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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 162: The Level of Spirit Beast

Chapter 162: The Level of Spirit Beast

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Even myself did not expect today's sale result! This is perfect!"

Chen sighed when he stood inside the empty vault.

"I have a total of six hundred million cash comes into my account. Plus, the price of Fire Dragon in The Sky, Plum Blossoms, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum had increased to four hundred million due to the support that I received today. Plus my one hundred million saving, the jewelry shop, bungalow, and luxury cars, I believe my worth is around five hundred and twenty million!"

Chen counted secretly and said, "Even after I donated thirty million, I still have forty hundred and ninety million with me! My wealth had doubled as compared to the time before the grand opening of Beichen Jewelry Shop! Now, I'm one step closer to be on the same level with Lan Zhengguo! This is awesome!"

There were no other people in the vault other than Chan and Jing Fei.

Jing Fei asked, "Boss, do you really plan to donate all those money?"

"Of course! I will donate the amount of money that I promised earlier as soon as possible!" Chen said seriously.

"But, it's thirty freaking million! Do you want to put some thought into it first? There are other ways to do this… You don't have to donate the money…" Jing Fei said.

"We, as a human cannot be so greedy!"

Chen interrupted Jing Fei and said in a deep voice, "Everyone in this world thought that I suffered a great loss during the grand opening. But, you know that the sixty million that I earn today is pure profit! I still earn even I decided to donate half of it!"

"Also, this amount of money can be used to change the weaker group's life in this society into something better. And, the merit points that I earn can be used to help my good brother, Xiangyu as well. I will not stop donating money to charity as long as my business is still going strong!"

"Boss Chen, you are absolutely right… I'm too greedy…"

Jing Fei nodded and felt shameful deep inside his heart.

"Okay. Let's put aside this donation matter first."

Chen said, "Now, I need you to go to the market and purchase all the useless jade pieces that you can find. Buy some gold, silver, and gem as material. I will transfer ten million to your account first. Do you think that's enough?"

"Enough! It's more than enough!"

Jing Fei nodded and said, "Those useless jade pieces cost really little. On the other hand, gold, silver, and gem are definitely more expensive but the combination of Transmogrifying Flame and Heavenly Smithing Furnace that you possess can be used to craft something as exquisite as the product of those master jewelry crafters! Ten million cost can be turned into thirty million worth of product in no time! By then, we should be able to keep up with the market's demand."

"That's great!"

Chen said satisfyingly, "The business will run smoothly when the process of buying material and selling product become something that we run by instinct! Beichen jewelry will become my very first money tree!"

"Don't you worry, Boss Chen! I understand!" Jing Fei nodded.

Those useless jade pieces almost cost nothing. This was the type business without cost! As compared to those gold, silver, and gem that require a lot of costs to transform them into something sellable, the gap of profit was definitely much smaller than the jade business. Jing Fei knew all the secret. He knew exactly what to do. Chen left the vault after giving the secret instruction to Jing Fei.

Chen then gave a generous amount of bonus to every employee in the shop. Chen asked all of them to go on holiday for now. They would be re-summoned back to the shop when the stock was ready. All the employees were filled with joy and they complimented Chen as the best boss in this world.

After that, Chen brought his parents back to his bungalow. Sirius ran to Chen once the car stopped in front of the bungalow. Xiaobai still looked the same, sitting on the Sirius's head and licking its paws arrogantly.

"Two food lovers…"

Chen knew their intention once he looked them into the eyes. Chen spoke in Zoolingualism after his parents went into the house.

"Do you guys want to eat peach or Heavenly Pet Food? Only can choose one!"

"What the f*ck! Master, how did you know zoolingualism?!"

Xiaobai asked shockingly.

"What the f*ck! You little cat actually knows this vulgar word!"

Chen was shocked as well.

"I learned it from you!"

Xiaobai pouted and said unhappily, "And! I'm not a freaking cat! I'm……!"

"I don't care what you are! From today onwards, you are not allowed to use any vulgar words! You must learn how to be good when you are still young. If not, you will turn into a big bad wolf when you grow up." Chen said.

"Oh my God! Master! Your Zoolingualism is really fluent! Damn fluent!" Sirius complimented.

"Stop licking my boots! You asslicker!"

Chen rolled his eyes on Heavenly Wolf.

"Asslicker…I have learned another vulgar word!"

Xiaobai had his eyes wide opened and said excitedly.


Chen almost vomited blood. The Spirit Beast was fast when it came to learning something new!

"Whatever, since no one can understand Zoolingualism. Just say what you want!"

Both of them choose to eat Heavenly Pet Food. Chen gave them each a bowl of Heavenly Pet Food.

Chen asked curiously, "How come I don't see any transformation so far since both of you eat so much every day?"

"This is only normal food that used to fill our hunger. Did you really think that this is some kind of magical food?"

Xiaobai said arrogantly, "You will be able to see the transformation in three days' time. By that time, you will be able to see me and that stupid dog evolve into One-Star Spirit Beast."

"One-Star Spirit Beast? I thought you are Divine Beast?" Chen asked puzzledly.

"You need to grow into a Divine Beast!"

"Just like your training. Spirit Beast has a total of nine levels to grow. A Nine-Stars Spirit Beast can evolve into Divine Beast!" Xiaobai said.

"Err… Seems like I just got cheated by Bull Demon King…" Chen sighed.

Initially, he thought that he received a super ultra-cool Divine Beast. In the end, he still needed to wait for the Spirit Beast to grow into a Divine Beast. It was going to take forever to see them grow into a Divine Beast!

"Don't you dare look down on the level of Spirit Beast! I will have one thousand combat power when I reach one star! When I reach two stars, I will have three thousand combat power!" Xiaobai explained.

"Oh my God! So powerful!"

Joy quickly filled Chen's face. And, he was dancing inside his heart. According to Xiaobai, both of them would turn into a One-Star Spirit Beast three days later. In other words, this equaled to recruiting two followers with one thousand combat power. Jing Fei's combat power was only one thousand. If these they turn into Two-Stars Spirit Beast, they would possess three thousand combat power. By that time, both of them will become Chen's powerful followers. They could help Chen to complete a lot of tasks!

Chen was full of hope when he thought about that. However, Chen's combat power should increase at the same time as well. He took his third God of War's Body Strengthening Pill. At then, his combat power was two thousand. Tomorrow at this time, his combat power would reach two thousand and five hundred!

There was no training needed in this process. His combat power would increase automatically. That was even better than cheating! After that, Chen decided to spend some time to do something special.

"Mid-Autumn festival is coming. I should buy some mooncakes and deliver them to everyone!"

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