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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 156: You Have Been Slapped!

Chapter 156: You Have Been Slapped!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Idiot! Why are you still laughing when I'm scolding you?! You are such a dumb ass!" Meichuan Neiku used Japanese to mock him.

"What is your master talking about?"

Wong asked with a smile on his face.

"Master said that your smile makes you look really friendly and kind!"

The translator said.

"Hahaha… Is that right?"

"We, Chinese are civilized folk. It is only right we treat our guests nicely!"

The translator translated back to his master.

"What a joke! Globally speaking, the rudest people on this planet are the Chinese! How dare you talk about manners in front of me?! What a shameless bastard!" Meichuan said condescendingly.

The translator was stunned for a short while. He said, "Master said that he is hungry. He wishes to have lunch now."

"No problem! I have reserved a table in the best Chinese restaurant in this town. I have ordered quite a number of local delights for your master to try." Wong smiled and said.

The translator quickly translated back to his master.

"What the f*ck! I don't even want to try the local delights! Only garbage will eat garbage food!" Meichuan said arrogantly.

The translator nodded and said, "Mr. Wong, my master does not wish to try the local delights."

Wong was shocked. He thought, smiled, and said, "Maybe we can go to one of the best Japanese restaurants in this town! Their business is really good!"

The translator conveyed the message to his master.

"That is so damn disgusting! Not even the stray dogs will eat the food that is cooked by the Chinese! Why did you even suggest that to me?!" Meichuan shook his head and said.

Without translations, Wong could decipher Meichuan's response, based on his reaction.

"Should we go for western food instead?"

Meichuan put on his arrogant face after his translator conveyed the message to him. An angry voice interrupted him when he was ready to mock Wong again.

"I will suggest that you to go to the nearest toilet to eat sheet since you don't eat human food!"

Chen walked towards them. His words created a huge impact in everyone's heart.

"Boss Chen… Please don't say something like this!"

"Meichuan Neiku is representing the Japan University to pay us a friendly visit. Your words will affect our Green Vine University's image! Our country's image will be affected if your words were to spread internationally."

"Xiaobei, what are you trying to do…?"

She knew something is not right when she saw Chen's face. The things that she worried the most was finally happening.

"Son of the b*tch! Do you really think that I can't understand Chinese?"

Meichuan scolded Chen with his fluent Chinese without waiting for the translator to translate his words.

"How dare you asked me to eat sheet?! Just wait! I will report this incident back to the embassy to expose your rude behavior, internationally! I want everyone in this world to take a good look at how uneducated Chinese people can be!"

"No… No… No…! Meichuan master, please calm down! This is a huge misunderstanding! You must listen to my explanation!" Wong was getting really nervous.

Actually, the visitation from Japan university to Green Vine University could be considered as a mini diplomatic gathering. This not only affects the relationship between two universities. This was going to affect the relationship between two countries as well! The leaders from Education Department were paying high attention to this visitation. Wong would lose his job if he screwed this up.

Of course, he felt extremely nervous about this bad situation.

"This is definitely not a stupid misunderstanding!"

"My Chinese language is on level eight! I can understand his words perfectly! You Chinese people have no quality and manners!"

"Meichuan master… Please calm down…"

Wong was so nervous that sweat started to roll down from his forehead.

However, Chen was trying to make the situation even hotter by pouring oil into the fire. He laughed coldly and said, "Kindness and manners are the things that we use on our friends, not on animals!"

"What?! Did you just say that I'm an animal?"

Meichuan's face was twisted. He shouted loudly, "You son of the b*tch! Me, Meichuan Neiku will definitely remember what you scolded me today! I will sue you until the embassy pays attention to this case! I will become your pet if I fail to do that!"

"Well, I definitely do not want a pet like this! I do not have that much of sheet to keep you alive!" Chen shrugged.

"You… You…"

Meichuan screamed, "I will f*cking sue you! Expect yourself to become the headline of international news! I want to make sure that your country is embarrassed of you!"

"My dear Boss Chen… Please stop talking… I beg you…"

Wong quickly pulled Chen aside and said desperately, "My job will be destroyed if the embassy knows about this incident! The president of this university is going to retire soon… I'm looking forward to being promoted…"

"Get lost… Let me handle this! Do you even know that you were scolded badly by that animal?!" Chen said angrily.

"I was scolded by him?" Wong was puzzled.

"You son of the b*tch! Don't try to bullsheet me! Since when I did scold your dear vice president?!"

Meichuan started to get slightly nervous. His words and actions would directly affect their country's image. This could turn out into something really serious.

"Hehe… You think I'm bullsheetting you?"

Chen laughed coldly and asked him a question with his fluent Japanese.

"Do you really think that I can't understand Japanese? Do you want me to repeat everything that you said just now?"

Everyone was stunned when Chen opened his mouth. Lin and Wong could not understand a single word that Chen just said. Both of them stood there like statues. On the other hand, Meichuan and his translator were extremely shocked as well. Both of them were really impressed with Chen's fluent Japanese.

"So… So what if you can understand Japanese?"

Meichuan thickened his skin and said, "You don't have any solid proof to show that I scolded your vice president earlier! I will not admit to this kind of accusation!"

"Hehe… You want solid evidence, right? Piece of cake!"

Chen smiled calmly and activated his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes. He took a quick scan on them. Then, he locked on to the target. Without them realizing it, he took away the pen in his pocket. On the surface, it looked like a pen. Actually, there was a microchip inside the pen. The true identity of this pen was actually a recorder in disguise! Chen looked for the switch and played the recording right away.

Wong sounded really friendly and kind in the recording. But, Meichuan Neiku was just scolding and mocking Wong non-stop. His words were full of vulgarities. It was obvious that he was acting hostile towards Wong.

"So, this is what you call Japanese's manner and kindness? I'm impressed."

Chen turned off the recorder and said coldly, "You son of the b*tch. Do you still want to go to the embassy and sue me?"


Meichuan's reaction was stiff. He felt like thousands of invisible slaps just landed on his face. His face started to get really hot. That piece of recording was more than enough to put his identity and character at stake. It would cause the Japanese university's reputation go downhill. In the end, the whole country would lose its face in front of other countries. This chain reaction was something that he could not afford to let it happen. He lost the guts to go to the embassy when he thought of all these consequences.

All of a sudden, he turned into a coward and said softly, "I'm really sorry… This is a big misunderstanding… Please, can I have the recorder back…?"

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