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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 146: A Bold Decision!

Chapter 146: A Bold Decision!

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Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"A Beast Fight Colosseumeum? what's that about?" Chen had heard of the Colosseum from the Roman Empire where gladiators fought to the death for the entertainment of the masses, but he would never have thought that there would be one in modern times, let alone in this very city.

"I'm not sure about the details, all I do know is that they are pitting animals against each other in that wretched place and making money out of it," Xiaoyao said in a disgusted tone.

"Well if that's the case, then this Xiao Family are just businessmen and aren't really that dangerous." Chen was slightly relieved.

"Well, the family might not be strong alone, but they are on close terms with the Black Tiger Gang's southern general. In fact, the Colosseum is under the Black Tiger Gang's protection. If Xiao is coming for you, he'll definitely get help from them." Xiaoyao warned.

"The Black Tiger Gang again? Huhuhu, well what a coincidence! I have some unfinished business with them. Let them come! I'll trample them all!" Chen smiled with malice in his eyes.

Before they knew it, the bus had arrived at their destination. As it was already quite late when they arrived at the orphanage and the children had their own curfew, they quickly bade Chen and Xiaoyao goodnight and hurriedly washed up and prepared for bed.

Xiaoyao had thought that Chen was tagging along as an excuse to take advantage of her, but as soon as they arrived, she was rather surprised to find him taking a tour of the orphanage by himself and even snapping some pictures on his phone.

"What are you taking pictures for?" Xiaoyao asked. She was obviously still annoyed at Chen.

"To share this on my Weibo!" Chen was browsing through his gallery and picking out pictures to post them on his wall.

"That's stupid." Xiaoyao rolled her eyes at Chen. "And here I was thinking that you are quite manly and matured, but here you are, taking pictures of your visit to the orphanage and posting them on social media like an attention whore. Showing off that you're doing charity but you're actually not doing jack sheet! You're just as pretentious as the other volunteers that come here!" Having helped the orphanage for a while, she has been disappointed again and again by the many other people who signed up to help, just to camwhore for praise and attention over their social media accounts.

"Awww… So you actually thought that I was manly and matured?" Chen smiled. He was actually rather elated by her earlier remarks.

"Well, you crashed Shi Dabiao's underground casino, defeated and even killed Dufeng, beat Shi Kelang into a cripple, and leveled Pegasus Bar. I have been keeping a close eye on your achievements, and frankly, I thought you were really cool and brave. But now, I find you very disappointing!" Xiaoyao's face twitched in disgust.

"Hoho, come let me show you how I use Weibo, then tell me what you think again." Chen handed his phone over to her. Xiaoyao did not expect much, decided to take a glance at it, and was instantly amazed.

Chen had uploaded nine pictures of the orphanage into one post, showing how old and worn down it is and how lacking its facilities are, from the lack of warm water for baths to the badly maintained kitchen. And on the caption on the post, he wrote: "A trip to the orphanage. I'll skip the pep talk. Half of the revenue made during the launch of Beicheng Jewelry will be donated to charity! I am committed to making this happen! Anyone is welcomed to keep tabs on this! Countdown to launch: 2 days

Chen had just posted the pictures, but it was already getting attention from the 130,000 fans.

Mr. En: Holy sheet! Brother Bei is so awesome! Half of the revenue to charity! That's got to unprecedented! This is history in the making!

Henry Rafael: No doubt about that! That's half of the costs and profits there! It's going to be a huge amount of money!

Anon: Doing charity, even at a loss! When it comes to being bold, there's no one else like Brother Bei!

Summer Xiaohou: This makes me proud to be a member of the Harem! Brother Bei is really the most chivalrous person the world has ever seen!

Chen's loyal fans started getting active and shared his post across their walls, messages, pages, and groups. In just a few seconds, the likes, comments, and shares kept pouring in wave after wave, and it quickly became the most trending news on Weibo. And as word spread, more and more new faces joined the ranks of Chen's fans club, and more and more netizens promised to show up at the launch.

"How is it? Am I awesome or what?" Chen asked the stunned Xiaoyao.

"En…" Being an underworld princess Xiaoyao had seen a fair share of big deals and surprises, but none of that has prepared her to calmly react to what Chen did. First, it was how effective and efficient Chen's harem was. In just mere minutes, and the post had already been liked and shared a few thousand times! Second, is the big donation. She had been following Chen's Weibo and know just how much hype there was for the launch of Beichen Jewelry, the forecasted sales figures for the launch alone was estimated to be in the billions! Chen was willing to donate half of that! For any startup or rookie businessman, that was a really risky but cool thing to do! It was not just awesome, it was super freaking awesome!

"Then help me share the post would you?" Chen chuckled.

"Ok, I'll share it right now." Xiaoyao nodded and shared his post on her phone. "If you really do this for the orphanage, I'll delete the video. And I'll promise to bring your secret to my grave!"

"Awww, so you do have a heart!" Chen teased. When he decided to make the donation, he had sincerely wanted to do charity and help those in need. His other purpose was to use this to accumulate more merit points. Xiangyu needs 300,000 points to change his body, and this was a good way for him to earn those points. And now, with Xiaoyao's unexpected promise, this deal just got a whole lot sweeter for Chen!

"Don't celebrate just yet! If I find out that you were just using the orphanage to hype up your business and forget about the donations, I will personally find you and break all three of your legs!" Xiaoyao said while waving her small fists.

"Chill, I'm a man of my word. Besides, you're free to come and watch me throughout the whole event!" Chen shrugged at her, but he was secretly smiling inside. "Hmph! Break my legs? I've got the body strengthening pills and in just a few more days, my combat strength will be greater than 3000! I would be slapping your bum instead!" he thought.

Xiaoyao could not hear his internal monologue and just nodded. "If you're really sincere in doing this, I promise to stop blackmailing you. But you still need to find that green jade safety pendant for me!"

Chen was startled. He had absolutely forgotten that he was carrying the pendant in his pocket, as well as Wenyuan's strawberry mini. "So what's the deal with the pendant? If you want me to help you, shouldn't you be telling me why?" Chen asked. He was not just going to simply hand it over without finding out what the pendant really was and why so many people were coming after it.

"Sorry, I can't tell you that! But if you find it for me, I'll give you ten million in cash!" Xiaoyao replied.

"Ok. Just give me more time. Wenyuan is rather mindful of that pendant and won't tell me about it. I'll need to find a way to slowly persuade her." Chen lied. It was obvious that the pendant held a very important secret and could be of great benefit to him. Compared to that, ten million in cash was just chump change. But even with that said, with his current strength, he had no chips to bargain with Xiaoyao yet. All he could do was to focus on increasing his strength to a level that is on par with Murong Tian before he could openly bring up the pendant and negotiate for a better bargain!


Just as he finished, Xiaoyao's phone rang. Upon answering her phone, Murong Tian's deep voice could be heard on the other end of the line. "Xiaoyao, if you are with Chen, bring him home. Now!"

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