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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 175: A Grown Man Grows A New Tail!

Chapter 175: A Grown Man Grows A New Tail!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"No! Don't come over… Motherf*cker…!" Xiao was only seconds away from wetting his pants. He knew that Chen could be unspeakably barbarous… He twisted a man's head at a hundred-and-eighty-degree angle! And the man is still not dead!

If it were you, wouldn't you be sheetting your pants?

"Shut the f*ck up!" Chen approached him, reached out with both hands and held on to Xiao's shoulders.

He stamped his feet firmly on Xiao's feet, locking them in place.

And then with a violent twist…


The sound was crisp and clean. Xiao was standing with his spine twisted at a one-hundred-degree angle.

That meant that… Xiao's anus is now at the front of his body!

And his penis was now at the back of his body like a small tail!

"Ah… Ah!!! What the hell?" Xiao's eyes bulged from his head, and his mouth was wide open (you could fit a fist in it) - he looked like a toad that had just been stepped on.

This is something really crazy.

"He… He… He…" Chen cracked up, nodding his head approvingly, "Not bad, not bad at all! This skill that I just invented really is something else!"

"You son of a b*tch! What the hell did you do to me?" Xiao yelled hysterically.

With his body bent like that, he had no idea how to even walk!

"Wow, you are quite a man. Even at a moment like this, you still refuse to beg for mercy?" Chen asked, raising his brows. Then with one swift move, he grabbed the baton from Xiao.

"Let me destroy the dragon's nest from the opposite direction!"

The previous attacks were from behind. Chen then attacked his front after he made up his mind.


A familiar exploding sound resonated.

The German-imported high voltage electric baton went into his anus.

At then…

Not only does he had a little tail behind him, Xiao also had a huge stick at the front of his body.

"Aaaaarghh… Argggghhh…" Xiao was close to tears. His desolate screams were even more disturbing than that of a swine being slaughtered.

"What are you screaming for? The show hasn't even started!" Chen grinned, eyeing the switch on the baton.

"No… No… Please don't…" Xiao's pupils contracted, his knees grew weak, and body trembled.

That exploding pain had already caused his soul to tremble… And to top that with the high voltage electricity…


That would not be fun to watch!

Xiao shriveled in this unspeakable terror.

He had no control over the little tail behind his body, and behold; golden liquid poured out!

He pissed his pants!

"I'm a very reasonable person. I will treat you the way you treat me!" of course, Chen will not let him go so easily. Chen reached for the switch, unsympathetically.




The raging current surged into the center of Xiao's anus.

"Oww… Urgh… Arghhh…"

The blue current leaped up his body. Xiao's eyes rolled, his hair stood straight up, and he was foaming at the mouth.

After a while, there was an acrid stink in the air.

"F*ck! Didn't you clean your ass? Blarh, it smells like baked sheet… I need some fresh air!"

Chen pinched his nose and walked away.

Back at home.

After he had his lunch, Chen's combat power reached three thousand quickly and smoothly.

Just as Chen was about to take his God of War Straightening Pill, a prompt popped out of the treasure chest.


[Your cultivation has reached the pinnacle stage of physical phase. The pill would be ineffective, would you still like to withdraw them?]

"No way! There's a limit for cultivation? So what now? How can I continue to increase my combat power without putting any effort into it?"

That was such a pain in the ass for Chen.

His combat power had already reached the limit. The three leftover God of War Strengthening Pills would be completely wasted.

How could Chen not be upset?

But when he thought about it: Uncle Qin, Uncle Feng, and Murong Xiaoyao were the kind of elites with three thousand combat power as well.

"Hmm… It seems that once it reaches the pinnacle phase of physical stage, everyone will have to face the same obstruction. To further enhance my strength would mean that I have to go through cultivation breakthrough, and become a dominator like Murong Tian!"

Chen quickly calculated and quickly figured out the essential elements.

"If that is so, I will keep the remaining pills for the moment, and we'll see if there's anyone worthy to be trained under me." Chen had made a right decision.

Those three pills could cause a person's combat power to increase to one-thousand and five-hundred combat power within three days.

He liked the idea of having someone like that under his wing.

"Right, next, I will need to figure out how to complete my cultivation breakthrough. This won't be easy." Chen thought for a while and then said, "I'm actually quite powerful right now. Basically, I can do whatever I like in Green Vine City, and no one will be able to stop me! I think I will look for my Sifu to teach to do the cultivation breakthrough when I'm free.

With a small task ahead of him, Chen relaxed a little.

He took up his phone and looked inside the treasure chest.

Since the murder on the mid-autumn night, there was an increase of items in his possession.

At that time, he had two Monkey Fur of Prosperity, one Heavenly Dog Biscuit, a bowl of Mengpo soup, three hundred and sixty eight bottled of Potion of Hundred Herbs, one Pill of Hundred Herbs, three God of War Straightening Pills , one sack of Heavenly Fertilizer , ten sack of Spirit Beast Pet Food, and three God' Eyes Talisman.

These were the items that would disappear after a single usage.

He also had some permanent items: one Heavenly Smithing Furnace, a Dream Catcher's Bell, a Nightstalker's Outfit, different kind of scrolls, medicinal book, Zoolingualism dictionary and many more.

Not to forget those inside Chen's body; Netherspirit Battlescouter, Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes, Flame of Transmogrifying and Chaos Sword Essence.

Little by little, unknowingly, Chen already had a vault full of magical items.

Chen felt really satisfied and happy just by looking at his huge collection.

Suddenly, Chen wrinkled his brow, "Urgh… These corpses. I really need to do something about them."

There were still quite some corpses in his treasure chest.

From the earlier Killer Bee to the latest killing of Wen Tiandou and his gang, there was at least twenty to thirty corpses in his treasure chest.

He could not keep them any longer.

"I got it!" Chen's eyes shone, "In the book of Secret of Million Poisons, there's a powerful poison that can be used to dissolve bodies. It could cause a body to disappear in a short time."

At this, Chen quickly drove out to the market that sold different kinds of herbs and bought the ingredients that needed to make the body dissolving poison.

Once he got back, he wasted no time and immediately start to mix the poison.

He had a quick dinner after that and then stayed up until the next morning.

In the meantime, outside a deluxe ward in the Green Vine city hospital, Xiao Zhe was lashing out in madness, "Useless! You are a bunch of useless doctors! My son has been here for more than ten hours! And now you tell me that he cannot be cured? F*CK…%*#¥@*"

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