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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 169: Things Get Interesting When Someone Is Drunk

Chapter 169: Things Get Interesting When Someone Is Drunk

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"You… Both of you know each other?"

Chen's mom had her eyes and mouth wide opened. How did these two ladies know each other? Even Chen was puzzled by it. His Scholar Heart had a hard time to figure out what the hell was going on here.

"We are all Chen's girlfriend." Luo smiled and said.


Chen and his mom were utterly stunned when they heard Luo's words. After that, Luo pulled Lin into the house.

"I'm not Chen's girlfriend. I don't want Chen's mom to feel awkward and destroy the atmosphere of his Mid-Autumn festival." Luo explained in a soft voice.

"You don't have to explain to me. I don't mind Chen having another girlfriend at all." Lin pursed her lips and said.

"I'm not Chen's girlfriend!" Luo said seriously.

"I don't mind!" Lin replied seriously as well.


Things got complicated. Luo was having a hard time trying to comprehend the things that were going on around here.

Outside the house.

Chen stared and Lin Nan and said, "What the hell are you laughing at?"

Lin Nan grinned and said, "I told you earlier that you are someone extraordinary in this world! Sooner or later you will become a dragon that flies in the sky gracefully! Countless of women will be attracted to you, even if you don't take any action at all! Look now! My prophecy has come true!"

Chen was stunned. What Lin Nan claimed did make sense. Lin Nan had even advised his sister with the same words. However, Lin Xiang did not mind it at all. That was why she was in a relationship with Chen.

"Wow! Such a handsome, big wolfdog!"

Lin Nan screamed and ran to the garden. He wanted to get close to Chen's wolfdog by acting and looking pleasant.

"Xiaobei, you have to be honest with me! What is going on right here?" Chen's mom finally asked.

Erm… So… Both of them are my girlfriends." Chen said unwillingly.

The worry was gone when Chen's mom heard the apparent truth.

She smacked Chen on the back with all her might and guffawed, "My son is da man! I can't believe that you are in a relationship with two such beautiful ladies! And, both of them are getting along so well! This is something rare!"

"Huh? Aren't you going to be angry at me?"

Chen was shocked. He thought that his mom was going to scold him. On the contrary, his mom had praised him for it.

"Idiot! Two girlfriends are nothing! I wish that all the beautiful and nice ladies in this world are your girlfriends! I wish for a harem! This is your great fortune! I don't think that there's a mother in this world who doesn't wish for good fortune on her son!"

Chen's mom smiled. Her eyes were filled with unconditional love. Chen could not hold back anymore. He was so touched that he hugged his mom and kissed her neck. If his mom was okay with it, then, his dad would be okay with it as well. Soon, the Mid-Autumn festival was going to begin. Looking at all the delicious dishes, Chen's dad sighed and said, "The whole thing will only be perfect if there's some booze here."

Chen's mom quickly stared at him and said, "Don't even dream about it! Luo mentioned that you are not allowed to consume any alcohol before your wounds recover."

Chen's dad sighed again after hearing his wife's order. This was a classic example of being hen-pecked!

Luo smiled and said, "Uncle, you have gone through three acupuncture treatments. I think it is totally okay for you to consume alcohol… In a small amount."

"Did you hear what Luo just said? I can drink some alcohol!"

Chen's dad got excited again when Luo backed him up.

"Bring some booze here! Xiaobei and Lin Nan are here today. They can be my drinking buddies!"

"But… We don't have booze in the house." Chen's mom said.

"I will buy! I'm a good runner!" Lin Nan volunteered and said.

"That alright! Sit tight! My friend gave me a bottle of alcohol! I was told that the alcohol's taste is legendary! Let me get it now!"

Chen grinned and walked to his room.

He opened up his treasure chest.


[Osmanthus Honey. Chang'e brewed it personally. One would feel relaxed and forget all troubles after consuming it! Words of advice; Although the Osmanthus Honey tastes really good, don't ever over consume it. Do you want to withdraw it?]


Good things must be shared with friends and family! A light flashed and an exquisitely well-designed flask appeared in Chen's hand. A pleasant, earthy smell was oozing out from the flask. Chen felt genuinely relaxed, after just smelling it!

Can you imagine what would happen to a person after drinking it?

Chen then returned to the dining area quickly. Everyone was attracted by the design of the flask when they saw Chen. The material and the design of the flask was something out of this world. It looked like it costs millions of Yuan! If it was used to store alcohol, one could imagine how good the drink could be?

Everyone was looking forward to drinking it. Chen found a few cups and filled all the cups personally. He served it to them. Everyone held their breath when the alcohol was being poured out from the flask. The liquid that carried the rich color of amber was slowly flowing out from the flask. There was a golden shine to it. Lastly, the thickness of it was as concentrated as honey. It looked like gold, mined from the moon in liquid form. It was rather poetic. Well, it was the time of Mid-Autumn festival. It should be poetic.

"Let us cheer! I wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn festival! Everything will go well this year!"

Chen took the initiative to lift up the cup. Then, everyone stood up as well.

"Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!"

Six cups collided with each other. Joy filled everyone's heart instantly. Everyone delivered the cup to their lips and had a taste of this fine alcohol.

"Oh my God! This! Is! Too! Yummy!"

When the golden liquid landed on the tip of the tongue, a feeling that words could not describe came like a wave. Six of them shouted in awe at the same time. They started to flush. Every single pore and muscle was relaxed. A feeling of laziness washed over everyone. All the worries and tiredness were gone entirely. It was like the person was floating in the middle of the sky and lying down on the cloud. That feeling was better than anything else in this world!

"One more cup for me!"

Luo licked her red lips and handed her cup to Chen.

"This alcohol is no kidding. You should drink slowly."

Chen poured another cup of the golden liquid to Luo and advised her politely.

"Pssst… I can handle this alcohol better than anyone! Maybe, you are too stingy to share?"

Luo stared at Chen, and she finished another cup of it while talking.

"One more cup!"

"Alright. As long as you are happy."

Chen poured another cup for her.

This Ice Demon Queen loved eating and drinking. She will show Chen her lousy mood if she doesn't get what she wants. Without a pause, she finished the third cup. Just when she wanted to drink the fourth cup, her vision became blurry and her mind became blank as well.


Her head landed on the table and fainted.

"Damn! This alcohol is really strong!" Lin Nan shouted.

"Drink it slowly if you know it! Nobody will carry you home when you are drunk." Lin Xiang advise his brother in a soft voice.

"Xiaobei! Don't just stand there! Send Luo to your room now!"

Chen's mom lifted her eyebrows and said.

"Don't come down until she's well taken care of!"

It seemed like Chen's mom words carried another hidden meaning.

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