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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 161: Talk Of The Town!

Chapter 161: Talk Of The Town!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Damn! That kid really loves to showboat!"

Uncle Feng, a knife scar stretched across his face, was watching the live report on the TV inside the South Lake mansion. He ripped a piece of it off between his teeth. It was as if the peach had wronged him in its past life.

"Old Feng, it's not nice to talk behind someone's back when you're eating their food."

Uncle Qin took a peach and ate it as well. He seemed to enjoy it a lot.

"Hmph! This peach was given by our lady master! That bastard has nothing to do with it!" Uncle Feng roared.

"This kid is really something!"

Lan Zhengguo spat out down the seed and quickly grabbed another peach.

He squinted and asked, "Do you guys think that kid might become as powerful as me?"

"Master, would you like to hear the truth?" Uncle Qin smiled and asked.

Uncle Feng grimaced and remained speechless.

"Well, there's your answer."

Lan Zhengguo sighed, "I have to admit, that kid has incredible potential! I was a guy who liked to waste my time on useless stuff when I was his age. It's a shame that people from the City of Dragon is pressuring me. If not, I will definitely not oppose Mengchen being with him."

Uncle Feng and Uncle Qin were speechless when they heard their master's thought.


At the North Mountain mansion.

"This kid has some real charm in him!"

Murong Xiaoyao had her eyes wide opened and said in shock, "I thought that he was going to give me some lame excuse to not donate money to charity. I never expected him to donate such a huge amount of money to the charity! Dad, why don't you buy the rest of the jade pieces from him? Then, he will be able to donate even more to the charity!"

Murong Tian nodded and smiled, "Yes, I can definitely buy those jade pieces from him! But, we might need to eat dust for three meals after that. You won't have pocket money to buy new clothes anymore."

"Better don't buy it!"

Murong Xiaoyao quickly interrupted her dad and pursed her lips, "Chen is so mean! How dare he sell those few jade pieces for four hundred million? Who on this earth can afford them?!"

Murong Tian looked up and smiled, "News travels fast. People from the Dragon City will definitely buy from him when they hear of it."

At the Green Vine University.

"Why were there only three students in my class?! Where are the rest of the students?!" The aged professor said unhappily.

"Well, at least three students attended your class! I had nothing! All of them skipped my classes to attend the grand opening of Beichen jewelry shop!" A younger professor said.

"I even heard that some of the younger teachers skipped their work and went to the jewelry shop! How do these youngsters' minds work?" A middle-aged female professor sighed.

Lin Xiang sat at the corner of the staff room and rapped on her own head angrily. She scolded herself for being a coward inside her heart. Why didn't she skip work as well to support Chen? Fortunately, she could keep herself updated with the news, Weibo and school forum. She had actually downloaded every single Chen's pictures and saved them on her laptop.

Lin Xiang mind was flooded with a young girl's passion when she thought about his handsome and powerful Chen. Her body went soft and warm as well. She could not wait to throw herself into Chen's embrace and do something hot and sexy.

At the police station of Green Vine City.

"Bastard! What a show-off!"

Luo turned off her laptop and walked out from her office. She was thinking to take some fresh air. Although she sounded mean, she actually paid close attention to Beichen Jewelry Shop. Somehow, she felt really good, as she stayed updated about the current situation of the jewelry shop. The whole morning had passed without her realizing it.

She was shocked when she saw the scene outside her office. Almost, everyone in the police station was talking about it. Some of them had updated themselves through Weibo. Some of them even gathered together to talk about it.

The most ironic scene of all was one of the policemen was actually watching the live reporting with the criminal. Two of them even exchanged words about it from time to time. They seemed really happy!

"Why does that stupid Chen possess such influential charm?! He actually got a cat and mouse to become friends… This is really magical…"

Luo massaged the bridge of her nose, puzzled.

At the West City, the bar of Fire Boss. The projector was showing the live reporting of the grand opening of Beichen jewelry shop. Hundreds of gangsters were sitting down, enjoying their beer and having a hot discussion about the jewelry shop.

"Boss! Our Boss Chen is just too damn cool and powerful! It's so unbelievable that he manages his business so well at such a young age!"

"Not only is he good at doing business! He has a strong and powerful personality as well! He is definitely a real man!"

"You are right! One word, AWESOME!"

All of them were really excited. The compliments came non-stop.

The Fire Boss put on an idolize look and said, "Of course! Boss Chen is a God! The person that I respect the most on this planet is Boss Chen!"

Earlier, he had received three million from Chen to expand his gang. Thus, he successfully recruited hundreds of gang members. Even though he is quite powerful now, he still idolized Chen a lot.

"All of you, listen carefully! Boss Chen is my boss! No matter how good or how powerful we become in the future, we should still be respectful towards our Boss Chen!"

Fire Boss said seriously, "If anyone here disrespects Boss Chen, I will chop you to pieces personally and feed the dog!"

"We don't dare! We don't dare… We have seen Boss Chen's true power with our own eyes. None of us here has the balls to disrespect him…"

All the gang members put on respectful looks. They tapped on their chests to show that they would keep their words.

At Shi Family's mansion.


Shi Dafeng vomited blood when he heard Chen mentioned that all he had is money.

"Dad… Are you okay?"

Shi Mingwei quickly put aside his cellphone and rushed to his dad's aid.

On the other hand, Shi Dabiao shouted furiously, "Shi Dafeng! I thought you told me earlier that you will not be wrong? You mentioned that the bastard will fall during the grand opening? Your twenty years of experience in jewelry business is equivalent to my sheet that I just let go twenty minutes ago!"


Shi Dafeng was speechless when the three questions came to him. He felt a pressure in his chest and blood started to gush out from his mouth.

"Alright! Stop arguing!"

Shi Kelang frowned and said in a deep voice, "Dafeng, you have to make a decision now that since the situation had changed! Do you want to fight until the end or sit here and rot? Answer me right now!"

"Sell! I will sell this mansion! I want to spend all the money and hire someone to screw that son of the b*tch up!"

There was still blood in his mouth when he made the announcement. He looked like a vicious demon.

"Alright! Leave this to me! I know a group of special friends! This time, we will bet on it all!"

Shi Kelang's stare turned vicious and the sense of murder was exuding out from him.

"Achoo! Damn it… Someone is talking behind my back!" Chen rubbed his nose and complained.

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