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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 141: God of War's Body Strengthening Pill!

Chapter 141: God of War's Body Strengthening Pill!

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[Fairy Fertilizer: Used to fertilize plants in heaven's Hundred Herb Garden. Great at increasing the growth of magical herbs. Do you wish to retrieve?]

"Wow! So it really does help plants grow. Just what I need right now!" Chen retrieved the fertilizer from his inventory. It came in only a small bag and didn't seem like there was enough. One bag like this was probably just nice for one use when fertilizing magical herbs. But Chen used it for the Huaguosan peaches and not any magical herb in particular, so this one bag was more than enough.

Chen carried Xiaobai in one hand and the fertilizer in another and got down from the car.

"Chen? Where'd you get that cat from?" Mother asked.

"Oh, this? My friend gave it to me. I was thinking that you and dad would be bored at home, so I got him to keep you guys company." Chen let Xiaobai down onto the grass and let it go free. The little fuzzball just haughtily strode off to a spot in the garden with sunlight and lazily lay there. Wenyuan, on the other hand, was really chirpy and kept calling out to mother wishing her well, but for obvious reasons, Chen's mom could not hear her talking at all. Being only a low-level spirit right now, she could not stay out too long under the sunlight and went back into the spirit cage instead.

"mom, are you planting the peach seeds?" Chen asked.

"Yes. Your dad keeps telling me how much he misses the taste and kept on pestering me to plant them, saying the earlier we plant them the earlier we get to eat them." Chen's mom sighed. "You tell me, that old man of yours has already lived so many winters, but he still acts like a kid. Even if I plant these now, it will still take years for them to grow, let alone bear fruit."

"Hahaha, fortune favors the bold. Who knows? A miracle might happen." Chen chuckled.

"What miracle? Your mother has been planting crops for all her life, as if I don't have any common sense about growing trees?" Mother said.

"Then let's try this." Xiaobe knelt over the dug up holes and opened the small bag. It was filled with dark and charred bits that looked like coal and ash but had a very distinctive fragrance to it.

"What's that?" mother asked.

"Oh, just some special fertilizer that my friend was experimenting on. It's something really new and high tech, made after lots and lots of research. He calls it the high tech genetically modified nano super fertilizer compound." Chen said with a straight face.

"Oh, so it's fertilizers… Such a long name, is it any good?" Chen's mom did not understand what he just said, but with his charm at 7000, she believed him just fine.

"My friend said that the effects are wonderful! It might even be better than expected! So, whatever happens, promise me that you will be calm about it! And you mustn't tell anyone else, this is my friend's big secret!" Chen warned.

"Alright, I get it, I'll keep this a secret!" mother nodded.

Chen smiled and began to sprinkle some of the fertilizer in the three holes in the ground. He dared not use too much, just a little more than a dash of it in each hole. If the effects were too shocking, that could become trouble for him.

After filling the holes up with soil and watering over them, Chen stood by the newly planted plots and waited. He expected the fertilizer to show its effects immediately. But after waiting for a while, nothing happened. So he decided to head back inside the house.

Back in the house, Chen boiled the Chinese herbs Luo gave him and gave a bowl of the medicine to father. Hearing that it was from Luo, father and mother were both all smiles. Especially father, as he downed the whole bowl quickly. Chen knew without a doubt that Luo was the perfect daughter-in-law in his parents' eyes, and they were more than just accepting towards her.

After chatting with them for a while, Chen went to his room. He had a great haul today, there were a lot of new items that he wants to study. But just as he lid down on his bed, his phone beeped. It was a private message.

Monkey King: Brother Chen, are you there?

"Hmm? Why is Monkey King looking for me?" Chen was a little surprised. "He did buy one spicy stick from me, but didn't say anything at all over today's big fuss, and sifu didn't bring him up at all… I don't think he's looking for me for trouble…"

Chen: Yes, Great Sage, how can I help you?

Monkey King: I just want to ask you for three God of War's Body Strengthening Pills.

Chen: How did you know I have some?

Monkey King: When the chat was in an uproar today, although I kept myself quiet, I was watching from the sidelines. I saw when you acquired that three eye's Red Envelope.

Chen: Since you were watching, why didn't you say anything? Aren't you angry at me for the spicy sticks as well?

Monkey King: Buying the snacks was totally voluntary, you didn't make me buy them from you! And besides, they were really tasty, you didn't lie to me about that! So it was a fair deal, what's there to be upset about?

Chen: The Great Sage is really wise and open-minded! (thumbs up emoji)

Monkey King: Haha, Chen is flattering me! So, how about the three pills, can you give them to me?

Chen: Sure thing, of course! But I'm just curious, with your level of skill, why can't you get other items? Why must it be this God of War's Body Strengthening pills?

Monkey King: Oh you have no idea, these pills are used by that damned three eyes to train low-level Heavenly Soldiers. These pills give the best results for those still in the physical stage! I recently came across a very talented young monkey on my mountain and decided to train him. But as you know, I'm on very bad terms with that blasted arrogant asshole, so I can only ask it from you.

Chen: So that's how it is. I'll just send them over to you right now!

Opening his treasure chest and tapping on the pills, Chen sent them over to Monkey King in a Red Envelope and instantly got a reply.

Monkey King: Thank you very much brother Chen! If you need my help anytime, feel free to tell me. Don't be shy!

Chen: Well I do have something that I will need your help with, but it's not an urgent matter so I'll message you later o' Great Sage.

Monkey King: Sure! No problem! I got to go now, message me personally if you need anything, okay!

Chen turned off the chat and immediately opened his treasure chest. "Haha, this is really unexpected! These body strengthening pills are so great that even Monkey King wants them! My strength is going to grow very fast!"


[God of War's Body Strengthening Pill: Used by God Erlang in the training of the Heavenly Troops. Each pill ingested will increase combat and defense by 500. Only limited to the physical stage. Would you like to retrieve?]

"Sheet! This stuff is dope! If I take all seven of them, I can raise my combat power by 3500! And if I include my current 1000, that's 4500!" Chen was overcome with excitement. "Just wait until my strength comes close to Murong Tian's and exceeds Murong Xiaoyao's! Heh heh heh… That girl dares threaten me? I'm going to whoop her ass!"

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