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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 167: Jianghu Ceases To Know Xiao Tianma!

Chapter 167: Jianghu Ceases To Know Xiao Tianma!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Ouch! Ouch!"

Xiao was groaning in agony. His right arm was completely destroyed. The bones from the finger to the shoulder were completely shattered. The excruciating pain made this Jianghu elite with one thousand and five hundred combat power rolled on the floor helplessly. He did not even have the strength to stand up.

"Garbage! Can't even take one punch from me! You even had the balls to act like an invincible man in front of me earlier!"

Chen pouted and the king aura was spilling out from his body.

"This is not possible…You can't be this powerful…!"

Xiao was shocked. In his eyes, Chen was like a monster. Fear filled his mind within seconds. When they battled the last time, Xiao's younger brother had gauged that Chen's combat power was around one thousand. That was why Xiao had been so confident today.

He did not expect Chen's punch to have two thousand combat power embedded inside it! It destroyed his right arm instantly! His power had multiplied within few days! Xiao would never figure out how Chen became so powerful in such a short period of time! By tomorrow afternoon, Chen's combat power would be increased to two thousand and five hundred! The day after tomorrow, it would reach three thousand combat power!

An improvement like this was pure insanity! Xiao fell into the pit of hopeless.

"This kid is not human! He is a monster! A demon!"

"Oh my god! This is too crazy! Brothers! Did you see that?! Xiao was defeated by a single punch! Let's grab this opportunity and finish them off! Victory calls to us!"

Right at that moment, Fire Boss shouted with words of encouragement to boost the morale of his followers. When the king fell, his soldiers would become a group of exiles with no one leading them. All thirty Xiao's followers fell into panic mode. None of them knew what to do next. On the other hand, the Fire Boss' followers were given another shot of "adrenaline boost" to fight the war. Their blood had reached boiling point.

Those who were still standing decided to risk their lives and charge at the remaining enemies! All of they wanted to do was to defeat the enemies! The situation came to a complete change. After some time, all the gang members from Black Tiger Gang were completely defeated.

"Oh my god! We actually won! This is so crazy!"

"We defeated enemies that are more powerful than us! Nice!"

"I truly enjoyed this fight!"

All of Fire Boss's followers were cheering when the results of the gang war finally settled. Although all of them suffered from some kind of injuries, joy had filled their heart at that very moment. They had won the fight against some really powerful enemies! All their shame had been washed off by their enemies' blood! From that moment onwards, they were no longer a pile of garbage, but real men rising from the ashes! They had been reborn!

Confident! Courage! Unity! These were the most valuable treasures that Chen wanted them to acquire in this war! This was why Chen had kept on encouraging them to fight this war!

Chen had funded the Fire Boss to hire a group of warriors with boiling blood, not a group of cowards who would constantly give lame excuses! After this fight, all of them would definitely grow into true warriors! In the future, they would help Chen to conquer the world!

"Silence, everyone. I have something to deal with!"

Chen lifted up his hand and everyone fell quiet, instantly. Without a doubt, everyone at the scene saw Chen as their highest leader. They will definitely follow his order.

"Chen Xiaobei! Stop being so arrogant! I may have lost today but I still have around five hundred gang members under my command! I have Dongfang boss supporting me! Let me go now if you don't want to die miserably!"

Xiao took a deep breath and shouted angrily. Eight muscular men had him pinned to the floor.

"Only time will tell if I will die miserably. However, I do know one thing clearly…"

Chen's stare turned cold and said seriously, "From today onwards, Xiao Tianma will completely disappear from Jianghu."

There was not even a single doubt or hesitation in his voice. One word, and he was dead!

"Hand me a knife!"

The Fire Boss took the knife from his follower and walked towards Xiao. The Fire Boss knew exactly what to do, even though Chen did not give him any order.

"No… Don't you come near me!"

Xiao was freaked out. He knew Chen's intention. Initially, he wanted to use the fact that he had lots of followers beneath him and the fact that Dongfang was supporting him to bargain with Chen to let him go. However, Chen was not bothered by it at all! The sentence; Xiao Tianma will disappear from Jianghu, made everyone sweat. All of the people in the warehouse witnessed the power of Chen.

"Chen Xiaobei… Boss Chen… I know I'm at fault… I won't do it again next time… You are a powerful man… Please forgive a weak sheet like me… Please let me go… I beg you…"

Xiao Tianma turned into a coward completely. At that moment, Chen was like a monster to him. Other than begging, he had no other way to live another day. Unfortunately, no matter how long he begged for his life, he would never receive forgiveness from Chen. The Fire Boss lifted the knife and brought it down.


The blood shot out like a fountain. It was scary enough to give anyone goosebumps and an accelerated heartbeat. Even more so for those thirty goons. All of them were scared to death. None of them dare to breathe. They were worried that they would be next on the list.

"Next, it's you guys!"

Chen stared coldly at the thirty plus goons. One stare, and they were all trembling.

"You have two options now. One, you leave Black Tiger Gang and join the Fire Boss' gang! Two, I will cripple you and you will sit in wheelchairs for the rest of your life! Choose one!"

Chen sounded calm, but his words were going to decide the fate of those people. Well, It should be an easy decision for them to make. Xiao Tianma was dead. Those who had the balls to act tough in front of Chen would die instantly as well.

"Bro Bei! I'm willing to join the Fire Boss' gang…"

"I'm willing too…"

"All of us here are willing to join the Fire Boss gang!"

Within seconds, those thirty goons finally made their call. They even felt grateful, because Chen had given them two options to choose from.

Chen put on his poker face. Everything was as he had expected.

"All of you are wise men! I think you guys know that you have to show me that you are truly sincere if you want to gain my trust."

All the thirty goons were the elites in the Black Tiger Gang of west city. Other than being good at fighting, they were actually quite smart. Of course, they could understand Chen's intension.

"Bro Bei, I know a vault located in the west city. I can open it for you!"

"Bro Bei, I have a backup key to Xiao's house. I know where he hides his money!"

"I can handover my ten territories to Fire Boss immediately!"

"I have eight territories as well…"

All of them were trying their best to show that they were truly sincere in joining the Fire Boss gang. In other words, their actions showed that they were completely breaking off their relationship with the Black Tiger Gang. From today onwards, their new boss was the Fire "Grim-Reaper" Boss!

"Just let the Fire Boss take care of this matter. I'm not into gang-related matters. I'm not your boss as well. But, I do have to let you know the harsh truth. If anyone has the balls to betray the Fire Boss, you will end up like Xiao Tianma!" Chen said sternly.

"Okay… We will definitely remember what you told us today!"

All of them nodded with respect.

Although they were now under the Fire Boss, they clearly knew that Chen's power would always be above the Fire Boss.

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