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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 168: Let’s Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival Together!

Chapter 168: Let’s Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival Together!

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Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Bro Bei, what should we do next?" The Fire Boss asked respectfully.

Clearly, he didn't see himself as the big boss. Deep inside his heart, he knew that Chen was the one true boss here. Chen's word came before everything else.

"From today onwards, everything that happened here today must be kept a secret. We cannot afford to let other gangs take advantage of us! At the same time, you should work together with the new members. Work together and consume Xiao' territories and resources as soon as possible. Make it quick and quiet. Recruit all his gang members if possible!"

"The police forces have their eyes on the Black Tiger Gang! They can't avenge their dead boss! You guys grab hold of this opportunity to expand your power! When your power is stable, good stuff will happen to you automatically!" Chen ordered calmly.

Everyone got really excited when they heard Chen's plan.

"Bro Bei is wise! We have to follow Boss Chen's order!"

"We can finally enjoy good lives! We don't have to go back to our sheetty lifestyle!"

"What are you guys waiting for?! Let's move!"

"That's right! Let's do what Bro Bei asked us to do! Then, we can enjoy good food! Good booze! Beautiful women!"

After the war, most of them were injured. However, it was like them receiving another boost of adrenaline! They became energetic again! The Fire Boss shrugged off his heavy injuries as well. He knew better than anyone here that if he did what Chen asked him to do, he would be able to own everything that Xiao possessed. By then, he would become a real boss!

Of course, he would never forget that Chen was the one that granted him everything! After that, Chen did not say much. He turned around and walked to the corner of the warehouse to free Lin Nan from the cage.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Brother-in-law, you are just too damn cool! I will definitely volunteer to be your wife if I'm a woman!"

Lin Nan was like a crazy fan jumping around. He wanted to jump at Chen and kiss him.

Chen dodged the human missile and said, "I thought you would be scared to death! Looks like you are not affected by the gang war that just happened right in front of your eyes."

Lin Nan grinned, "Brother-in-law, have you forgotten that I came from the slums? I have seen a lot of scenes like this throughout my life! I will not be so easily rattled by such a scene! However, I was affected by your coolness!"

"Stop licking my boots! You are not allowed to say a word about this incident to your sister!" Chen growled.

"Yes, sir! I will not say a single word about tonight!" Lin Nan giggled and said.

After that, Chen left the warehouse with Lin Nan. Lin Xiang heated up the dishes when they got home. The three of them had a joyful dinner.

"Wow! Brother-in-law! Are these the mooncakes that you bought for us?! The packaging of this mooncake shows that this is some expensive stuff!"

Lin Nan saw the mooncakes that Chen had bought for them. He was surprised at first, and sighed after that.

"Unfortunately… There are only two of us to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival. It is not possible for us to finish all these mooncakes."

Chen was touched after hearing Lin Nan's comment. Both of them spent their childhood at an orphanage. They supported each other at the slum. They had never experienced the love that a family can bring. It was a pitiful predicament.

"Both of you are invited to come to my house tomorrow to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival with my family. I will come and pick both of you up tomorrow." Chen smiled and said.


Lin Nan and Lin Xiang had their eyes wide opened. They could not contain the overwhelming joy in their hearts.

"Of course, it's real! My dad and mom would love to celebrate it with a lot of people! They will definitely be very happy when they find out that both of you are coming with me to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival with them!" Chen said without hesitation.

"Yay! I like to celebrate it with a lot people as well!" Lin Nan jumped up and down happily.

Lin Xiang pursed. Her face was as red as tomato. She was always the weak one in her relationship with Chen. As Chen became more and more successful, more and more excellent women would be around him. Her self-esteem became even lower. Sometimes, she even thought that she was just another toy of Chen.

Finally, Chen's words had proved that he truly loved her without any other bad intentions. Chen would not bring her to meet his parent if he was just fooling around with her. For Lin Xiang, this was the best thing that had ever happened to her! She would not care if Chen had another girlfriend or even a wife.

It was more than enough for her to know that she had given her heart to the right guy.

After that, Chen left and traveled back home.

The second morning, Chen drove his mom to the market to purchase ingredients for tonight's big dinner. He helped his mom to carry all the goods. His whole morning was spent with his mom.

It was almost four in the afternoon, Chen went and picked up Lin Xiang and Lin Nan.

Lin Xiang spent some time to doll herself up. She looked even more beautiful now. She wore a light blue knee-length dress. Her voluptuous body was shown without a single flaw. Her mature lady presence was really strong. However, the gentleness was still there. That made her even more desirable.

Even Lin Nan went to the barber to get a proper haircut. He wore a t-shirt with jeans. He looked really sharp.

Both of them bore some gifts. They wanted to give it to Chen's parents. Chen's mom was already standing outside, waiting for their arrival. Chen informed her earlier that he would bring some friends to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival together. She welcomed them passionately.

"Good day aunty! Good day aunty!"

Lin Xiang and Lin Nan greeted Chen's mom politely.

"You guys are really polite! Xiaobei, introduce them to me quickly!"

Chen's mom was really hospitable. She was smiling non-stop.

"Let me introduce myself!"

Lin Nan came forward bravely and said, "My name is Lin Nan. This is my sister, Lin Xiang. She is my bro, Xiaobei's girlfriend! Thus. I'm his brother-in-law… Aunty? Are you okay? Aunty…"


Chen's mom had her eyes wide opened. She was really puzzled. She thought that Luo was Chen's girlfriend. How come there was another girlfriend popped out of nowhere? And, there was even an extra brother-in-law.

Chen's mom had a mixed feeling about that.

"Mom… Listen to me!"

Chen was caught off-guard by Lin Nan the joker. He completely forgotten to tell Lin Nan what to say and what not to say.

"Aunty… Are the guests here?

Suddenly, a gorgeous woman came out from the house. She was holding Xiaobai in one hand and a juicy peach in another hand. She was enjoying the juicy peach, she was none other than Luo Puti. The only woman that could make the arrogant Xiaobai stay with her all the time.


Chen's mom was stunned. The situation became really awkward. Luo came here to do the acupuncture treatment on Chen's dad. Initially, she wanted to leave after she finished with the treatment but Chen's mom had insisted that she stays. Coincidentally. Lin Xiang was here today as well. There would be blood when two women who loves the same man meet together.

"Little sis! Long time no see!"

Right at that moment. Luo smiled and turned to Lin Xiang.

"How are you recently, sister?" Lin Xiang smiled back to Luo as well. She held her hands in hers.

What the hell was going on?

The rest of the people were completely petrified.

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