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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 159: Sales Finished In One Hour!

Chapter 159: Sales Finished In One Hour!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The manger, Jing Fei and other employees were standing by, inside the Chen's jewelry shop before they opened for business. Excitement and nervous filled everyone's hearts. None of them had seen something this big in their lives. Also, Chen's parents were shocked and excited as well. Two of them were holding hands inside the manager's office. Their eyes were filled with tears.

They mumbled, "Finally…My Xiaobei is a successful businessman right now…"

On the other hand, Chen was busy answering phone calls for the whole morning. Lan called and congratulated Chen before the first light. She mentioned that she could not attend the grand opening to support him but she will continue to follow up with the flow of the grand opening. Lin Nan and Lin Xiang called and congratulated Chen right after that. Lin Xiang felt genuinely happy for Chen. Lin Nan only idolized Chen even more.

Other than that, Murong Xiaoyao called Chen to tell him that she will monitor his profit flow. She wanted to make sure that Chen fulfilled his promise. Even, the Ice Demon Queen called Chen to remind him to make sure the place is perfectly controlled and secure. Safety was her major concern. She sounded shaken. She had never expected Chen to come up with something this big.

Lastly, all his classmates, neighbors, ex-colleague called and congratulated Chen. In the end, Chen's cell phone ran out of juice due to the non-stop incoming calls. At nine sharp, Chen personally opened the doors of the jewelry shop.


Screams and shouts came from all the directions. Ten of thousands of people were waving their hands. It was like a human wave washing into Chen's shop. That crazy scene could be compared to those super famous superstars performing in concerts. Even Chen was stunned by the scene.

"Bro Bei!!! My idol is finally here!!"

"Oh my God! I can finally meet my idol! He is definitely better looking in person!"

"Bro Bei! I love you! I want your signature! I want to take pictures with you! Ah…"

"Bro Bei… Bro Bei… Bro Bei…"

The crowd was screaming and jumping hysterically. It looked like the crowd was going to lose control anytime soon.

"Everybody… Please settle down?"

All of a sudden, Chen spoke. And, everyone shut their mouths immediately. All of them had their eyes wide opened and perked up their ears to hear what Chen was going to say. They were afraid that they will miss out Chen's speech.

Chen held the microphone, stepped onto the stage, took a deep breath, and said loudly, "My dear fans, hello!"

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah…"

The passion from his fans towards him had overflowed once again. The loud and crazy cheers made everyone's blood boiled. The ground was trembled by the cheers. The clouds and fogs were driven away and sunlight shone in.

At the same time, Chen was super excited as well. His blood was boiling inside his body. He had never dreamt of having such a huge number of loyal fans.

When he lifted up his hand, everyone went quiet!

When he spoke, everyone went nuts!

He was like a superstar! Every flick of his tongue, every step of his feet, would influence everyone's heart. That was just too damn cool!

"Alright, alright, settle down!"

Chen spoke again and the place was silent.

"I believe that everyone should know me quite well by now. I won't waste your time by talking crap! Thank you so much for supporting me in the grand opening of my jewelry shop! All of my fans from my fans club can get a 20% discount on the items in my shop!"

Chen then paused and said seriously, "Other than that, I did mention in Weibo that I will donate half of the profit that I gain today to charity. I'm not joking! I will check on the profit flow every one hour! Everyone, you are welcome to monitor the profit as well1"

"Bro Bei! Such a powerful personality! I have been to a lot of charity sales! But, I have never seen anyone having the balls to be transparent about their profits!"

"Bro Bei… You are the very heart of charity! You are worthy of our support!"

"We can enjoy the discount and be a part of the charity! We must support him, no matter what!"

"I'm really proud to be one of the fans in Bro Bei's fans club!"

"I'm going to spam on the like button for three hundred and twenty thousand times!"

"Like! Like! Like! Buy! Buy! Buy!"

Everyone was having a heated discussion. Most of the people had their wallets standing by to support Chen's business and charity.

"Thank you so much for everyone's support! The shop is now open, officially! It's totally okay if you don't want to buy anything! I'll be standing here to accompany, take pictures and hug you guys. Girls, you are welcome to kiss me. Boys, I don't want your kiss…"

Chen smiled and stayed on the stage to have a bonding session with his fans. Since half of Chen's fans were actually students and teenagers with average income, Chen decided to stick around to socialize with them. So, they would not feel like this is a wasted trip. The excitement was getting higher and higher!

Within a second, tonnes of people started to gather around the stage. It was really something! On the other hand, those who decided to buy something started to rush into the jewelry shop. The shop was actually quite spacious. It could fit a thousand people at the same time. But, it was definitely not spacious enough for tens of thousands of customers to enter the shop at the same time.

A long queue started to form outside the shop. People had to wait for the batch of customers who were in the shop to leave before they could enter, themselves. All of them were really hyped up by this rare opportunity. All of the jewelry had been crafted by Chen's Transmogrifying Flame! They were really well designed. Chen had even placed a discount on all the items in the shop. This was why people were getting so crazy about it.

Almost all the people who entered the shop will buy one or two pieces of jewelry. One could totally imagine the situation inside the shop when everyone was buying something. Within ten minutes, all the jewelry that Jing Fei had planned to sell for the day was completely sold out. He had to move some of the jewelry from the inventory to keep the business going. However, the jewelry that he just moved out from the inventory was sold out within few minutes as well.

Soon, the buying speed overwhelmed Jing Fei's logistics. Jing Fei had all the employees move to the front door of the inventory to keep the business flowing. All the jewelry were instantly bought by the customer once taken out. Some even rejected the discount of the stuff that they bought. They wanted to support the charity and Chen's business.

The jewelry that was meant to last them a few years were all sold out within an hour.


You heard it right!

One hour!

Most of the customers did not even bother negotiating. Some even refused to have the discount on their items. In the end, the estimated sales price for all the jewelry skyrocketed from forty million to sixty million!

The only jewelry left in the shop were Fire Dragon in The Sky and Plum Blossoms, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum. These five-top quality fine arts were still there because the truly filthy rich people were not here. They had been asking for the piece through phone calls.

Some of the people offered fifty million for Plum Blossoms, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum. And, there are people offered one hundred and fifty million for Fire Dragon in The Sky!

That was what you called pure craziness!

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