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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 157: Slap Your Own Face!

Chapter 157: Slap Your Own Face!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"I have already apologized to you. What else do you want me to do?"

Meichuan put on a crying gloomy face and said.

"Don't worry. I won't let you suffer too much."

Chen then grinned and said, "I want you to slap yourself for ten times. I want you to say ten times that Meichuan Neiku likes to eat sheet for a living. I then will forgive you after you do what I ask."

"You… Don't get over your head…"

Meichuan's face changed completely. He was the student representative of the Japanese university and the young master of the Meichuan organization in Japan. His social status was on top of most people. That was why he had a hard time doing what Chen asked him to do.

Slapping himself and eating sheet for a living sounded like nothing serious but a joke to him.

"I like to get over my head! What can you do about it?! You can leave this place if you don't like it! I can promise you that I will definitely show the recording to the public! The world will know the "manners" of Japanese people."

Chen shrugged. He wanted Meichuan to know that he had the power to threaten him.

"No! You can't show that recording to public… I… I will do what you asked me to do…"

There were no other options for Meichuan to prevent this unpleasant circumstance. He lifted his hand to slap his own face and said, "I, Meichuan Neiku likes to eat sheet for living… I, Meichuan Neiku likes to eat sheet for living…"

Wong Jianren was really shocked when he saw what Chen did to Meichuan. At the same time, he felt pleased as well.

Lin puckered and gave Chen thirty-two likes.

Legend once said that, "Not all the Japanese are bad people, but, if you come across a bad Japanese person; four words for you; f*ck him up!"

"I have finished slapping myself… Can I have the recorder back…?"

Meichuan asked, sobbing through tears.

"Earlier, I did mention that I will forgive you once you do what I asked you to do. However, I did not say that I would return the recorder back to you!"

Chen shrugged and laugh evilly.


Meichuan almost vomited blood when he heard Chen's reply.

"This is just so wrong… Where is the trust between human beings…?"

Chen smiled and said, "Don't worry. I will keep this pen as a souvenir. I won't show it to anyone. That should be it. Now, get the hell out!"


Tears almost rolled down from Meichuan's face. He knew that the recorder did not serve as a souvenir to Chen, but was an important piece of evidence. In other words, Chen would have leverage against him in the future!

"Okay! Such ruthless guy! You better watch your step when you walk!"

Meichuan gritted his teeth and stared at Chen furiously.

"You? You are going to make watch my step when I walk? I bought a watch last year (In Pinyin, this is actually a Chinese slang. It means f*ck your mother right in the p*ssy)." Chen rolled his eyes at him.

"Erm… What does that mean?"

Meichuan put on a puzzled face.

"I thought someone mentioned that his Chinese is on the eighth level? How can you not understand this phrase? Get the hell out from here and get yourself a Chinese dictionary!"

Chen laughed mockingly.

"What did he just said?"

Meichuan asked his translator.

The translator shook and said, "I have no idea as well. Looks like he is showing off something about buying a watch last year."


Lin and Wong burst out in laughter when they heard his interpretation of the phrase. Clearly, both of them were fans of Chen's fans club. Of course, they knew the true meaning of that phrase.

"Let's go…"

Meichuan felt odd. But, he didn't want to hang on to this matter. He then left the scene quickly.

His translator followed closely behind him like a loyal dog. He said with genuine concern, "Master…Your face is swollen…"

"You big motherf*cker! How dare you have the balls to talk in front of me?! That bastard would have nothing to hold against me if you didn't bring that stupid recorder with you!"

Meichuan lifted his hand and landed a big slap on the translator's face.

"You are the one that told me that you want to show off the recording to your classmates…" The translator said in protest.

"Stop defending yourself! Can't you use some other thing to record down the conversation?! You stupid pig!"

Meichuan landed another slap on his face.


The translator groaned in pain.


All of a sudden, Chen's laugh penetrated through their ears. Then, two of them left the scene in lightning speed.

"My Boss Chen is so powerful and mighty! I was actually having a hard time with that idiot! Both of them were completely defeated when you decided to deal with them personally! Powerful! Awesome!"

Wong was talking non-stop and licking Chen's boot at the same time.

"Cut the crap! Go and learn a new language if you have so much free time! Don't allow others to make fun of you with something that you don't understand! You even licked his boots when he mocked you earlier! Such shameful act!"

Chen rolled his eyes at Wong.

"Right… Right… Right…! You are absolutely right about me! I will pay attention to this matter next time…"

Wong nodded and he truly agreed with Chen.

Chen couldn't care less about him. After that, he brought Lin for lunch.

"Xiaobei… Today, I want to discuss with you about visiting one of the universities in Japan." Lin told Chen when they were having their lunch.

"Why am I a part of it?"

Chen asked, puzzled.

"Of course, you are a part of it."

Lin nodded and said, "The visitation centered on the athletics. The university of Japan wants to have a friendly match with us. There is soccer, fencing, and karate. Also, you are really good at sports. Do you want to be a part of it?"

"Hehe… What's my reward if I agree to become a part of it?" Chen grinned.

"Yes. You will receive a golden opportunity to visit the university in Japan if you win the friendly match! The school will pay for all the expenses!" Lin said seriously.

"Wow! All expenses covered by the school is actually not bad! But, can I bring my family members with me?" Chen laughed evilly.

"Bringing family members? I don't think it's possible… Are you planning to bring your mom and dad with you?" Lin asked.

"My dad and mom really hate Japan. So, they are definitely not willing to go with me! I'm planning to bring you along!"

Chen stared at Lin's body evilly and said softly, "There's nothing can stop us from making love when we travel to a foreign country!"

"What the heck! All you can think of is sex, sex, and sex…"

Lin's face turned red immediately.

"I will join all three friendly matches if I can bring a family member with me. I won't participate in any of the friendly matches if I can't bring a family member with me!" Chen pouted and acted rascally.


Lin was slightly shy, angry and eager at the same time. She bit her lips and said, "I will try to ask around first. I will go with you only if they agree to it. But, you must win in all three friendly matches!"

"Don't you worry! You know my true strength better than anyone else. It's as easy as pie, defeating those Japanese guys!"

Chen smiled with confidence.

After that, Lin went back to the office after the lunch. On the other hand, Chen went home to pick his parent up and head to the biggest shopping center in the city. He wanted to buy some new attire for the grand opening of Beichen jewelry shop tomorrow. They had a good dinner after shopping.

Nothing special happened that night. However, Chen did not know that some people did not sleep for the whole night. The light of common area in Shi family's mansion was turned on for the whole night until the next morning.

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