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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 142: Surprise After Surprise After Surprise!

Chapter 142: Surprise After Surprise After Surprise!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chen immediately took one body strengthening pill out and consumed it. He instantly felt a mysterious warmth expanding from his core. The warmth coursed through his whole body like a surging river and he could feel it spreading from his navel to his chest, and finally to his limbs. Everywhere it went, the mysterious warmth excited every bone, sinew, and muscle fiber, making them stronger. Chen could feel his strength gradually increasing.

"This is pill is the real deal! It's faster than slowly training and cultivating strength! The best part is, I can be doing something else while it works!" Chen was delighted. With these pills, he did not need to laboriously train and meditate like he used to. Training to gain strength had always been a time-consuming practice. But with this, not only was his growth rate high but also fast. By his estimation, he would have completely digested the first pill in 24 hours. And by then his combat and defensive strength would have increased by a whopping 500 points! If given any other normal means, that would take three to five years! And that was also given that the person was talented or gifted! If not, a normal human could not even reach this level in their lifetime!

"Wakaka… These pills are too awesome! At this rate, I just need one week to digest all seven pills and my combat strength will be 4500! I'm getting excited just thinking about that!" Chen then went on to check his other new items.


[Hundred Herb Pill: Made personally by Shennong. Can remedy all poisons and extend lifespan by 10 years. Would you like to retrieve?]

"What the f*ck! Extend 10 years! This is crazy! What if I sell this to an emperor or a dictator? How about a Forbes top 50 ranker? How much can I sell this for? Is 10 billion too much?" Chen's eyes lit up as his mind imagined the possibilities. If Genghis Khan had another 10 years, the Great Yuan Dynasty would probably have even spread all the way to Africa! If Steve Jobs had another 10 more years, his wealth would have increased exponentially! To people like them, spending 10 billion for an extra 10 years to their lives was more than worth it!

After calming himself down, Chen continued examining the other items.


[Unholy Spirit Pill: Low-level pill used by spirits in purgatory to raise their cultivation level and strength. Each pill raises 500 combat power. Would you lie to retrieve?]

"A pill for ghosts and spirits? This is exactly what Wenyuan needs!" Chen quickly took the pills out and inserted them into the spirit cage.

"Wow! Such strong Yin energy!" Wenyuan was surprised. She took a deep breath and absorbed some of the energy emitting from the pills and smiled. "Chen my master, where'd you get these from? I love them!" she said while staring at him with puppy eyes.

"Well if you like them then train well ok?"

"Yes, sir! Your wish is my command. Hehe, later when I've raised my cultivation enough, I'll change into a maid outfit for you master!" Wenyuan pouted her lips and blew kisses at Chen.

"Hold on, I think there's still something that I can give you." Chen continues looking at his treasure chest.


[Art of Disguise: An unholy skill created by face swapping spirits. Creates perfect masks using yin energies. Would you lie to retrieve?]

Chen tapped and retrieved the item and a bluish colored jade talisman popped into his hand.

"Wow! What a beautiful piece of jade!" Wenyuan flew closer to the jade to touch it. As her tiny hand made contact with it, ghostly blue light shone from the charm and enveloped her.

"So it really is for you. You can try learning this in between your training when you're taking breaks." Chen placed the talisman into the spirit cage.

"Wenyuan obeys! I'll work very hard! Then I'll be able to change into a maid outfit, and also change my face to look like Sora Aoi! Master will definitely love it!" Wenyuan winked playfully at him like a naughty vixen.

"Ahem ahem… You, little girl, are too dirty minded… But, I like it! Heh heh heh…" Chen's face flushed as he smiled perversely. "Oh right! There's something I have to ask you." Chen then became serious. "Didn't your grandfather give you a jade pendant before he passed? Where did you put it?"

Wenyuan nodded. "Yes, grandpa did give me a jade pendant for protection. Dad asked me to hide it, so I hid it in my locker in Beyond Fitness. It's wrapped up in a tiny pink underwear!"

"Ugh…" Chen sweated when he heard her. This girl has a really tacky way of hiding stuff… But come to think of it, it's exactly because it was too tacky that even Wen Tiandou couldn't find it even as hard as he looked. "Where are the locker keys? I'll send Xiangyu to retrieve it later. "Chen continued.

"There's no key. Beyond Fitness is the best gym in Greenvine, the lockers use passcodes. Mine is 520520." Wenyuan then hesitated for a bit and continued, "I don't think you should send Xiangyu. I'm very close to the people there, if she goes by herself then people will know something's wrong."

"Hmm, if that's the case then I'll come up with something else. Go train, leave this matter to me." Chen continued browsing his items.


[Nightstalker's Outfit: The uniform of Black Impermanence underlings. Cloaks the wearer at night (Unable to cloak while attacking, affected by strong yang energy). Would you like to retrieve?]

"Cloaking? That's a very powerful ability!" Chen smiled. "With this, I don't need to send Xiangyu, I can go there myself!"

After dinner and when the sky was completely dark, Chen was just about to go and retrieve the pendant when he received an unexpected call from an unwelcome person. It was the Princess Flat Board!

"F*ck! Just when I'm about to begin! Why's this b*tch calling me? This is so annoying!" Chen was pissed.

"Hey! Chen Xiaobei! Come meet me at the entrance of Beyond Fitness in half an hour!" A bossy female voice said on the other end. It was none other than Murong Xiaoyao. Everyone in Green Vine knew her as the princess of the underworld. But since she was rather flat-chested, Chen calls her Princess Flat Board instead.

"Uhh… Where did you want me to go?" Chen startled.

"Beyond Fitness! The best gym in Green Vine! You don't know?" Xiaoyao replied rudely. "Use Baidu Maps, you idiot! Ok, I'm hanging up, I need to shower!"

"Hmph! Flat Board Princess! Don't you dare throw a tantrum at me! Just you wait! I'll have you kneeling into submission soon!" Chen's lips twitched in frustration. He quickly donned the night stalker's Outfit and leaped from his window on the second floor.

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