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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 145: Not Leaving? More Slapping!

Chapter 145: Not Leaving? More Slapping!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Not Leaving? More Slapping!

"Wow! Xiaobei Brother is so ballsy! He ripped that bad guy's flower apart!" The jock said in excitement.

"You don't say! Xiaobei Brother is Xiaoyao Sister's boyfriend, of course, he'll chase that bad guy away!" another older kid said.

"Where can I find a man like that to protect me? He's so cool and so reassuring!" a young little girl with eyes wide open in admiration said, with all the cuteness she could muster.

Just like that in the glimpse of an eye, Xiaobei instantly became the children's hero, and Xiao's nemesis.

"Motherf*cker! Who do you think you are, to destroy my rose! Do you think I won't kill you!" Xiao yelled angrily.

"I'll be honest with you, before this I just wanted you to get out of my sight. But now, I want to slap the sheet out of you!" Chen said. "I'll give you ten seconds. Get lost or get slapped!"

"You want to slap me? Are you stupid or what? Do you even know who I Xiao Jianzhong am? Slap the sheet out of me and you'll be sleeping with the turtles in Green Vine River tonight!"


Before Xiao could finish his sentence, Chen's hand had already found its way across to his cheek and a swelling red hand mark was instantly visible on his good-looking face.

"This one is for scaring the kids!" Chen said in a cold voice before sending another hand out.


Xiao's other cheek started swelling up as well.

"This one is for threatening a woman!"


"This is for using profanities in front of children!"


"This is for acting like you're the boss of everyone else!"

"Boohoohoo…" Xiao's face is now swollen and puffed up like a huge bun. Trails of blood streamed down from both ends of his lips. It was painful to watch. But just as he thought that Chen was done slapping him…


This slap was so hard, Xiao spun backwards and fell hard onto the ground, breaking his tooth.

"Boohoohoo… What was that for?" Xiao asked as he got up from the ground.

Chen merely looked at him and said, "Didn't I tell you to get lost in ten seconds? Well, it's been more than that. If you still want to hang around here, I don't mind slapping you a few more times!"

"I…" Xiao felt a shiver go down his spine. He didn't dare to stay any longer and ran away from Chen. After getting into his car, he turned back and screamed at the group. "You piece of sheet! Just wait! I'm going to see Murong Tian right now and see how you deal with him!" And with that said, he sped off into the night.

'Wow! Xiaobei Brother is so cool! That bad guy got what he deserves!"

"From now on, other than Xiaoyao Sister, Xiaobei Brother will also be my role model!"

"That's right! Only Xiaobei Brother is a suitable guy for Xiaoyao Sister!"

"Hehehe, what a matching couple…"

The kids chirpily chatted away, all sincere smiles and praises for Chen and this gave his ego a little boost. He then wrapped his arm around Chen's slim waist again and continued touching and rubbing his pervy paw along her waistline, taking advantage of the situation again. Xiaoyao had thought that what Chen did was very manly and wanted to thank him. But before she did, she felt Chen's hand feeling her up and blushed instead.

"Get your hand off me!" She pulled his grimy paw away and kept a distance from Chen. She then took out her phone and called someone to come pick them up. Soon, a bus drove into the entrance and the kids lined up and boarded it.

"I need to send the kids back to the orphanage. You can leave now, we're done here." Xiaoyao told Chen.

"I'd like to check out the orphanage too! I wonder what the director looks like?" Xiaobei smiled and got on the bus.

"Get off! The bus is full, we don't have enough seats!" Xiaoyao scolded as she followed him up the bus. Chen then pulled her onto his lap and said, "Well if there are no seats left, you can sit here with me!" Chen smirked as he felt her bouncy bum on his lap. He could still smell her green apple scented shower body shampoo and a wicked smile flashed across his face.

"You pervert! Let me go!" Xiaoyao muttered under her breath while she struggled and glared at Chen. They were on the bus with the kids so she did not want to cause a ruckus. If she did that right now, the kids will figure out that she was lying and get really disappointed.

"Nope. This is payback for threatening me!" Chen's smile widened as he tightly wrapped his arms around her. "Now I have some leverage. If you don't play nice, I'll tell the kids that their Xiaoyao Sister is a great big liar!"

"You think they will believe you?"

"Well, you saw how much they looked up to me. What do you think?" Chen laughed.

"You jerk! You think you can threaten me?" Xiaoyao wanted to beat Chen up so badly but didn't, because doing that would only make the children sad.

"Hey, I learned from the best. Now sit down quietly and stop moving around or I'll have to slap your behind!" Chen replied.

"YOU! Ugh! I really want to choke you right now!" Xiaoyao was bursting with frustration. She, a strong fighter at the pinnacle of the physical realm, is letting a perv taking advantage of her, and yet she can't do anything about it! Xiaoyao was on the verge of tears. She knew that she shouldn't have threatened him in the first place and is now regretting her decision thoroughly.

"Oh right, who's the guy I slapped? And what's his deal with your dad? I need to know in case he comes for me later." Chen asked.

Xiaoyao may be angry, but being the nice person that she was, she was also afraid of Xiaobei getting into trouble because of her. She calmed herself down and explained to him just who Xiao Jianzhong was. "There was once, when the gang got into trouble, and father had to borrow a large sum of money from Xiao Jianzhong's grandfather. But after the crisis was over, father had returned the loan with ten times the amount he borrowed as thanks to the old man."

"Both our families have always been on good terms with each other since then, until a few years ago when Old Man Xiao passed. The Xiao Family suddenly came to us and brought up history, claiming that the gang is indebted to them and demanded that father repay their kindness. They even went around and claimed that they were affiliated with father, and used that connection to start all sorts of business."

"Father still feels indebted to them, so he let it slide, but they got too bold. They started running illegal businesses. They recently even started a Beast Fight Colosseum, and word is, people even died in there!"

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