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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 166: One Punch!

Chapter 166: One Punch!

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Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There was a saying; you do not let the shame get over your head, fight it or die! Chen's words magnified Xiao's mocking. This made Fire Boss' followers even more furious.

"Bro Bei is right! We cannot be a coward at this crucial moment! How can I face the others if I flee here?!"

"That's right! We have the numbers! If we run without fighting, that would be a real shame!"

"I agree with you! Let's fight…"

Real men would always be uncovered during a tough situation. They would have to unleash their courage to fight in order to prove that they were not useless garbage! At that moment, all of them had the determination that was needed to fight this war. But, that was not enough!

"Everyone, I'm not trying to goad all of you into a suicide mission."

Chen continued to say, "The Black Tiger Gang at the west side of the city has always been the most powerful gang. They have around five hundred followers. We will definitely be dead if we fight against their whole gang! But, today, all they have is thirty gang members! If we win this war, we will be able to use the smallest cost possible to achieve the largest gain! This is definitely your golden opportunity to be promoted! Miss this, and you won't have the second chance in the future! Old phrases always make the most sense; take out your balls and you can ride a dragon, keep your balls and someone else will ride your mother! Are we going to stand here all day, or are we going to fight?!"

With the Scholar Heart, Chen was a master when it came to manipulating others. Plus, his seven thousand charm made his words even more convincing and inviting. Hundreds of them were burning with the desire to fight this war.

"My brothers! Bro Bei is right! We are going to fight a war for ourselves! Let's defeat this bunch of assholes! We can be promoted! We are not cowards!"

"That's right! We are all real men! Why do they get to indulge themselves in luxury all the time?! We always take their leftovers! I'm definitely not happy about that!"

"F*ck it! Let's fight! Better to fight for a better life than sitting there and live an ordinary life! If we win this war, I want to have the best whiskey in the world and have sex with the most beautiful women!"

"Let's just kick them in their asses! I want to beat up those who dare look down on us! Aim at their faces and punch it till it balloons up!"

"Bro Bei! Just drop the order! We want to become real men tonight! We will not feel regretful of our decisions even if we die on the battlefield!"

The gang members' morale had been greatly boosted. Half a minute ago, they were all cowards. Seconds later, they were all warriors!


The leader; Che shouted. All the followers rushed to their enemies, as if they just had their dose of adrenaline shots. That scene successfully made Xiao Tianma and his followers shocked to the core. They never thought that Chen could give such a huge morale boost to a gang of weaklings that was so reluctant to fight earlier. They all looked like a bunch wolves that thirsted for blood!

However, Xiao was still extremely confident at this critical moment. He shouted fearlessly, "They are just a hollow bunch of garbage cans with loud bangs! I, Xiao Tianma will grant your death wish, since all of you want to die so badly! Brothers! Fight!"

Clearly, he believed that he could win in this battle with his combat power alone. His thirty favorite followers felt very confident that they could win this war with their leader fighting alongside them. Xiao's shouting was like an eagle horn that gave his followers a huge boost of morale! All of them got really excited and charged at their enemies with all their strength.

Within a second, the sound of battle resonated throughout the whole warehouse. In the beginning, even though outnumbered, they still managed to stay on the upper side of the battle. As time passed by, around ten of Fire Boss' followers were defeated. The enemy's team remained relatively unscathed.

All of Xiao's followers were really good at combat. They show no mercy whenever they fight. Other than that, their fighting skill complimented each other really well. That was why they were on the upper side of the battle. On the other side, Fire Boss' followers were just some ordinary ruffians. They could only brawl like apes. Their stamina was rather weak. As time passed, they started falling.

The most important thing was the most powerful enemy, Xiao Tianma had not yet joined the battle. He could end the battle within three minutes if he decided to get himself involved in the fight.

"A pile of garbage trying to change the situation! How dumb?!"

Xiao turned to Chen and said viciously, "Kid! Your underlings are going to lose this battle! Now, it's your turn to die!"

"Xiao Tianma! Over my dead body if you want to hurt Chen!"

At this very moment, the Fire Boss charged at Xiao and stood in his way.

"You don't even qualify to stand in my shadow! Idiot!"

Xiao drew back his fist. The Fire Boss had fought really hard today. He was fighting multiple followers of Xiao's at the same time. However, the success rate was zero when he faced a one thousand and five hundred combat power Jianghu elite.


The punch landed on the Fire Boss' chest. He was pushed back three to four meters away. A mouthful of fresh blood gushed out from his mouth.


Xiao didn't even bother to take a look at the Fire Boss. He turned around and walked to Chen.

"I'm not dead yet! Don't you dare turn your back on me!"

The Fire Boss snarled. He used up all his strength to sit up. Blood kept on gushing out from his mouth. He was in a really bad shape.

"Fire Boss, take a break for now. Let me handle this eunuch."

Chen laughed mockingly and said.

The Fire Boss sighed in resignation and laid on his back.

"Motherf*cker! I will let you know who the eunuch is here!"

Xiao was so angry that he started to shout hysterically, "You! You are not even qualified to fight with me when your bush is not yet even fully grown! Die!"

At the same time, he lifted up his fist and charged at Chen.

In his opinion, Chen had been able to win the battle last time was because of Chen's surprise attack. When it came to real strength, Chen would never be able to defeat him! The strength that he embedded in his punch was really strong. It had enough power to completely destroy someone's head! Without a doubt, Xiao really wanted to kill Chen.

"If that's the case! I think I should be more serious as well!"

Chen's stare transformed into a murderous, abyssal stare!


A muffled explosive sound resonated the warehouse. Chen did not even flinch. He lifted up his fist to welcome Xiao's punch. There was no fancy skill here. There were no surprise attacks. Only pure strength was being used here. Strength would be the only factor here.

0.01 second ago, Xiao thought that he would definitely win this duel. However, he was sent flying tens of meters away, along with his terrifying scream. He smashed into the floor. Cracks started to surfaced on the cement floor.

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