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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 174: Guess How Sm I Going To Strike You?

Chapter 174: Guess How Sm I Going To Strike You?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"We'll talk about the charity dinner later. What matters now is that this is all settled. Once I've contacted the relevant departments, we'll set up the foundation officially. Right now, I have some things to attend to, so I'll make a move first!" said Xiaoyao cheerily.

She reached for her purse, stood up and left.

Chen was little taken aback but this woman's idea seemed entirely feasible. Anyway, Chen himself was ready to commit to the Charity foundation in the long term.

After all, there's no downside to setting up a foundation.

Chen did not stay to have a long leisurely sip of his coffee but left immediately.

"Oh?" once he stepped out the door, Chen felt a sudden chill running down his back as if he was being watched.

When it came to spying, Chen was the expert!

Chen activated his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes.

Through the corner of the wall, he could see a group of hooligans, peering at him suspiciously.

Leading them was someone Chen had once beaten to a pulp, Xiao Jianzhong.

After the incident that night at the North Mountain mansion, Xiao Family was wholly cut off from Mu Rongtian; the reliable mountain, and so had lost many businesses.

Of course, the Xiao Family despised Chen.

Chen was not surprised at all that they had come to have their revenge.

"Hehe! This group of clowns picked the right day — I was just thinking about trying out the latest invention; Muscle and Bone Shifting Technique, and here they are, signing themselves up to be my lab rats. What a compliant bunch!" Chen grinned.

He walked towards the car park nonchalantly, as if he didn't know about their plans.

"This is our chance! Hurry! Follow him!"

On the other side, Xiao was frantically giving orders.

Flanking him were six bodyguards dressed in black suits and sunglasses.

Chen wanted to lure them, so he sauntered. Sure enough, once he set foot in the parking lot, he was immediately surrounded.

"Hehe! You piece of sheet! You are dead meat!" a stun baton in his hand, and a smirk on his arrogant face, Xiao said, "We could not touch you in the streets of the city center, but here, we can torment you as we please!"

As he spoke, he flicked the button on the baton excitedly.

Sparks burst from it with a loud, intimidating 'ZAP'.

The bodyguards also came prepared. Each of them pulled out a stun baton from their belts, eyeing Chen.

"Hehe, so this group of men uses electric massage sticks?" Chen laughed mockingly.

"You blind dog! These are not for massaging!" Xiao's face darkened. He barked, "These are high-voltage stun batons, imported from Germany! Once it touches your body, it will suck the life out of you!"

"Ooh, is that so? Now, I have a go at it." Chen snickered, "But, of course, it would be me using them on you! Hm… where should I aim it? How about your assholes?"

"F*ck you!" Xiao got all worked up and barked, "There are seven of us and only one of you! Who do you think would be doing the tasing?"

"Hehe, I don't see seven men, more like seven rotten chicken eggs." Chen then raised his hand and did a come-hither gesture with his fingers, "If you want to fight, hurry up and get it over with. I'm a busy guy, you know."

"F*ck you! I'll kill you with my own hands!" Xiao waved his arm and yelled, "Attack! Electrocute him until he becomes a pile of dog sheet! When we're done, we'll go to the brothel! My treat!"

"That sounds great! Well, let's thank you first, boss! Haha…" hearing this, the six bodyguards wore a look excitement on their faces. They raised their batons and charged towards Chen, encircling him.

"Whoosh!" one of the bodyguards had already begun his assault. He thrust the sparking baton at Chen's chest.

"So damn slow." The corners of Chen's mouth raised up, and a ray of blinding light shot out from the depths of his eyes.

Chen clamped onto the bodyguard's arm. He then employed the Muscle and Bone Shifting Technique move and twisted the bodyguard's arm swiftly with a nice, crisp "Crack!".

In the meantime, Chen has also taken hold of the bodyguard's stun baton.

"Argh! My arm… My arm has gone backward!" the bodyguard howled miserably. His face was twisted in distress. His palm had gone from facing inwards to facing outwards. The worst part was the constant, sharp, stabbing pain, deep in his bones.

For a moment, the rest of the group were all stunned.

Before they came to, Chen had already gone to their backs.

"Destroy the dragon nest!"

"Puff!" Chen had shoved the thick, black stun gun deep into the bodyguards' ass.

"Ah f*ck! … Ww…!" The bodyguard wailed before falling flat, face down, on the ground.

An exploding pain shot up his anus, causing his face to run a deep shade of green.

Unable to move his right hand, the bodyguard used his left hand and whatever energy he had left desperately trying to remove the electric baton.


At lightning speed, Chen employed the Muscle and Bone Shifting Technique again. He seized the bodyguard's fingers. A twist and shove.

In the next second, everyone's eyeballs nearly fell out of their socket.

"Ouch…" followed by a disturbing scream… All of the bodyguard's fingers were bent backward!

They were all right in the middle of the back of his hand!

His hand is now twisted in weird, painful angles.

"What… What's going on?" They were all shaken up.

In their line of work, they have all witnessed broken arms and legs.

But this… This… Whatever this - joints twisted and distorted in unimaginable forms before their eyes… They had never seen something like this.





While they all stood there, flummoxed, Chen did not stop.

He had already activated his speed demon mode!

He flitted between the bodyguards like a ghost.

There was a series of joint twisting sounds - and by the end of it, the five remaining bodyguards all had some sort of bone-deformation on their bodies.

One of them had his arm twisted permanently behind his back like a chicken wing.

The other one's elbow was bent in the opposite direction.

Another one's neck was twisted at a hundred-and-eighty-degree angle. His face was facing his back!

The five unlucky bastards were like robots, structured to whatever Chen desire them to be.

"Robots need to be powered by electricity, don't they?" Chen chuckled and in one swift move, plunged the stun baton up into their anuses.

"Oh my god… I must be having a nightmare…" Seeing his bodyguards strewn on the floor, howling in pain, Xiao's anus tensed, and his face turned as white as a sheet of paper.

"Can you guess how will I strike you?" Chen sniggered, allowing his gaze to sweep maliciously across one particular part of Xiao's body.

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