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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 176: Eat And Sheet At The Same Time!

Chapter 176: Eat And Sheet At The Same Time!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Calm down Boss Xiao… Calm down…" a doctor in a large white coat stood next to him, nodding at Xiaoji, trying to still him, "Your son's injury is too unusual. All the orthopedic specialists have met for the diagnosis. They've resorted to every means possible but there's nothing we can do."

"Shut up! I don't want to hear all that crap! If you don't cure my son today, I will…!" Xiao barked, "Don't you think I 'm kidding with you! My brother is the leader of Black Tiger Gang on the south side of the city! If you can't restore my son, you are dead meat!"

"No no no… Please don't be mad… Boss Xiao… Our dean has been trying to find a cure. Surely your son will be healed!" the doctor quickly assured the angry man.

"What cure? Tell me! Don't keep me guessing!" Xiao said impatiently.

"It's like that. The orthopedic prodigy from the Dragon City is at Green Vine City right now. Our dean is trying to contact him. If everything goes smooth, he will be coming to our hospital to diagnose and treat your son!" The doctor said hurriedly.

"Fong Tingshou?"

Hearing this, Xiao beamed with joy, "Are you talking about that famous orthopedic specialist in our country; Fong Tingshou; Elder Fong?"

"Yes! That's him!" the doctor nodded fervently.

"Hahaha! That's great! With Elder Fong's help, my son's lumbar will surely recover!" Xiao smiled from ear to ear, the lump in his throat went away, and he could breathe again.

"But Boss Xiao… There's one more thing…" the doctor swallowed hard, "Your son… His anus is burnt because of the high voltage current…"

The smile on Xiao's face a second ago sunk faster than you can say, Jack Robinson. He said in a cold, dejected voice, "I knew that, have you figured out how to fix that?"

"There is only one way - that is to completely cut off the burnt area…" said the doctor.

Although Xiao was not happy to hear that, he knew that, logically, burnt flesh could not be salvaged. It can only be cut off. He had to accept the fact.

So, he asked reluctantly, "What will happen to him after you cut it off?"

"It won't affect him too much." Seeing that Xiao's anger has dissipated a little, the doctor spoke a little more confidently, "The only complication is when he eats, poop might leak out. He'll just have to sit on the toilet when he eats."

"Oh…" Xiao nearly spat blood.

Eating on the toilet! Then why the hell should he eat anything at all? He might as well eat sheet! Motherf*cker! I will kill that son of a b*tch Chen Xiaobei! I will avenge my son!" Xiao knew that dead flesh could not be regenerated, so he could only vent his anger on Chen.

Having said that, he immediately took out his phone and dialed.

"Brother Liu Mang! You must help me…" Xiao said as he headed towards a more unfrequented area.

Liu Mang was the leader of the Black Tiger Gang of the south side of the city.

Because he always gained a large profit from Xiao Family's beast-fight colosseum every month, their relations were on good terms.

After he had heard Xiao's lamentation, "F*ck! That bastard is too abominable! He's not even worthy of death!"

"Brother Liu Mang, do you have a better idea?" Xiao asked eagerly.

Right now, his biggest wish is for Chen to die!

"Call the police first, let that bastard get arrested first! Then we'll send people to hack his parents and destroy his house!" Liu Mang said grimly, "When he's released after he has suffered, we'll butcher him! Let him have a taste of the consequences for hurting my nephew!"

"Good idea! That's my Brother Liu Mang! We'll just do as you have said! I will call the police first thing in the morning!" there was a glimmer in Xiao's eyes as he smiled, sardonically.

Nothing special happened that night.

Early the next morning, Chen received a call from Xiaoyao.

Flatboard Princess was unusually efficient.

In only one day, she had already contacted the relevant departments, and she would be able to finalize the setup of the Foundation today.

Once he put down the phone, he hurried over.

Xiaoyao knew everything inside and out; thus, she applied everything as early as possible.

The related departments were also very accommodating.

Basically, Chen would fund the foundation; the departments would share the merits. It could help the weaker groups in the society.

One stone, three birds, and everyone is happy. Thus, everything went by smoothly.

On that morning, the mayor of the city announced that this matter was really encouraging. Thus everything could go through the legal tunnel smoothly. It did speed up the whole application process significantly.

Just like that, Xiaoyao Foundation was finally established!

Of course, Chen would be the chairman of the foundation and Xiaoyao would be the vice chairman.

And the related departments had also sent a secretary to work at the foundation.

After all, both parties would have to negotiate quite often. This would help make work more comfortable and more convenient.

Once everything was settled, Chen did not hesitate at all. He immediately transferred three-hundred--million-one-thousand-six-hundred and thirty-three into the Foundation's account.

After that, Xiaoyao would be responsible for looking for the organizations that are in need of donations.

Orphanages were, naturally, the first choice.

But they did not require that much money; she still needed to look for others who are in need.

In the meantime, Xiaoyao Foundation could begin to collect donations from people of upper society.

Xiaoyao had also volunteered to undertake this task.

Having seen her effectiveness today, needlessly, Chen agreed. He came to realize that appointing this woman to be vice chairman is not bad at all.

"Listen, I have decided to have the charity dinner within these three days. I will invite all the prominent people to attend. You will have to prepare a show or programme." Xiaoyao pouted.

"Lady, I think you have it the wrong way." Chen snapped, "I am the biggest donator and president of this foundation. You are just a little secretary who works for me. How dare you assigned tasks for me?"

"I'm the vice chairman, not a secretary! If you say that again, I will beat you up!" Xiaoyao said indignantly,

"The purpose of asking you to perform, is to give you a chance to show your face! If you perform well, you could leave a good impression in the hearts of our honorable guests. Only then, will people be willing to donate money!"

"Hehe, you want me to go on the stage to please those people, because of some stupid money? What do you think I am?" Chen curled his lips, and said egoistically, "Next time, whatever money the foundation needs, I will pay for it myself. We don't need any donations. I can do whatever I want because I'm filthy rich!"

There was still four hundred million cash in his account. No wonder Chen spoke so confidently.

"You…" Xiaoyao was lost for words; it took her a while to recover, "You bastard!"

"Hehe, are you paying me a compliment?" Chen flexed his eyebrows and grinned.

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