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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 173: Xiaoyao’s Foundation

Chapter 173: Xiaoyao’s Foundation

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Ninety-seven… Ninety-eight… Ninety-nine!!!"

Chen was looking in the mirror inside the toilet. He counted all the red lips marks left by Luo on his face. It was all over his face and neck. Only idiots would believe in his claims earlier.

"Man… They are totally wrong about me! I should have just do it with her now since everyone thinks I already had sex with her!"

Chen was sad and angry at the same time. He then washed off the red lips marks from his face and neck properly.

"They will definitely laugh at me again if I go out now. Let me learn a thing or two about the book of Muscle and Bone Shifting Technique."

He sat on the toilet bowl and took out the book from his treasure chest. He read and learned at the same time. Seemed like the Skeletal Queen possesses quite some knowledge about bones and muscles.

Chen was getting more and more interested in the human body while reading the book.

"So, this is a one-star skill. But, it's rather unique! The written knowledge about bone and muscle in this book is exactly the opposite of the naprapathic approach that was recorded in The King of Medicine's Journal!"

With the help of Scholar Heart, Chen managed to learn everything in a short period of time. All of a sudden, he had a bold thought in his mind, realizing the King of Medicine's Journal could contribute to this.

"If I manage to combine both skills together; the effect will be beyond awesome! Hehehe…"

The end product would be his unique skill when he successfully combines medicinal skill and martial arts together! Chen got really excited just thinking about it. He finally managed to come out with this new skill after staying in the toilet for an hour. He named the skill as Bone and Muscle Shifting Technique.

"Damn… My new skill sounds so awesome! I should try it on a lab rat as soon as possible! Wahaha…" Chen put on his evil laugh and he really looked forward to trying it.

He then put the book back into his treasure chest before leaving the toilet. At the same time, Luo woke up as well. She came down, and everyone started to stare at her with funny looks. She felt really uncomfortable about it. She was drunk earlier. So, a few minutes later, she decided to leave the premises to avoid further awkwardness. It was getting kind of late. Lin Xiang wanted to head home as well.

They said goodbye to Chen's parents before they left. Chen then drove them home personally.

The second day, Chen received a phone call from Xiaoyao early in the morning. She wanted to meet Chen. It had something to do with the donation matter. Well, Chen wanted to get over this matter as soon as possible as well. Firstly, he got to fulfill the promise that he made earlier. Secondly, he got to accumulate more merit points to help Xiangyu to get a new body.

So, both of them agreed to meet at one of the cafes at the center of the city. Murong Xiaoyao was really concerned about this matter. She waited at the cafe for quite some time before Chen arrived. That day, she wore a light yellow short sleeved t-shirt with the combination of a pair of black mini short pants. She did not apply any makeup on her face. The lack of makeup only made her young and energetic appearance stand out even more.

As an experienced guy with leg fetish, Chen was deeply attracted by Xiaoyao's fair and long legs when he arrived at the cafe.

"I really hate this guy. He can be really mean sometimes. Also, he is a lustful bastard!"

Xiaoyao stared and Chen and felt regret wearing the black mini short pants because Chen got to enjoy the magnificent view of her legs.

"Those pair of legs are magnificent. Unfortunately, the size of the breasts is kinda small! Don't you worry! I'm not interested in you at all!" Chen shrugged and sat right across Xiaoyao.

"What did you just say?! I dare you to repeat it again! I will slap you like a b*tch!"

Xiaoyao was so angry that she stomped on the ground. She looked like a fierce mini lioness.

"I'm not here to fight with you today."

Chen raised his eyebrows and said calmly, "We look for some other time to fight if that's your wish. We shall see whether you manage to slap me like a b*tch or if I manage to slap your butt non-stop!"

Chen would not dare to say something like this if he was still the old him. With the help of God of War's Body Strengthening Pill, Chen's combat power would reach three thousand by the afternoon! That was why he was not afraid to have a fight with Xiaoyao at all.

"Remember what you said! I will make you beg me to let you go when you lose the fight!" Xiaoyao tightened her fist and agree to fight with Chen some other time. According to her, she's a woman at the later phase of physical stage. Her combat power was three thousand. Defeating Chen would be as easy as pie. However, she never would have known that Chen's combat power had improved by heaps and droves in a short period of time. Things would not go as she expected if they really fought.

"Cut the crap. Let's talk about the matter that we are supposed to talk today! I'm a busy man!" Chen said impatiently.

Xiaoyao knew the fact that business is business.

"I'll get right on it. I want you to set up a charity foundation," Xiaoyao said seriously.

Chen was stunned at first. Then, he shook his head and said, "All I want to do is donate the money that I promised earlier. I have no interest in doing other things."

"Men without common sense are simply horrifying! Do you really think that you are doing charity by just donating the huge sum of money that you promised earlier?"

"You are going to donate thirty-one million! Do you even know where the money will go? How long does it take to finish spending the money? How do you know if the money will be used wisely? Lastly, how do you know your money will actually help the people who need it?"


Chen was speechless when he heard Xiaoyao's questions. Actually, he had been planning to donate all the money to the Red Cross Society and wait for the merit points to increase on its own. At then, he knew that things were not as simple as he thought after hearing Xiaoyao's concerns. If the money failed to help the people that were in need, then, the amount of merit points that he owned now would stay the same.

"Once you set up a charity foundation, all the money that you donate will go to the right places. You can follow up with it easily. This is how you make sure that your money is being spent wisely." Xiaoyao said seriously.

"The most important thing is, you will be able to accept donations from others once you set up your charity foundation. This charity has to go on, and it will become bigger and better in the future! It is not a one-off matter!"

"When you become the president of Xiaoyao charity foundation, and I will become the vice president of this foundation. Our status in society will rise up even further. Right?"

Xiaoyao smiled proudly after she finished talking.

"Hold on… Why is the foundation is under your name? Since when did I agree to make you the vice president of my charity foundation?"

Chen had a headache. All this important and pressing matters had been decided by Xiaoyao alone. She didn't even get his consent.

"I don't care! It's my idea of setting up the charity foundation! Of course, it has to carry my name! My family donated fifteen million during the charity dinner. This makes me one of the biggest shareholders of this charity foundation! This is why I'm totally qualified to become the vice president of this foundation!" Xiaoyao said brazenly.

"What the hell is a charity dinner?"

Chen was shocked. Sweat started to roll down his forehead.

"Nowadays, donating money based on emotion is really something."

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