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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 163: Sending Over Some Mooncakes To Chang’e

Chapter 163: Sending Over Some Mooncakes To Chang’e

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chen was driving his humungous four-wheeled drive to the supermarket to make a bulk purchase. Mid-Autumn festival was just around the corner. Different types of mooncakes were on display. The variety was so diverse that it made people confuse.

At then, Chen was worth five hundred and twenty million. Naturally, he could not afford to be stingy. He chose the best and most expensive mooncake in the market for all his friends that he could ever think of. He wanted to make sure that everyone gets at least a box of mooncakes.

"Mengchen, Xiangxiang, Xiangyu, my three roommates, Jingfei, Liu Quanfu, Fire Boss… And… Ice Demon Queen and Flatboard. I should buy for both of them as well.

Chen counted all the people that he knew with his fingers. He then suddenly thought of something.

"Right! Should I buy for the members of Red Envelope Group of Three Realms?"

Chen had thought of all his friends. He should not desert his friends in Red Envelope group. After all, the reason that Chen could achieve all this was thanked the help from the members of Red Envelope group.

"Okay… What a joyful occasion! I will send a big Red Envelope to the group during Mid-Autumn festival. I might be able to trigger a big wave of Red Envelopes! I might be able to snatch a few more Red Envelopes! Wahaha… Damn! I'm smart!"

Chen planned secretly and said, "Hold on… I should ask for what kind of flavors would they prefer. I'm worried that they will not like the mooncakes that I send to them. That would be a real shame. The element of surprise will be gone if I ask directly in the group. Hmm… Let me ask the Goddess of Moon."

Chen: Chang'e Lady, are you there?

Chang'e: I'm here. I wanted to look for you as well. (Smiling emoji)

Chen: Goddess, why are you looking for me?

Chang'e: Mid-Autumn festival is just around the corner. I have made some Osmanthus Honey. I'm planning to give you a bottle of it. (Face turned red)

Chen: Haha… I'm surprised that Goddess still remember my existence! I wanted to give a box of mooncake to Goddess as well. May I know what kind of flavor of mooncake do you prefer?

Chang'e: Mooncake is just mooncake. There is no flavor to it. It's just a pile of flour.

Chen: What?! The mooncake that you guys eat is just a pile of flavorless flour? (Shocking emoji)

Chang'e: That's right. The mooncake that you normally eat are just piles of flour right? (Curious emoji)

Chen: Hold on right there… Let me buy some mooncakes and send them over to you. (Smiling emoji)

Cahng'e: Alright! (Smiling emoji)

"Damn! There are hundreds of flavors of mooncake available right now! I never thought that people actually ate flavorless mooncakes in the past!"

Chen grinned, "There will be a great flood of Red Envelopes during Mid-Autumn festival! Wahahaha…"

"Hey! Are you going to buy the mooncake?! You have stood there for a long time! My business will be affected because of you!"

An impatient voice crept into Chen's ears. And, that was the voice of the salesperson that stood at the counter. She was a forty years old lady on menopause.

"I will buy…"

Chen was unhappy, but he didn't plan on arguing with her. He then said calmly, "I want ten boxes of each flavor here."

"What?! Ten boxes of each flavor?! Are you treating me like a fool?!"

The salesperson rolled her eyes at him, "This is not something that you can afford! We sell the most expensive mooncake on the market!"

Chen got even more unhappy when he heard her reply.

"Do you believe that I will buy all the mooncakes here?" Chen said coldly.

"Oh my god! This is the funniest joke that I heard in my life!"

The eyes of the salesperson almost rolled to the back of her head. She said condescendingly, "Kid! Stop fooling around! Don't act like a rich man in front of me! You ain't got no skill! I will only believe your words if my brain stomps on by a donkey!"

"I think you left your brain at home today!" Chen took a glance at the phone number at the counter. It was for customers to lodge a complaint.

A man with suit came into the shop three minutes after the call.

"Good day sir! I'm the sales manager. How can I help you?" The man smiled and asked.

"Just swipe my card! I want to buy all the mooncakes in this shop!"

Chen took out his credit card without a single doubt.

"All he knows is to act like a rich man!"

The saleslady said condescendingly, "Manager Liu, just ignore him! He just came here to fool around!"


The manager was stunned. Deep inside his heart, he felt that Chen was here to fool around as well.

After all, that place sold the best mooncake in Green Vine City. A box of mooncake cost around three thousand and eight hundred and eighty-eight. A shop worth of mooncakes cost around million plus! How was it possible for a young lad like him afford to buy everything in this shop? But, let's think from a different perspective, the credit card was just on the table. The shop would suffer no loss, even if Chen was a fraud. What if, everything he said was real?

With this thought, Manager Liu stared at the saleslady and said, "What did you learn in your training? Customers are our gods! Are you trying to get yourself fired with this kind attitude?!"

At the same time, he swiped Chen's card and placed the credit card machine in front of him to key in the pincode.

"Manager Liu, I'm a veteran at this! I have seen different types of customers throughout my career! I will eat the credit card machine if this kid is not here to fool around!" The saleslady pouted and said unhappily.

The transaction was complete before she could finish her words. A long, lengthy receipt was being printed out. An invisible slap landed on her face.

"How… How is this even possible?"

The saleslady was completely stunned. Her mouth was wide enough to fit in a fist.

"Idiot! You almost cost the company a valuable customer! You are fired from this second onwards!" Manager Liu shouted.


The saleslady cried after she heard the manager's decision.

She begged, "Manager Liu! I know I'm at fault… Please forgive me… After all, I'm an old and experienced staff…"

"Old and experienced staff? I think you are an old hag! Pack your stuff and leave!"

Manager Liu rolled his eyes at her, turned to Chen and smiled, "My dear customer, all the mooncakes in this shop belongs to you. May I ask, what can I do for you?"

"Please move all the mooncakes to parking lot 033."

Chen ordered. He didn't even bother to look at the saleslady. He left after that. Soon enough, Manager Liu managed to find someone to move all the mooncakes to Chen's parking spot.

"I will look for my own transport to move all these mooncakes back to my house. You can leave now."

Chen waved. When he saw Manager Liu leaving and no one else around him, he took out his cellphone and stored all the mooncakes inside his treasure chest.

"Let me send a box of Snow Skin Mooncake to Chang'e first!"

Chen grinned and sent the mooncake to Chang'e.

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