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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 152: Xiaobai Changed!

Chapter 152: Xiaobai Changed!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Ah… Oh… Oh…"

The sharp teeth drilled into Shoukun's private parts. The tearing and tugging got the blood gushing out from the wound like a fountain. The excruciating pain was so unbearable that he wanted to castrate himself. Castration was still better than a broken dick! Better a clean, precise slice than someone sawing away with a butter knife.

"Sirius… Let go! Let go of me!"

Shoukun was completely helpless and limp. His face was as pale as paper. Sweat kept on rolling down from his forehead. But, Sirius refused to listen to his commands. It still continued to chew on his private parts like nobody's business.

"Bro… My bro… I beg you… Please ask Sirius to let go of me… I beg you… I cannot take it anymore…" Shoukun ran out of options. Thus, he went and begged Chen to free him from the excruciating pain.

"Apologize to my mom right now!" Chen said coldly

"Madam… I'm so sorry for what I did to you… It's my fault… Please forgive me…" Tears started to roll down from his face. He begged with a sobbing voice.

"Just let him go… Xiaobei… I feel pity for him…" Chen's mom had always been soft-hearted. She didn't plan to torture Shoukun.

"Sirius… Just let him go…" Chen ordered.

Sirius stop biting Shoukun immediately. It lowered its body to the ground and stared at Chen loyally. Wait…Not Chen…He was staring at Xiaobai. It was pretty obvious that Xiaobai was forwarding all his commands to Sirius. Thus, Sirius was actually Xiaobai's pet!

"Bastard! Just wait and see! I will definitely make you pay for my loss!"

Shoukun stood up while cradling his bloodied balls. He got into his broken car and drove away quickly. It was pretty impressive that he could still stand up and drive after being bitten by Sirius. However, if Chen used Nutbuster on him, he would definitely lose all the strength to even stand up to walk. In the end, he left Sirius behind.

"You are actually very brave! You can stay and protect my family!" Chen stared at Sirius and said. Xiaobai stared at Sirius as well. Sirius quickly jumped up and shook its tail to show his friendliness towards Chen and his mom. Also, it helped Chen's mom pick all the fallen vegetables. What a smart dog!

After that, Chen started to help his mom to prepare lunch. As promised, Luo came to Chen's place when lunch was almost ready. Today, she wore a long blue dress. The dress looked soft, like it was made of silk. The perfect fit showcased her curvaceous body. A sense of gentleness could be felt from her. However, all the gentleness disappeared into the thin air when she saw the peaches at Chen's garden.

She was famished. An endless amount of saliva was secreted from her salivary gland. She could not wait to climb up the tree and eat all she can!

"My beauty Luo! Come in! We have a lot of peaches in the house! I have prepared a plate full of peaches for you!" Chen came to the door to welcome her.

Luo blushed. She lowered down her head and passed two packets of presents to Chen.

She said, "These are for your parents…"

"Damn! You are such a nice daughter-in-law! No wonder my parents like you so much! I have almost become a stranger in my own house!" Chen teased.

"You bastard! Don't take advantage of me! I came here to treat your father! If possible, I would have preferred not to step into this house!"

Luo stared at Chen and said angrily.

"Hehe…! If it was last time, I can understand why you will not step into my house… But, now I have three peach trees in my garden! Surely, you will come to my house even I did not invite you to come over!"

Luo gulped.

She had a hard time resisting the juiciness and tastiness of the peach.

As an inspector of Six Doors Organization, she still asked intuitively, "Where did these three peach trees come from?"

"My parents like this type of peaches. So, I asked my friend to move three of these peach trees to my garden. You can ask my parents about it if you don't believe in me." Chen shrugged. He was not afraid if Luo asked about it at all.

Upon entering the house, Luo greeted Chen's parents. She sat on the sofa and started to enjoy the peaches that Chen prepared for her. Suddenly, she saw a white cat plopping itself on the head of a huge black dog that walked towards her. Cats are supposed to be afraid of dogs.

Luo was shocked. She felt that something wrong was going on. This white cat treated the dog like its personal mount. That was definitely something unusual. But, the thing that shocked Luo the most was the cat and dog were staring at the peach at the same time.

"Do you guys like peaches?"

Luo's childlike innocence surfaced. She cut some peach and fed it to Sirius and Xiaobai. And, that was how she made friends with them.

The thing that Chen was most worried about finally happened during lunchtime. His parents kept on passing the dishes to Luo. And, they cared about Luo a lot. Also, Sirius was sitting beside Luo. Its tail was shaking non-stop to show its happiness. The worst part was Xiaobai lying down cozily in Luo's embrace. Luo's voluptuous boobies became his soft cushion to be lean on. One can see that Xiaobai did enjoy it a lot from her sapphire-like eyes.

Xiaobai did promise that he will stay beside Chen forever. But, everything had changed. He did not even look at Chen. That was definitely not a Spirit Beast! This is a lustful stupid cat! A traitor that liked boobies!

"Xiaobai… Come here…! I'll get you some more peaches!" Chen shouted tensely. However, Xiaobai closed his eyes and pretended that he did not hear Chen.


"What's so good about this Luo Puti? I can't believe the tastiness of peaches couldn't take over the attractiveness of Luo Puti!" Chen was puzzled. He felt that something was definitely going wrong. Xiaobai identified his master earlier. There must be something attracted him.

"Erm… I remember now!"

Chen blinked and activated his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes. Luo's dress became transparent and he saw that a piece of jade with phoenix shape was placed between Luo's fair and voluptuous bosoms. That was a Yang item!

That Yang item actually prevented Chen from figuring out Luo's combat power with his Netherspirit Battlescouter, in the first place.

"Now I know Xiaobai like Yang item… Does it help with his growth? I should get my hands on some Yang items to aid his growth…"

Chen then planned secretly, "Xiaobai is already quite powerful right now. He can definitely become more powerful when he grows up! When that time comes, I will ask him to stay and protect my parents! This is definitely better than hiring a group of bodyguards!"

Chen's mom was almost injured badly because of Shoukun. Chen started to worry about his parents' safety. Xiaobai was really powerful and loyal. So, he would be the best option for protecting Chen's parents. After the lunch, Luo started the acupuncture treatment with Chen's father. Chen went into the Red Envelope group to ask about Yang items.

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