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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 164: Getting Ready For The Final Battle

Chapter 164: Getting Ready For The Final Battle

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chang'e: Thank you so much for your gift, God Chen. Is this thing a mooncake? (Curious emoji)

Chen: Haha… You have to open the box first. The mooncakes are inside the box!

Chang'e: Hey! I'm not that stupid, okay? (Pouty face) I have already opened the box. But, the object inside the box is so beautiful. It doesn't look like mooncake at all!

Chen: That is a Snow Skin Mooncake! It's a local delicacy from where I come from. Give it a try.

Chang'e: So beautiful! I felt like it's a waste if I just eat it like that!

Chen: Just give it a try. I can send more of it to you if you really like it! (Cool emojis)

Two minutes later…

Chang'e: Oh my god! This mooncake is too damn delicious! (Satisfying emoji). This is even tastier than the pastry that the Heavenly Queen Mother gave me! I really like it! (Fanatical emojis). Let me give you some Osmanthus Honey as well!


[Congratulation! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Chang'e! You have received a bottle of Osmanthus Honey! It has been stored inside your treasure chest!]

Chen: Haha… Thank you so much, Chang'e Goddess!

Chang'e: Oh right. About the Osmanthus Honey, please keep it as a secret between us!"

Chen: Why?

Chang'e: Only nine bottles of Osmanthus Honey are produced every year. All of them will be served to the Heavenly God Mother! Others don't even get to have a whiff of it!

Chen: Damn! Such a precious delicacy! And, you actually gave me a bottle of it! Others will definitely find out about this!

Chang'e: Don't worry. I took out a small amount of Osmanthus Honey from those nine bottles of Osmanthus Honey and put them together into a single bottle. As long as you don't spill the beans, no one will know about it.

Chen: Oh my god! Why are you treating me so nicely, Chang'e?

Chang'e: Because you were really kind to me in the first place. Hehe… This will be a secret between us! (Smiling emoji)

Chen: Alright! I will definitely keep this secret between us until the day I die! (Smiling emoji

Chang'e: I have something else to attend to. Talk soon! (Shy emoji)"

Chen: Okay. See you, my Goddess!

"I never expect Chang'e the Goddess to treat me so nicely! Could it be that she's interested in me? And, she's taking the initiative to develop an intimate relationship with me? Oh my Lord! The most beautiful Goddess in heaven is after me! I'm so damn excited by just thinking about it! Wahahaha…" Chen thought

Chen put away his cellphone. But, he was still indulging the conversation between him and Chang'e. Without him realizing, he was almost drooling. After that, Chen drove his car and delivered the mooncakes that he purchased to all the friends that he thought of. Everything was good.

When he reached the North Mountain mansion, the Flatboard Princess, Murong Xiaoyao insisted that Chen stay with her for a while to have a quick chit-chat session. They chatted about the donation matter. However, the girl did not rush Chen to donate the money to the charity as soon as possible. She wanted Chen to hold on to it first. It seemed like something had changed. Chen was not bothered by it at all. He just simply said something to brush her off. Chen then rushed to the next destination.

The next destination would be Xiang Xiang's house. Chen purposely set Lin's house as the final destination. He had plans for her, everyone knew that. It could even take hours! That's right! Chen stopped by at Lin's house to have dinner with her!

What else are you thinking?

Damn, you dirty-minded pervert!

"Wow! My Xiang Xiang is so virtuous! You will make a good wife!"

Chen was attracted by the fragrance once he entered the house. He put the mooncakes aside and ran to the table. He was staring at all the well-cooked dishes on the table. Lin had been born in a poor family. She only knew how to cook all these simple dishes. But, every single dish that she cooked contained love as the main ingredient. One could drool just by looking at these dishes.

"Come and try my fish soup. This is Lin Nan's favorite soup! I'm not sure if you will like it!" Lin poured a bowl of soup for Chen.

"The soup looks creamy. I'm pretty sure this soup has been cooked for a long time."

Chen took a sip of it and the taste of it lingered in his mouth. He gave Lin a thumbs up and said, "I can really see the effort that you put in boiling this soup. This fish soup is on par with the soup that cooked by those Master Chefs. I want to drink ten bowls of it!"

"Stop sweet talking me! Your stomach will blow up if you drink ten bowls of it!"

Lin pouted playfully. Her beautiful pair of eyes had turned into a pair of crescent moons. Her face was filled with sweetness and satisfaction.

"Oh right, where is Lin Nan?" Chen asked.

"He went out to look for a job. He should be coming back soon. Let me give him a call." Lin said.

"Looking for a job? Ahhh I've forgotten!"

Chen tapped on the back of his head and said with vigor, "Ask him to stop looking for a job. He can come to my shop to work for now. I will ask Jing Fei to teach him everything that he knows. He might even get to run a branch of my jewelry shop in the future."

"Branch… A branch? You must be joking with me… Lin Nan doesn't have the ability take charge of a jewelry shop!" Lin was extremely shocked by Chen's decision.

"I'm not joking. I'm being serious."

Chen then said seriously, "As long as Lin Nan willing to learn, I will let him take over Jing Fei's position. And, he can take charge of the branches that I'm going to open in the future!"

"Every… Every branch…? Lin was completely petrified.

A single jewelry shop had already managed to make the whole town excited. She could not even imagine what the branches would do to the city!

"My pumpkin pie, that's my future plan. Look at that shocked face!"

Chen raised his hand and rub on Lin's nose tip and said, "Take a break. I will call Lin Nan personally."


Lin nodded adorably. She was still in shock. Chen took his cell out and prepared to call Lin Nan. But, he saw an unread message on his cellphone.

[Lin Nan is with me, Xian Tianma. You have 30 minutes to go to the abandoned warehouse at the west side of the slum! You will see Lin Nan's body on the floor if you are late!]

Chen replied, "If I find a single mark on Lin Nan's body, I will make sure your head will be detached from your body!"

"Xiang Xiang… I will go and pick up Lin Nan personally. This can save time."

Chen stood up and walked out from the house.


Lin was shocked. Chen had already left before she can react to it.

On the way, Chen called the Fire Boss and said, "How's the recruitment going?"

"I have hundreds of men with me. Boss Chen, what can I do for you?" The boss knew that there was something off about Chen's voice.

"I want you to gather everyone and get ready for a battle with Xiao Tianma!" Chen said coldly.

"Battle… Battle? Boss Chen, are you serious?"

The Fire Boss was shocked and said, "Xiao Tianma is the leader of West side of the city of Black Tiger Gang. He has around five hundred followers with him… We will definitely lose if we declare war on him…!"

"Are you afraid of death now?" Chen asked.

"Not at all!"

The boss said excitedly, "It's my pleasure to follow Boss Chen and declare a gang war! I will definitely have your back, no matter what!"

"Alright! You are a true brother! Here's my plan…" Chen told him his strategy.

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