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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 160: All I Have Is Money!

Chapter 160: All I Have Is Money!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"The crowd is finally thinning out. Now, we can enter! Next, I will unveil the mystery behind Beichen jewelry shop!"

The female reporter had a microphone held in her hand. She tried her best to squeeze into the shop while reporting. The cameraman held the camera over his shoulders and forced his way through. They saw a board written with two words - "sold out" when they finally managed to enter the shop.

"Oh my god! It's only three minutes past ten! One fuc-freaking hour and everything is sold out! Am I dreaming?"

The female reporter shouted. She totally forgot that she was doing a live reporting. The cameraman quickly gave her a stare. She then calmed herself down.



"Let us interview a few people and ask about what was going on inside."

"Hello, I'm a reporter from Green Vine TV station. Can you tell us, what just happened inside Beichen jewelry shop?"

The female reporter extended the microphone to one of the male customers.

"Damn! The answer is pretty obvious! One word, AWESOME! Two words, insane sheet! Three words, cool ass sheet! Four words…fu-"

The male customer was as high as a kite. He was filled with extreme excitement.



"Let us interview another citizen."'

The female reporter quickly extended the microphone to one of the middle-aged ladies.

"Hello, I see that you are holding a shopping bag from Beichen jewelry shop. I guess you must have bought some jewelry that you really like."

"Not really!"

The middle-aged lady sighed and said, "I wanted to buy a bracelet that I really liked but aunt Wong, the b*tch just snatched it away from me! I will never do Taichi with her on the open fields again! Luckily, I still managed to buy the necklace that I liked. If not, I will definitely beat her up!"


The female reporter was stunned.

"This is magical! What's so special about the jewelry in Beichen jewelry shop? Why are the people so crazy about it? Some of them even broke off years of friendship over the products. Do you mind explaining it to me?"

"Needless to ask…"

"The jewelry inside this shop is twenty percent cheaper than the jewelry shop around here! Also, they have the same quality! And, the fans from his fans club can enjoy extra discount some more! Only idiots will not go crazy over it!" The middle-aged lady said excitedly.

"Erm… Who is this Bro Bei?" The female reporter asked.

"Bro Bei is my idol!"

The middle-aged lady acted like a nymphomaniac. She put some thought into what she just said and quickly reiterated.

"Bro Bei is the boss of this Beichen jewelry shop. Over there! The young man currently standing on stage! Not only does he look damn good, he is a prodigy in sports as well. Also, he has the heart for charity! He is definitely a rare gem among teenagers in this era!"

"Wow! Based on what you just told me, he seems like a legendary character! I believe the audiences watching right now would want to get closer and know more about this magical teenager! Now, just follow us!"

The female reporter smiled at the camera and walked towards the stage. Work aside, as a woman, she wanted to get as close as possible to this legendary Bro Bei. At the same time, Jing Fei delivered the final sales report to Chen on the stage. The fans on the stage were being asked politely to step down from the stage as well.

"Excuse me. Are you Bro Bei? Can I have some of your time to have a simple interview with you?"

The female reporter had to use all her strength to get on the stage.

"Of course. Please come to the stage."

Chen smiled calmly. He looked like a perfect gentleman on the surface. But, he was actually jumping up and down inside his heart. I can finally act cool in front of TV! Wahahaha…

"Bro Bei, you look really young! Maybe, you can start by introducing yourself in front of the TV." The female reporter smiled and handed the microphone to Chen.

"Hello to our viewers. I'm the Bro Bei!"

Chen grinned and said, "I'm 21 years old this year. I love beautiful ladies. Now, I have a jewelry business. I plan to sell some fruits in the future. I would like to buy a big piece of land and plant some super delicious juicy peach! You can follow me on Weibo. Feel free to ask me anything about the super delicious juicy peach!"

"Alright… You can stop right there, Bro Bei…"

The female reporter quickly snatched the microphone from him. She was not happy that Chen had used this opportunity to advertise his products.

"I want to ask you something about your jewelry. Everyone says that your jewelry is twenty percent cheaper than the other shops around here. And, the quality of the jewelry that you sell is really good as well. The most shocking part is that you even gave extra discounts to some of the jewelry here. Won't you suffer from great loss if you keep on doing this?"

The female reporter asked curiously.

"So, you think I'm doing a business that makes me lose money? You won't see what's coming next!" Chen laughed mysteriously.

"What are you going to do?" The female reporter asked curiously.

Chen opened up the sales report in his hand and shouted loudly through the megaphone, "The sales for Beichen jewelry shop for today is sixty-one million and three hundred and thirty-three thousand. I will only take thirty million from it. I will donate the rest to charity!"


Waves and waves of cheers and claps came from the crowd when they heard Chen's announcement.

"Bro Bei! You are just too damn cool! You just donated thirty million plus! You are the most generous person in this Green Vine City!"

"Bro Bei, you are a man of your word! You promised to donate half your profit, and now you donated even more than that! Awesome!"

"Bro Bei, you are the only elite that I'll ever respect!"


The discussion among the crowd was getting hotter and hotter. However, none of them expected that Chen would go further than this.

Chen raised his hands to make everyone quiet. He said seriously, "Other than that, the Fire Dragon in The Sky will be priced at two hundred and fifty million! Plum Blossoms, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum will be priced at one hundred and fifty million! If there is anyone willing to buy it, I will donate another half of the profit from it!"


Everyone's blood started to boil up again.

"What the f*ck! Bro Bei has balls! Such courage! I will respect you until the end of my life!"

"How much is he going to donate? Two… Two hundred million? Did I count correctly?"

"Bro Bei is almighty! Bro Bei is super cool!"

"You deserve my respect! Please take my knees!"

The female reporter was completely stunned and lose in the cheering from the crowd. She stood like there like a statue and stared at Chen like some mega super fan. Both of her eyes shone bright like a star.



The cameraman could not bear to look at her like that. He quickly squeezed out some coughs to remind her about the live reporting.

After she finally came back to reality, she pursed her lips and asked, "Bro Bei, you have already suffered a great loss from the sales. Now, you have decided to donate so much money again! Don't you think that it will affect your business?"

"Not at all!" Chen looked calm and shrugged.


The female reporter asked shockingly, "Thirty million lost is definitely not a small number to any entrepreneur in this world! Why do you seem like you are not bothered by this fact at all?"


Chen grinned, put on a super good looking smile and said, "I have too much money with me."

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