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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 140: Young Spirit Beast!

Chapter 140: Young Spirit Beast!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


[Congratulations! Acquired Shennong's Red Envelope. Received one Shennong's Hundred Herb Pill. Already stored in your treasure chest.]


[Congratulations! Acquired Hundred Herbs Holy Magistrate's Red Envelope! Received one Fairy Fertilizer. Already stored in your treasure chest.]

"Holy f*ck, I'm on a roll today! A double kill! Feels like I'm beyond godlike!" Chen was thrilled beyond words. Before this, it took him a lot of effort just to try getting one Red Envelope. But today alone, he had already gotten six in total!

"Luck! That's it! This has got to do with my increase in luck stats! I just killed Wen Tiandou today and raised my luck to 7000! Hahaha… Killing villains is so awesome!" Just when he was already on cloud nine, another surprise came.


[Bull Demon King has sent you a Red Envelope!]

"Awww… This fella actually sent one to me personally!" Chen smiled.

Bull Demon King: Chen, since I am not as rich as the other deities, I couldn't afford to spam the group. So I sent you one personally. I hope you can accept my apology.

Chen: It's okay, I am a forgiving person~

Bull Demon King: Haha, that's great! Please accept the private Red Envelope. That little guy is very obedient!

Chen: What little guy? (confused emoji)

Bull Demon King: Take a look at it! (Mysterious emoji)

Chen quickly accepted the private Red Envelope.


[Congratulations! Acquired Bull Demon King's Red Envelope. Received one Spirit Beast: Frosty Jade Lion. Already stored in your treasure chest.]

"Holy f*cking cow! A Frosty Jade Lion!" Chen almost bit his tongue. "I have no idea what that is, but the name alone sounds awesome! Next time I'll bring it along with me, and when I see my enemies, I'll have it slap them down with one strike! That would be awesome! Wakaka…" Trying hard to contain his excitement, Chen opened his treasure chest and looked for the Spirit Beast.


[Frosty Jade Lion: A mysterious Spirit Beast from the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts. Still a cub and needs proper care. Would you like to retrieve it?]

"Huh? Just a baby? What the hell…" Chen was disappointed. "Well, even if it's just a baby, it should still look cool right? Let's take it out and have a look." Chen tapped on his phone and a radiant beam of light shot out from it. The light quickly took form and turned into… A cat with milky white fur, that's no larger than his palm. Staring at the cute little thing that appeared to be sleeping on his lap, Chen became confused. "This… This is a f*cking lion? I don't read a lot of books, but please don't lie to me…" Chen's eyebrows twitched. This cute little fuzz ball was definitely not the ferocious and awesome lion he was expecting!

"Wow! What a cute little kitty!" Wenyuan screamed as she flew towards the cat. Young girls like her have little to no resistance against cute things after all. But when she got closer, the white ball of fur's eye opened! Its sapphire eyes glowed with strong energy exuding the strength, ferocity, and domineering will of a king of the jungle!

"Yikes! Scary!" Wenyuan was shocked and darted behind Chen. Even Xiangyu, who was also busy trying to grab Red Envelopes looked up. "My god! Bro Bei! Where'd you get this Spirit Beast from?"

"Uhh… It was a gift from the Bull Demon King…" Chen was still flustered by the cat's sudden outburst of energy.

"Quick! Bond with it! Once you miss the timing and let it awaken into its feral instincts, you won't be able to control it anymore!" Xiangyu said anxiously.

"Bond? Right! I got it!" Chen quickly placed his pinder on the head of the kitten and mentally recited the Scriptures of Heaven and Earth-like how he did with the Chaos Sword, imprinting his aura on the cat and establishing a special bond with it.


The oppressive energy that was coming from the cat's eyes gradually subsided. It then licked its lips and looked at Chen while rubbing its head against his finger like a cute, docile, domesticated kitten.

"Gosh, this little furball is so cute!" Wenyuan's eyes sparkled. She went over and petted it.

"Prrr…" The white kitten did not reject her petting, but gave her a look of contempt, as if not giving a f*ck about whatever she says.

"What a snob…" Wenyuan pouted.

"Hmm? Xiaobai? Do you have Yinyang eyes too? Can you see Wenyuan?" Chen asked. The little guy shot him a disgusted look as if it did not like the name Chen gave it. But since it could not reply in human language, it just nodded.

"It really is a Spirit Beast! Just a baby and already has yin-yang eyes." Chen said in amazement. "Purrr~" Xiaobai merely chinned up with a proud look on its tiny cute face, as if telling Chen "Of course!" Chen happily held it up with both hands said, "It may be a little small, but it's still a Spirit Beast! And thanks to my sifu, not only did I manage to get off scot-free from this spicy stick scandal, I even benefited out of it! This just feels great!"

"Yes, it is… Thanks to the Prime. If not for him, I would have really caused you trouble…" Xiangyu was still very remorseful.

"What's done is done, Bro Yu you don't have to blame yourself any longer! Although I can't sell spicy sticks anymore, there are still many other ways to get merit points, so it's not a big deal!" Chen said while thumping his chest. "We are brothers in arms who have been through thick and thin! My merit points are yours! Starting from today, we'll work hard and earn more merit points! Whether it is 300,000 or even 3 million points, that's not a problem!"

"Brother…" Xiangyu was too touched. "Damn! This is so righteous! So brotherly! My decision to reincarnate as a girl for you was the best decision I have ever made! I got a great brother like you from all that!"

"God… You two are so gay…" Wenyuan teased.

"Just what do you know? This is how real bonds are made: after going through hardships together!" Xiaobei said in a serious tone. "A real man not only protects his woman, he also fights for his brothers!" he continued.

"Well said! A good brother is worth fighting and dying for! No regrets!" Xiangyu's cute face brightened up as she became spirited by Chen's words.

Chen dropped Xiangyu off at the campus, and after her incessant begging, gave her the Nutbuster Manual. After that, he made his way home. Upon his return, he saw mother busying herself in the garden. She had dug up three holes in the ground, obviously planning to plant the peaches there.

"Didn't I get some fertilizer from the group today? I wonder what's it used for?" Chen suddenly remembered and opened his treasure chest.

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