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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 165: Is It Really Cooling?

Chapter 165: Is It Really Cooling?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the slum of the west side of the city. There was a deserted place with an abandoned warehouse. Normally, there was no people step foot in this place, At then, there were around thirty strong and muscular men guarding inside. All of them were brawlers of Black Tiger Gang of West City. They were Xiao Tianma's favorite gang of brawlers.

Other than that, they were not just any other ordinary guards. All of them had at least more than one territory under their care. At that time, the police force was paying close attention to them. Thus, they did not order their five hundred gang members to get involved in this gang war. Instead, a gang that was made up of thirty elite gang members were sent to replace five hundred gang members. Clearly, something big was about to go down.

Xiao Tianma was standing between them with a cigarette in his mouth, puffing away indulgently.

"Tianma Bro, do you think the lad has the balls to come here?" One of the muscular guys asked.

"He will definitely come here because Lin Nan is with us."

Xiao Tianma took another puff and stared coldly at the corner of the warehouse. There was a cage over there. Lin Nan was kept inside.

"Xiao Tianma! You mother*cker! Let me go! If not, my brother-in-law will surely stomp on your head until it becomes a pile of unidentified flesh!"

Lin Nan shouted. He sounded lively. It seems like he did not suffer from any serious injuries.

"Bastard! Stop shouting!"

"Do you know why I decided not to beat you up today?" Xiao Tianma asked coldly.

"Why… Why…?" Lin Nan was shocked.

He was actually kind of puzzled that Xiao Tianma didn't beat him up or scold him after he captured him. This was definitely something out of ordinary.

Xiao put on a vicious look and said, "I choose not to torture you now because I want let Chen watch how I torture you after I cripple him! I want him to know that he is powerless to protect you when you die in front of him! I want him to have a taste of hopeless! By that time, he will wish for death than living!"

"Dream on! You loser is not even qualified to touch my brother-in-law's toes!"

Lin Nan scolded Xiao angrily, "I think there is something wrong with your balls! It's time for your medication! Are you suffering from any kind of mental illness? Where did you even get the balls to defeat my brother-in-law? Wake up and take your mental medication now!"

"Motherf*cker! Do you wish to die now?!"

Xiao Tianma went furious after hearing Lin Nan's words. He threw his cigarette butt on the floor aggressively. He could not wait to tear Lin Nan in half. The comment regarding his balls was like a critical hit on him. He was deeply scared by it. For him, commenting on his balls was like pouring salt on his wound. However, Lin Nan decided to tear open his wound and even pour acid on it. That was even more painful than using a knife to stab his heart.

"You… Don't you dare to come near me!"

Lin Nan was having fun scolding Xiao just now. At then, he was suppressed by Xiao's anger. Xiao is the leader of Black Tiger Gang of West City! He was a Jianghu elite with one thousand and five hundred combat power! His aura and powerful presence were not something that Lin Nan could withstand. Looking at Xiao's furious look and spitting fire eyeballs, Lin Nan felt like he was marked by a furious beast that was going to eat him up alive!


All of a sudden, Lin Nan's face was filled with hope again at this critical moment. All the feat in his heart was completely disappeared. Chen walked into the warehouse through the front door. Xiao Tianma moved his attention from Lin Nan to Chen.

"I never thought that you have the balls to come alone!"

"I never thought that a guy with his dick got chopped off recently has the strength to get down from the bed and walk around. How do you feel with the emptiness inside your pants? Was it cooling?"

Chen took a glance on Xiao's pants and said mockingly.

"F*ck you!"

Xiao got really angry. He gritted, "Stop acting like a macho when you are alone here! I will let you have a taste of the pain of losing a dick today! I will f*cking cut off your dick and feed it to the dogs!"

"Hehe… Who told you I came alone?"

Chen smiled calmly and clapped his hands. The sound of movement resonated around the warehouse. Around hundreds of people rushed into the warehouse. Xiao and his thirty followers were quickly surrounded. The leader of those gang members was none other than Fire Boss!

The victory was almost certain when hundreds of people went against thirty people. The situation had changed. However, Xiao was not nervous at all.

He said condescendingly, "Chen Xiaobei, seems like you have a plan with you all along. But, you are being too naïve if you think that you can defeat me today! Useless piece of sheet like Fire Boss is not even qualified to lick my shoes will not be able to save you today! Dream on b*tch!"

He might have sounded arrogant but it actually made sense. Black Tiger Gang was a well-established and organized crime syndicate. Before Chen's funding, the Fire Boss had around twenty followers. The truth was those hundreds plus followers were just some bowling pins waiting to be knocked down.

On the other hand, Xiao was a leader that lead five hundred plus gang members. He was definitely more powerful than the Fire Boss. Even if the Fire Boss wanted to lick his boots last time, Xiao might not even give a sheet about him!

That was the past. At then, the Fire Boss was under Chen's care. He was a brand-new person!

"Bro Bei! One order from you and we will destroy them!"

The Fire Boss looked really determined. He was holding his long knife tightly in his hand. The blood of warrior was boiling inside his blood streams. He had prepared himself to die for Chen today! However, those gang members were not ready to fight this battle.

"How come our opponent is Xiao Tianma?"

"Those people around him were the core people of the West City Black Tiger Gang!"

"I have no idea that we are going against them! This is just too damn terrifying!"

Every one of them fell into panic mode. In their eyes, the Black Tiger Gang was too powerful for them. Xiao Tianma was one of the famous Jianghu elite. It was like a suicide mission for them.

"Bro Bei… You must be kidding us!"

"I think this is just a misunderstanding! Bro Bei, I think you should sit down and talk to Xiao nicely."

"Bro Bei, let's call it a truce… We can never fight this war!"

The gang members around Chen were like deflated balloons. After all, they were just some ordinary gang members. Feeling afraid was totally normal.

Looking at current situation, Xiao laughed condescendingly, "Hmph! What a bunch of garbage! Get lost now if you don't want to die!"

All his trustworthy followers laughed mockingly at the same time, "Garbage! Did you hear what our boss just said? Get lost now or become a cripple later!"

All of them were elites from Black Tiger Gang of west city. The gang that led by the Fire Boss was just some disorderly members. Those thirty elites were confident enough to fight against hundreds of gang member!

"See it now?! You want a truce but they are treating you guys like garbage!"

Chen's face turned black and said in a serious tone, "I don't mind you guys leave the battle right now! But, if you leave now, you will be tagged as garbage for the rest of your life! You will turn into a coward whenever you meet people from Black Tiger Gang! All you can do is offer yourself to them to beat you up!"

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