Black and White of Impermanence, Princess Iron Fan, Hong Haier, Shennong's fellow deity followers, as well as the whole lot of the imperial army… All were coming down on Chen. The name "Number One Swindler of the Three Realms" kept resounding in his head.

"Sheet… What should I do?" Chen looked at the barrage of angry messages on his phone, sweat beading on his forehead.


Prime of Tongtian: My dear disciple, are you in trouble?

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