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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 154: Order To Castrate Someone!

Chapter 154: Order To Castrate Someone!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Yohoho! This chick has a temper on her! But I like it! Subduing a wild horse would bring the best sense of accomplishment! It's even more satisfying when the horse gallops! Hehehe…"

Those assholes smiled wretchedly.

They looked on excitedly, ogling Luo's full figure, making all sorts of obscene gestures. Some of them were already fantasizing about rolling in the sheets with her.

Clearly, they were testing Luo's limit. They were just looking for trouble!

"This bunch of hooligans has crossed the line! Gorgeous, let me take care of them for you!" Chen grinned, putting the peach in his hands on the floor.

"Alright! Don't let any of them get away! Spay them all!" Luo thundered, her tone cold as ice, and charged forward.

She was nimble, stretching her arms before her and pinning the shoulders of the bastard first bastard she sees. In one swift move, she kneed him in the crotch with a loud 'bang'.

"Urgh…" the guy crumpled onto the ground and clutched his crotch, tossing and turning in pain.

"Aarghh… Ow… Ow…"

In the meantime, Chen was already getting his fists ready, wait, I mean getting his legs ready!

When the Nusbuster Kick landed on the bald gangster, he vomited foam and twitched on the ground.

"Bang! Bang! Bang…" following a series of loud exploding noise, after Luo and Chen's powerful blows, the eighteen hooligans were all holding their crotches, rolling on the floor, screaming in pain.

Shoukun was the last one standing, scared sheetless.

This man and woman before him are barbaric!

All they ever aimed for was the private pair. Within a second, all eighteen-brothers had turned into eunuchs.

"You… Don't… Don't come over here…" Shoukun trembled uncontrollably. He took out a cell phone and threatened, "If you take another step, I will call the police!"


Chen was amused, "A hooligan calling the cops? How is this different from a mouse looking for help from a cat?"

As he was talking, Chen lunged forward, bent his leg and drove his knee into Shoukun.

"Ah… Urgh… Uwh…" Shoukun flew out the door and landed with a thud on the curb.

If his penis was barely functional after being bitten by Sirius, this time, it would be completely destroyed.

The eunuch squad would have the addition of a new member.

"Motherf*cker… I… I want to call the police…" Shoukun's hands shook violently as he dialed, "Hello, is the police there? I and a dozen of my men were assaulted by a couple of thugs… They are feral… You'll need to send more forces… Aaaaargh… It's killing me…"

It was not long before the patrol cars showed up.

Because Shoukun had hyperbolized the situation, three police vehicles, led by Captain Lee himself, had arrived to arrest the thugs.

"Captain Lee! You finally came…hurry, arrest those two…"

"Captain Lee! You must help us this time…"

"These two are cold-blooded…"

When they saw Lee Gang, the hooligans lying on the ground started to cry out.

Lee Gang seemed to be quite familiar with them, "Stop yelling and screaming there! I'm here now! I will definitely bring all the thugs back to the station!"

When Lee Gang heard this, all the hooligans started to bootlick.

"Captain Lee is the best!"

"Captain Lee is the best!"

"Captain Lee is our parent!"

"Lee Gang." It was then, when a woman's cold voice could be heard.

Lee Gang turned his head and his heart clenched, raising up a salute, "Inspector!"

Luo walked over slowly and ordered, "All these people on the ground trespassed these premises with evil intent I did try to advise them not to do it but they refused to listen to me! They then even attacked a police officer! Bring them all back to the police station! I will sue them for assaulting a police officer!"

"Yes, ma'am!" Lee ordered without a second thought, "Men! all these criminals who attacked the inspector, round them up and bring them to the station!"

At this, the policemen got down their vehicles to seize the men.

All the hooligans were dumbstruck.

"What the hell is happening? There must be a mistake! We are the victims here!"

"We didn't attack a police officer! We didn't touch a single hair on that girl…"

"This is a misunderstanding, we didn't assault any police officers…"

The hooligans were hysterical.

If they were merely fighting Chen, it would only count as a civil case. They would, at most, be detained for a few days.

But assaulting a police officer was an entirely different issue!

Once convicted, they could be sentenced to prison!

The hooligans all burst into tears, but even if they had screamed till they turned mute, it would be completely useless.

Luo was the highest ranking officer in Green Vine City. Even Liu Quanfu had to listen to her.

Low-ranking police officers like these would not have the balls to disobey her.

"This is unacceptable! So what if you're a police officer? I will sue you for police brutality!" Shoukun gathered all his energy and snarled at Luo.

"Go ahead and file a lawsuit, and see what happens," Luo said nonchalantly.

She couldn't be bothered about these types of scumbags; Shoukun.

"I want to sue that son of a b*tch! He kicked my baby! I will die before I let him get off!" Shoukun continued.

"Go ahead. The inspector dropped an order earlier for me to castrate all of you! I'm just following the order! Also, I'm helping with the criminal case!" Chen shrugged with a face full of justice!

Clearly, this was all part of his plan.

He could have easily given those hooligans a good beating with his fists but he altered his plan to involve Luo in this incident.

It was better this way since it would nip the problem in the bud.

Once Shoukun was in prison, he would never have the chance to come back for revenge!

Chen was not to be blamed for his ruthlessness. It was all on Shoukun for threatening Chen's parents. Chen was already considered merciful for not killing him.

So, everything was resolved.

Chen returned to his own room.

He took a God of War Strengthening Pill. This way, twenty-four hours later, his combat power could increase by another five hundred!

He began to study the heavenly pet food that was given by Xiao Tianquan earlier.


[Heavenly pet food is used to feed Spirit Beasts. It can speed up the growth of Spirit Beast and strengthen their bodies as well. Lastly, it will grow a baby Spirit Beast into a one-star Spirit Beast! Do you want to withdraw it?]


In a flash, a large sack appeared in Chen's hands. Inside were pale yellow granules that looked like rice.

Chen found a small bowl and poured some out.

Before Chen called out, Xiaobai appeared out of nowhere, eyes shining, and started to stuff its face. He looked even more enjoyable than he was when eating the peach.

At the same time, Sirius also ran over, looking at the bowl of heavenly pet food, drooling all over the place.

But it did not dare fight with Xiaobai. It could only watch eagerly from the side.

"Heavenly pet food could probably also improve Sirius' strength… But since Xiao Tianquan has already given me ten bags, I might as well apportion some for Sirius!" Chen thought about it for awhile and then gave Sirius a bowl.

The large canine was overjoyed. When took a bite of heavenly pet food, it nearly teared up.

"F*ck me! Is it that good? Even I want to try it…" Chen smacked his lips, staring at the pet food.

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