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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 155: I’ve Been Pushed

Chapter 155: I’ve Been Pushed

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xiaobai and Sirius went sunbathing after they finished their food. There were no obvious changes to their bodies, just yet. "I guess it will take time before I can see some obvious changes." Chen did not really care too much about it.

Chen decided to learn a few other languages since he had just mastered the Zoolingualism. Within five hours, Chen mastered English, French, German, Russia, and Japanese languages. The first four foreign languages were the most used languages in the world. It was definitely crucial to master all these languages.

The question was why did Chen decide to pick up Japanese? There were two main reasons for it. First, Chen had been dying to understand the dialogues between actors and actresses when he watches "love-action movies". Most of the dialogues are "yamateh", "iteh", but there are some different dialogues appearing from time to time. His curiosity was piqued when he came across these different dialogues.

Second, Japan was a nation that the Chinese are not overly fond of. There was a saying; know thyself and thy adversary to win a hundred battles!

"I will not miss anything out when our country has a conflict with them someday."

Chen took a quick look at his Weibo account before he went to bed. The number of his fans had increased to one hundred and fifty thousand ever since he made public his intentions of contributing to charity. There were twenty thousand new fans in his fan club! However, Chen was really calm this time. It was not new for him to experience this kind of growth speed. He posted a line of words, put his cellphone aside and went to bed.

[Countdown to the grand opening of Beicheng jewelry shop: 1 day!]

This simple sentence was enough to make everyone hyped in the group. Likes! Comments! Shares! All of Chen's fans were trying their best to promote Chen's jewelry shop.

On the second morning, Chen went to the shop to do a final checkup before the grand opening. Everything that had to be done was already done. Jing Fei was the one who helped the most with the preparation work. The decoration of the shop looked really joyful. All the merchandise was arranged nicely. Also, the hired salesperson looked pretty sharp as well.

Jing Fei was a Thief King. Usually, the variety of his ideas were far more creative than normal people. The most important thing was that he was rather well-versed with the high-end merchandise. Chen was relieved when he decided to let Jing Fei took charge of everything in the shop.

In the afternoon, Chen plucked three packets worth of peaches and brought them to school. He gave one the packet of peaches to Xiangyu. Good things must always be shared with brother-in-arms. Chen then sent another packet of peaches to Lan. She was busy with her report to the point that she did not even have time to eat lunch with Chen.

"Well, she is the president of the student council. It is only normal for her to get busy. Luckily, I still have Xiang Xiang! Hehehe…"

Chen grinned and carried the third packet of peaches to the staff office. It was now lunch time, There were no people in the building. Lin received Chen's call earlier. So, she read some notes in her office while waiting for Chen.

Suddenly, a warm hand came from behind and circled her neck. A warm kiss landed on her pretty face.

"What the hell! What if others spot us?!"

Lin pouted playfully. All she felt was unending sweetness from Chen's move. The person that she had been waiting was finally here.

"Don't worry. I have checked this building. There's no one else but us!"

Chen set the packet of peaches down and took a good look at the gorgeous lady with a smile on his face. That day, Lin wore her formal working clothes. The white shirt barely contained her ripe bosoms. On the other hand, her grey shirt wrapped her bottom tightly. The peach-like perfect curves forced themselves out of an otherwise mundane, decent outfit. The combination of her gentle legs with black stockings was pure seduction.

Chen was extremely turned on by her outfit. He then moved his lips closer to Lin again.

"Stop fooling around! This is the staff office! What if someone barges in all of a sudden?!"

Her face was flushed with excitement and nervousness. Her heart started to race like crazy.

"No one will come in because I locked the door when I came in just now!"

Chen grinned. His face was full of evil smile.

"You are a bad guy!"

Lin stared at Chen. But, she was actually feeling adventurous. She even looked forward to the next step. This shameless thought turned her face red instantly.

"All the women in this world like bad guys! Come to me! My baby!"

Chen carried Lin and placed her on the table. One of his hands wrapped around her waist and the other hand was supporting her neck. He placed his lips on her lips passionately.

"Errmmm… Stop! Don't take off my skirt… Not today!"

Lin quickly pushed away Chen. She bit her lips and said, "I'm having my period today…This time is for real…"

"Damn it! My plan failed again…"

Chen was sad and angry at the same time.

"Sooner or later, I will become your woman. Just wait for another two or three days."

Lin's face was as red as an overripe tomato.

"I can wait. But, my "rocket" can't wait any longer…"

Chen wanted to cry but his tears were not coming out. He pointed at his "rocket" and said, "Look at it, it's been holding in for a long time! I will die if I don't set my "rocket" free!"

"This… What should I do?"

Lin was shocked when she saw Chen's reaction. Then, she said softly, "Why don't… Why don't I use my hand to set your "rocket" free?"


Chen was stunned. He didn't have time to react to Lin's suggestion.

She pushed Chen to the chair with her sudden strength.

"Xiang Xiang, are you serious?"

Chen couldn't think straight anymore.

The script was completely different from what he planned earlier. Supposedly, he should be the one pushing Lin to the table and letting the pleasure take over them.

Why was Lin pushing him down?

"Of course, I'm serious! I feel bad for rejecting you every time…"

It seemed like Lin was totally prepared for this kind of scenario. She extended her gentle hand and reached out for Chen's rocket.


Chen's body went soft. The sensation delivered from a girl's hand was so different from his own hand. After the "rocket" finally set free, both of them tidied up their clothes and got ready to have their lunch. Lin's face was still flushing. She did not expect that she would have the guts to do something this brave. Chen was in his good mood again.

A sharp noise went through their ears when they stepped out from the staff office.


A tall young man was talking in Japanese.

A guy with golden frame glasses was standing beside him to translate his words.

"Meichuan Neiku (Chinese pun; Not Wearing Underwear) master mentioned that your school is really big. The surroundings are really pretty as well. No doubt, this is the top school in this area!"

"Haha… Thank you so much for Meichuan Neiku master's compliment on our school! You flatter us!"

The vice president of the school; Wong Jianren was smiling happily. It seemed like he was really proud of the school.

But, I bet he never expected the correct translation of that sentence to be, "What a garbage university! Only garbage will be produced from a university like this!"

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