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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 149: Life Is A Play!

Chapter 149: Life Is A Play!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

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Xiao Jianzhong laid on the ground, howling in agony. The skin on his face had been split open and there was shockingly bloody palm print on it.

Clearly, Murong Tian was outraged.

"Calm down Master Tian! This is Xiao Jiangzhong's fault. I apologize to Xiaoyao on his behalf! Please don't be mad!"

Shuddering, Xiao Zhe hurriedly ran over to shelter Xiao Jiangzhong.

"Hmph! Your son did such a thing and you're asking me to calm down? He touched my daughter! He might as well have slapped me in the face!" Murong Tian scowled, his tone menacing, "From today onwards, I rescind Xiaoyao's order of not hitting your son! If Xiao Jianzhong dares to cause trouble again, he will bear the consequences!"

"Haha! This is just too great!" Xiaoyao's face lit up with joy, "Did you hear that, Xiao Jianzhong? Next time, if you show up anywhere near me, your life will be beaten out of you!"

"I… I understand…" Xiao Jianzhong gulped. His face dripping with tears and snot. He wouldn't dare to ever bother Xiaoyao again.

Murong Tian turned his gaze towards Xiao Zhe and said, "From today onwards, your family and mine are no longer associated! You are not allowed to use my name to run your dirty businesses anymore! Or else, I will personally destroy all your business!"

"What…" Xiao Zhe looked as if he had just been struck by lightning.

All this while, his businesses had been relying on Murong Tian to sail smoothly.

Now that Murong Tian wanted to cut off all connections with him, his business will surely take a dip for the worse. His losses would be nearly impossible to estimate.

"Master Tian, you can't do this! Have you forgotten my father's kindness towards you?" Xiao Zhe dripped with cold sweat.

"I am indeed indebted to elder Xiao. But I, Murong Tian, have done everything I can to repay his kindness. You should know better than anyone, how many bad deeds you have done all this time! Get out of my house now! Do it before I kick you out! Take care!"

Murong Tian deepened his voice. A powerful presence filled the air instantly.

There was nothing that they could do when Murong Tian made the announcement.

Xiao Zhe knew better than anyone that Murong Tian would never change or break his words. Thus, Xiao Zhe left the mansion with his son.

"Dad! That was so cool! I've been waiting for this day, for a long long time!" Xiaoyao cheered excitedly, a bright smile plastered across her face.

"Go wash your face. Good thinking - smearing all that saliva on your face!" Murong Tian laughed. Murong Tian smiled and said.

Xiaoyao was shocked, "Dad, you saw through that earlier?"

"I wouldn't still be secure in my position today if I can't see through these small tricks." Murong Tian replied.

"It's that idiot who painted saliva on my face! Today's wiles were all his ideas. He is full of chickensheet!" Xiaoyao pouted. When she got reminded about her beautiful face is covered in spit, she fumed with anger and blamed everything on Chen.

Chen felt a sting, wondering how he would explain himself.

But Murong Tian laughed, "That's not chickensheet, it's called resourcefulness! In fact, I have to thank him."

"Thank him? for what?" Xiaoyao looked puzzled.

Even Chen Xiaobei was a little flattered himself.

Murong Tian explained, "I have tolerated the Xiao family for a very long time. I have not had the chance to draw the line with them. Thanks to Xiaobei, today I can finally find a good reason to cut off with them completely."

"If that's the case, then you had already known earlier about our plan and you have been playing along all this time!" Xiaoyao's eyes widened.

Chen was stunned as well, after all, that had happened tonight, the person who had acted the best was Murong Tian!

"Hahaha, life is like a play! It all depends on your acting skills! If I hadn't played along, your efforts would've been wasted." Murong Tian patted his daughter's head lovingly, seemingly in a good mood.

Chen was a little taken aback, he had never thought that he would see this side of Murong Tian.

A playful person was always the most down-to-earth person.

An outsider wouldn't have related him to Green Vine's underground emperor.

After that, Murong Tian made tea himself, and allowed his daughter to order any fruits or desserts as she pleased. He sat Chen down and they talked while enjoying the tea Murong Tian brewed.

Just like that, in this serene atmosphere, they talked till it was ten, and then Murong Tian instructed his driver to send Chen home.

As Chen was leaving, Xiaoyao protested, "Dad! What is with you today? How could you make tea for that idiot?!"

Murong Tian only smiled and said, "What is so unusual about that? Would you have our honored guest make his own tea?"

"Hmph! Don't patronize me!" Xiaoyao said.

"Last time, when the mayor visited, you let the nanny serve him tea! Is Chen Xiaobei more honorable than the mayor?"

"Silly girl. You cannot judge a book by its cover! The contents of a book is far more important than anything else!" Murong Tian said.

"Content? What content could that idiot Chen Xiaobei possibly have?" Xiaoyao was very unhappy.

"I could see through the mayor but I can't see through Chen. This young man has hidden many things behind him, one cannot simply make an assumption!" Murong Tian said thoughtfully.

"Dad, you're overthinking this. How come I do not see anything?" Xiaoyao wrinkled her forehead.

She had never heard her father praise a young man like this before.

"Time will show you. But you must remember to make friends with Chen Xiaobei, don't ever make yourself his enemy!" Murong Tian commanded.

"Okay, I will…" Xiaoyao nodded. She understood clearly that her father was not joking.

Because of the effect of God of War's Body Strengthening Pill, Chen no longer had to stay up all night to practice, he could get all the sleep he needs.

But early next morning, he was rudely awakened by a scream.

"That's mother's voice!"

Chen's heart clenched, worried that something bad had happened. He jumped out of bed and ran to the balcony.

"Oh my god!" Chen could not help but exclaim at the scene before him.

Right there in the center of the villa's garden were three lush peach trees.

Every one of them was two-floors tall. Their trunks thick and strong, their branches dense with leaves.

Hanging among the leaves were humongous pink peaches, juicy and plump exactly like the Mount Huaguo peach he ate the last time.

There was no doubt that, these are from the seeds that he had planted yesterday. He had used the Fairy Fertilizer and today, they were brimming with fruit.

That was completely unnatural!

"Xiao… Xiaobei… What happened?" Chen's mom was as pale as a ghost. Nothing she knew could explain this.

Chen was also troubled, and quickly said, "Please go inside… I will explain it all to you…"

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