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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 153: The Dictionary of Zoolingualism

Chapter 153: The Dictionary of Zoolingualism

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chen: Bull Demon King, are you there? I want to know the way to nurture and grow a Frosty Jade Lion.

Little Nezha: Wow! God Chen is online again!

Chen: Hello, Third Prince. You are always the first one that I see when I enter the group!

Little Nezha: Haha… Because I'm your fan! (Three acting cute emoji)

Chen: My pleasure. Oh right, why is the group so quiet today? I don't see others spamming around.

Little Nezha: There's a Three Realms meeting today. It seems like they have something important to discuss today. Thus, everyone went to the meeting.

Chen: Why are you still here?

Little Nezha: I just sneaked out! Please don't tell the others about it! (Nervous)

Chen: Erm… You have already sent a few texts to the group. How can others not know about it?

Little Nezha: Damn! I'm so stupid… I have to go back to the meeting now before my dad beats me up again! God Chen, see you around!

Chen: Erm… Then… Are there anyone else in the group? Who can answer my question?

Xiao Tianquan: Woof. Woof woof~

Chen: So, you are the only one left behind.

Xiao Tianquan: Wood~Woof! Woof…

Chen: Do you know any human language? I cannot understand your language at all!

Xiao Tianquan: Woo~Woof!


[Congratulation! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Xiao Tianquan. You have received the Dictionary of Zoolingualism! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

"Damn. I didn't know such thing exists!"

Chen's eyeballs almost fell to the ground when he saw the dictionary. He had seen some other types of dictionaries. That was his very first time seeing the Zoolingualism Dictionary. He flipped open the dictionary and he saw all kinds of animal language in romanized form.

Let's take a look at the three messages that Chen received from Xiao Tianquan earlier.

Woof, Woof Woof meant Hi. How are you, God Chen?

Woo~Woof! Woof… Meant I'm the only one here. And, I can answer your question.

Woo~Woof! meant please hold on for a short while.

"Wow! This is awesome!"

Chen was impressed by it. Then, he started to learn the Zoolingualism.

Learning a new language was actually very simple. Once you managed to learn a few words, you would be able to connect those few words that you already know with the new words that you were going to learn. In a nutshell, all you had to do was capture the core of the language. Then, you would be able to learn it fast. So, Chen only spent half an hour to master the language.

"My English is bad, but at least I managed to master Zoolingualism! I did not bring shame to my country! Wahaha…"

Chen grinned and dove back into the group.

Chen: Xiao Tianquan! Are you still there? I have mastered the Zoolingualism! (Proud of himself)

Xiao Tianquan: Woof~Woof! Woof woof…Woof! Woof…

Xiao Tianquan still communicated with Chen with a series of animal vocabulary. But, Chen already knew how to translate Zoolingualism to human language. He could understand it instantly.

Chen: So, the translation for your sentence is…

Xiao Tianquan: Wow! God Chen is a prodigy! I can't believe that you mastered Zoolingualism in such a short time! As an Er (Two) dog, I am impressed!

Chen: Why did they call you Er Dog?

Xiao Tianquan: Because my master is the God Erlang. Thus, all of them call me Little Er Dog.

Chen: Erm… Er Dog, do you know the best way to nurture and grow a Frosty Jade Lion?

Xiao Tianquan: Of course, I know! Frosty Jade Lion is a Yang attribute Spirit Beast! It has the ability to break apart the mountains and cause earthquakes when it is fully grown. Really powerful! You should feed it with Yang attribute spiritual item if you want it to grow faster.

Chen: My guess is correct! But, where do I find Yang spiritual item?

Xiao Tianquan: If your Frosty Jade Lion is still in its infantile stage, you can look for normal Yang items in the human realm to feed it. And, when your Frosty Jade Lion becomes a one-star Spirit Beast, you can buy Yang spirit items to feed it. That way, you can save a lot of merit points.

Chen: Thank you so much for your advice. But, where can I look for those Yang items?

Xiao Tianquan: I'm not too sure about the human realm. You have to rely on your fate and luck if you want to find it.

Chen thought, "Fate… The only Yang item I know is possessed by Luo Puti. It's a Phoenix Jade Piece. But, she will definitely not give it to me…"

Chen felt helpless. The world is so big. Looking for a Yang item in this world was like looking for a needle in the haystack.


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Xiao Tianquan! You have received ten packets of Spirit Animal food. It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

Chen: Er Dog! Why did you send me another Red Envelope! (Surprised)

Xiao Tianquan: I figured out it must be quite tough for you to look for Yang item in the human realm in such a short period of time. You can feed your Frosty Jade Lion with the ten packs of food that I have just sent to you. It is not so effective, but it will definitely help with its growth.

Chen: Er Dog! You are such a good friend! (Grateful) How should I show my appreciation to you?

Xiao Tianquan: Haha… You are most welcome, God Chen. Just send me some tasty food when you have some with you. We should treat each other nice all the time!

Chen: Have you tried a sausage before?

Xiao Tianquan: What are sausages? I have not seen and heard of it before.

Chen: Hold on for a while… Let me buy some for you right now.

Chen was one of those guys that if you treated him nice and he would treat you even better. Chen rushed out and bought a dozen of sausages of varying flavors. H then e sent all of them to Xiao Tianquan.

Xiao Tianquan: Oh my god! This thing that you call a sausage is so damn delicious! (Three drooling emojis). I like chicken flavor, beef flavor, barbeque flavor, and curry flavor… I like all of them!

Chen: Hehe! I'm glad that you like all of it! I have some other matters to attend to! I will see you around!

Xiao Tianquan: Okay! I will see you around too, God Chen!

Chen kept away his cellphone and ran downstairs, his mother was yelling for him.

"What the hell are you doing upstairs? Luo is doing hard work here and you lazed around upstairs!"

"Luo is going to leave soon. Go and send her out!" Chen's mom said.


Then, Chen quickly rushed out with two big packets of peaches and sent Luo out of the house. A dozen of muscular, bear-sized men walked towards them when they stepped out from the house.

"You son of the b*tch! You never expected for me to come back for you, right?!"

The leader was none other than Shoukun.

He shouted furiously, "I have brought eighteen brothers with me today! You will surely die today!"

Chen laughed condescendingly. He could not care less about this group of garbage.

"We should fool around with them."

Chen put on an evil laugh and started to act pitifully and said, "Help me, my gorgeous lady! This group of bad guys is trying to beat me up!"

Luo was stunned. She had no idea what Chen is talking about.

"Damn son! This lady is really beautiful!"

"She is more than beautiful! She is a true goddess!"

"I'm willing to shorten my lifespan for ten years if I can sleep with her just once!"

The group of bad guys looked like they just had a boost of adrenaline shot. All of them were getting all hyped up! Also, they put on a disgusting look while staring at Luo.

"Bro, don't rush first! We should kill this bastard first! Then, we will capture this pretty lady, bring her back, and we will take turns to have fun with her!"

Shoukun licked his lips and smiled evilly.

"Are you all tired of living in this world?"

Luo turned ice cold. The cold ray that reflected from his eyes could destroy her enemies within a second.

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