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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 158: My Poop Is Coming Out

Chapter 158: My Poop Is Coming Out

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shi Family's mansion used to be super luxurious. That luxury was nowhere to be found anymore. They had sold off all their valuables to feed the family since they lost their business. To add on to that, Shi Kelang and Shi Dabiao had been seriously injured by Chen. Everything that can be sold had been sold to gather enough money to pay their medical bills. Luckily, Shi Dafeng insisted on not selling the mansion, otherwise, their whole family was going to be homeless and sleep under bridges.

"Damn it! That used to be my shop! A son of the b*tch like Chen has no right to set foot there!"

Shi Mingwei was staring angrily at the phone in his hands. He was reading Chen's Weibo. At six in the morning, all the fans from Chen's fans club were super hyped! All of them wanted to attend the grand opening of Beichen jewelry shop.

Shi family might feel a little bit better if Chen did poorly in his new business. But, everything was opposite from what they expected. The grand opening was the biggest thing that was going to happen in the town today. It was no wonder that they were so angry about it.

"It's utterly useless if you keep on scolding him! Just convince your dad to sell the mansion and hire a contract killer to assassinate him! This is the what we should be doing right now!"

Shi Dabiao gripped the armrests of the wheelchair that he sat on. He had been crippled by Chen. He would need to stay in the wheelchair for the rest of his life. The hatred inside his heart towards Chen was so deep that he wanted to burn the world down.

"Dafeng! Our circumstances cannot be worsened anymore! Why are you still hesitating about killing him?!"

Shi Kelang stood beside them and said in a deep voice, "It's totally worth the risk by selling this mansion! We can longer go against him if we decide to sit here and wait!"

This old man seemed fine from the outside. The truth was, his right hand was nowhere to be found at his right sleeve. His right arm had been destroyed by the sword Qi of Black Dragon. All the muscles and nerves were disintegrated beyond recovery. Thus, he had to allow the doctor to amputate the mangled limb.

It was an ultimate shame for an Iron Sand Palm elite to be forced to cut off his own arm! He would never forget about that shame until the day he died! He could never die in peace if he just stayed there and not get some sort of revenge!

"Nope! Don't rush!"

Shi Dafeng shook his head and insisted, "That son of the b*tch is just a village boy! I don't believe that he has the ability to manage a jewelry business! All we need to do is just sit tight here and watch him fall!"

"Please make yourself clear! How long do we need to wait?!" Shi Dabiao shouted.

"Let's just wait until that son of the b*tch fails his business. During that time, he will definitely sell his shop. Then, we will grab the opportunity and snatch back whatever that belongs to us!" Shi Dafeng said viciously.

"I don't think his business is going to become bad… There are tens of thousands of people supporting him online!" Shi Mingwei said.

"Hehe… Yes… You are right. There are a lot of people going to the grand opening. But, that doesn't mean that they will buy something from his shop."

"I know these kinds of functions pretty well. Our Dafeng jewelry shop used to organize functions like this. We've never walked away from such functions with our pockets any heavier, only lighter," Shi Dafeng laughed coldly.

"That actually makes sense…"

Shi Mingwei nodded. He laughed coldly, "It's really hard to gain a profit from jewelry business. However, that asshole has the balls to make an announcement that he will donate half of the profit that he gets from sales to charity! Hah. More like, he'll need charity of his own soon enough!"

Shi Dabiao finally managed to calm himself down after hearing their opinions on Chen's new business.

"Based on what you guys said, that asshole is going to die alongside with his business?"

"That's right! He is going to die! A tormenting death!"

Shi Dafeng grinned and both of his eyes glowed, "I have done jewelry business for almost twenty years! Based on my experience, that asshole will definitely not last long!"

"Okay! I trust you! We shall wait and see! We shall see how that clown is going to embarrass himself!"

Shi Kelang nodded as well. His eyes were full of vicious stare.

At the same time, inside the manager office of Crown jewelry shop, Ruguan and Wenfeng were paying attention to the movement of Chen's jewelry shop through the computer screen.

"How many people have you sent to Chen's jewelry shop to create total mayhem?" Wenfeng laughed coldly and asked.

This guy had no idea that he had already died in Chen's arms. But, he was still dumb enough to make a fool out of Chen.

Ruguan laughed evilly and said, "Don't you worry Master Feng! I have gathered around thirty people to teach him a lesson! They'll splash poop in his shop, red paint, and set free some snakes and rats in his shop! That asshole will definitely freak out!"

"I can't believe that you played with poop! You are freaking disgusting! But… I like it! Hahaha…" Wenfeng laughed evilly as well.

He was already imagining the chaotic situation that would happen Chen's shop. He almost couldn't contain his excitement.


Ruguan's cellphone rang.

"Hello? Little Eight? Have you guys sneaked into Chen's jewelry shop?"

Ruguan laughed and said evilly, "Listen carefully! All of you must make sure to splash the poop on Chen's face! And! Take a picture of it after you guys finish the task! I will definitely reward you guys abundantly! Hahaha…!"

"Boss! Don't laugh first… Listen to me!"

The guy sounded exhausted on the other side of the phone, "There are too many people… We can't even squeeze into Chen's jewelry shop… The crowd is a f*cking mile wide! Ouch! Don't push me… Ouch… The sheet is gonna spill!"

"What the f*ck! This is f*cking disgusting!"

"Oh my God! That is real sheet…I'm going to vomit…"


The sound of arguing and vomiting came from the other side of the phone.

"This… How is this even possible…"

The evil smile was completely gone from Ruguan's face. He was completely petrified like an idiot.

"What happened? Earth to Ruguan?" Wenfeng asked curiously.

"Master Feng… They said that the crowd is like a mile-wide. There are at least one hundred thousand people gathered over there… They can't even make it to the shop…" Ruguan gulped.

"One… One hundred thousand people… How is that even possible? Even the singers from entertainment industry do not have this kind of influence…"

Wenfeng was extremely shocked as well. He never expected Chen's fans to be so loyal to him. All of them were crazy about Chen!

"The news reporters will definitely be all over them in such big event! Quickly, turn on the TV and check the news!" Wenfeng said.

Ruguan did it immediately.

Just as that they expected, Green Vine TV station reported it in the morning news. They purposely send out their news reporting truck to do a live news reporting.

A female news reporter was reporting on the TV.

"The four main roads to the center of the city are completely jammed at seven in the morning! Tens of thousands of people are rushing to Chen's jewelry shop to attend the grand opening!"

"This is definitely something that has never happened in the history of this city! What is so special about this jewelry shop? We are still stuck outside, thus, we have no idea what is going on inside! But, we will continue to try our best follow up with this grand opening. And, we will report back to you once we catch a glimpse inside!"

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