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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 143: Green Jade Safety Pendant Acquired!

Chapter 143: Green Jade Safety Pendant Acquired!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Nightstalker's Outfit was a traditional black suit like those seen worn by assassins in Wuxia movies. Since it was a spirit item, it had a certain level of magical properties as well and can be equipped or taken off just by thought alone. It also came with a ghastly looking mask and a pair of gloves that looked like ghost claws to prevent the wearer from being identified when uncloaked and from leaving any fingerprints. This outfit is really the ultimate assassin's gear!

Beyond Fitness was located in the upper-class area of the city, which was a stone's throw away from Chen's villa. Hidden by the invisibility of the outfit, Chen only used less than ten minutes to run to the gym. The gym was as they call it, the best gym in Green Vine City. Just from the size and the posh design outside alone, it gave onlookers a feeling of luxury. With a yearly membership fee of ninety-eight thousand yuan, this gym was definitely not meant to cater for the standard white collar worker.

Chen, still cloaked by the outfit, waltzed his way right through the main entrance without anyone noticing. But as soon as he entered the expensive gym, he was surprised to find a big number of kids in there. The youngest of them seemed to be about six or seven, while the eldest appeared to be about sixteen or seventeen years old. And from the clothes that they were wearing, Chen could discern that they were not rich kids, but instead lived in extreme poverty. It would appear that the group of children were not here to workout, but rather to explore a new and exciting place or just to sight see.

Chen was bewildered, but he stifled his curiosity. He was here for a different purpose. After figuring out the gym's layout, he headed for the female's locker room. It seemed like the entire gym had been booked for the children today and so much to his disappointment, the female locker was empty. Chen's prospects of peeping on girls had been utterly dashed. But, he was still able to move about freely in the locker room without bumping into anyone and this made looking for Wenyuan's locker a lot easier.

Finding her personal locker, Chen entered the password and opened it. He easily identified the pink underwear that Wenyuan mentioned in the locker but stopped when he saw the underwear. It was a tiny, silky pink piece of fabric with strawberry prints, which made him wonder if was smelled of strawberries.

"Wait! The f*ck am I doing?" Chen shook his head and suppressed his inner pervert. Unfolding the underwear, he found a well-crafted piece of jade pendant hidden in it! "So, this is the jade pendant that everybody is after! Just what kind of secret does this small thing hold to have so many people coming after it? Wen Tiandou, Murong Xiaoyao…" Chen curiously examined the pendant but didn't find anything unusual about it.

Just as he was still looking at the jade piece in his hand, he heard footsteps coming out from the shower room. "Sheet! Someone's here!" Chen quickly stuffed the underwear and pendant into his pocket and closed the locker. The next second, however, he was almost unable to calm himself down: The person who stepped out of the shower was none other than Murong Xiaoyao! She had just stepped out of the shower and was buck naked, right in front of him!

With her hair behind held over her head, nothing else covered her fair-skinned and limber figure except the water droplets. The moisture glistening in the light, making her well-maintained figure much more attractive and alluring. Especially her super-model legs which, as hard as Chen tried, was having a hard time taking his eyes off them. It was driving his blood pressure and heart rate high that he was about to spray blood from his nose!

Too bad it's a little too small…" Chen shook his head in disappointment as he looked at her chest. But then he remembered something and an evil grin flashed on his face. "There's a boob massaging technique written in the Medicine King's Journal that can help with this! Too bad we're not on good terms, or I might just consider offering her help!"

As Chen was thinking to himself, Murong Xiaoyao had absolutely no idea that a pervert was ogling her body, just right next to her. She did not change into her clothes in a hurry and instead took out her phone. "Better give that Chen a call now. He better not show up late or he's gonna get it!" Xiaoyao started dialing.

Chen was startled and slipped out of the locker room as fast as he could. His phone was not in silent mode and if it rang in there, it would be a really big deal… Exiting the gym, he went to a secluded spot and answered his phone, saying that he had already arrived. By a mere thought, he took off the Nightstalker's Outfit and shrunk it down before putting it away in his pocket, out of sight.

After a few minutes, Xiaoyao had changed into some clothing and came out of the gym with the group of children earlier tagging along behind her. Curiously, it appeared that they were close as the lot was chatting away and smiling while they exited the building.

"Chen! Over here!" Xiaoyao shouted at him as she waved.

Chen walked over towards the group. "Flat… Sorry… Miss Murong, who are these children?" he curiously asked.

"They're from the orphanage. I had a chat with them the last time and we were talking about gyms. So they got curious, and I brought them here for fun." She replied.

"Last time? Do you visit the orphanage a lot?" Chen was astonished.

"Yup!" Before Xiaoyao could even answer, a young girl who couldn't be more than seven or eight replied in her stead. "Sister Xiaoyao often comes to visit us. She does charity work, brings us lots of tasty food and treats, and even buys us school books and out bags!"

"Sister Xiaoyao also teaches us martial arts. She's my idol!" a jock looking boy continued.

"This is unexpected. you're quite the philanthropist." Chen said in a surprised tone while turning his attention to her.

"Of course I am!" Xiaoyao replied proudly.

"Then why are you so cruel to me? You actually blackmailed me…" Chen asked with a pained expression.

"What blackmail? Don't be silly!" Xiaoyou pouted. "I just wanted your cooperation, but you were getting too strong, too fast! You're the kind that doesn't submit to just anyone, so I was afraid that I would not be able to keep you under control. I had to do what I did for my own protection."

"Protection? You think too highly of me miss. You're at the pinnacle of the physical stage, how are you even afraid of me?" Chen retorted.

"Oh but I am," Xiaoyao replied without hesitation. "My instincts are telling me that you are very dangerous! And that I need to do this to stay safe."

"Haha, I don't believe this." Chen may have said that, but he was secretly elated by her words. To be able to make someone many times stronger than him feel threatened was somewhat of an achievement to him.

Just as he was about to continue their conversation, a black Benz pulled up in front of them and a young man in a suit came out of the car. He had a rose in one hand and a big smile plastered on his face as he walked up to Xiaoyao. "Xiaoyao! I'm not late am I?" Chen's first impression of the young man was not bad, but as soon as he spoke again, everyone there just wanted to slap him badly.

"Sheet! Where did these pests come from? Go beg somewhere else, and stay away from my girlfriend!"

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