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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 177: Murong Xiaoyao Is Completely Stunned!

Chapter 177: Murong Xiaoyao Is Completely Stunned!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Chen Xiaobei! You put on a show!" Xiaoyao placed her hands on her slim waist and glared at Chen.

"Pfft, with this kind of attitude? I will never agree!" Chen twitched his lips.

"I…" Xiaoyao pursed her lips, hesitated for a moment before saying in a soft voice, "Chen Xiaobei, could you please do me a favor? I will owe you a big one…"

"Call me Chairman!" Chen raised his brow and lifted his chin.

"I…" Xiaoyao was so mad she wanted to slap the hell out of this arrogant asshole.

But, she had to obey, since she was the one begging him.

She bit her lip and said reluctantly, "Mister Chairman, I was hoping that you could help me with this favor…"

"What kind of expression is that? You look like I owe you a couple of million. Don't you know how to smile?" Chen snapped.

Xiaoyao was bent out of shape, she gritted her teeth and forced a smile, "Mister Chairman…"

"Stop stop stop! That smile is uglier than crying face! With that kind of attitude, don't dream of me helping you! Bye!" Chen burst into laughter, obviously playing a joke on her. Just because this Flatboard Princess sat all high and mighty all the time, it did not mean that she would have everything her way everytime.

At that moment, she was in the hands of Chen. He would be able to cure her of her princess-sickness!

"Stand right there!" Xiaoyao was flushed with anger, but she took in a deep breath to calm herself down, and then revealed a beautiful smile.

"That's more like it. You have two minutes to talk. I am a very busy man!" Chen shrugged.


Deep inside, Xiaoyao wanted to strangle that bastard.

But she gritted her teeth and remained smiling, "Mr. President, you must perform a show, because I've already made a promise to the children at the orphanage - they adore you. They will be very disappointed if you don't perform."

"You! How could you be so self-assertive? Who allowed to make promises on my behalf?" Chen said, unsmiling. "You're lucky that I can fight when you want me to fight, I can perform when you want me to perform, I can cook when you want me to cook, I can warm the bed when you want me to warm the bed! Also, I'm good looking and full of potential…"

"Stop it, will you? Would it kill you stop acting cool? Will you do it or not?" Xiaoyao could not help but roll her eyes.

Chen Xiaobei grinned and said, "It's only a show. Don't worry. I will make sure all of you be impressed of my high-class and high-quality performance! And, every single audience will be charmed by me!"

"Sigh… Finally, you promise me in the end… Please don't make a fool of yourself during that day…" Xiaoyao sighed.

"Phew… finally. Alright, my only request is that you don't make a fool of yourself…" Xiaoyao breathed a sigh of relief.

She's happy as long as the kids' expectations are met. She did not expect much of Chen Xiaobei's performance.

"How dare you look down on me, you Flatboard Princess?" Chen curled his lips, displeased, "Just you wait! I'll make your jaw drop!"

"Who are you calling a Flatboard Princess?" Xiaoyao glared at Chen, not bothering to hear his next sentence.

She had always been very self-conscious about her breasts. Anyone who dares raise the subject would suffer her wrath.

"Just face the facts, if you don't wear a bra, no one would be able to tell your back from your front. The title is practically made for you!" Chen smiled smugly.

"You bastard! I've had enough! I've been putting up with your crap for so long! Today, I will beat you until you cannot walk straight!" Xiaoyao exploded. She raised her fist and charged towards Chen, pugnacious.

"Hehe! I want to fight with you as well!" Chen wiggled his brows.

He had not been on an actual battlefield to evaluate his progress since his combat power had reached three thousand.

Opportunely, he could test his improvement on Xiaoyao.


In one swift move, Chen also unleashed a punch.

"How… How could this be? He's too fast!" Xiaoyao was taken aback.

She had followed and observed Chen previously and had learned Chen's strength by heart.

From what she saw, Chen's combat power was only one thousand.

It had only been a few days. How could his speed already nearly match hers?

That would mean that his combat power has tripled!

This kind of acceleration was unheard of!

"I must use all my strength!" Xiaoyao was floored.

She cannot make any slip-ups at all; she must employ all her strength.


A muffled sound echoed through the air when their fists collided with each other. Three thousand combat equals to one thousand and two hundred joules. A shock wave can be felt around them.

When their fists collided, both of them fell back five steps.

It was really hard to tell who is superior to the other.

"Awesome!" Chen's eyes glimmered.

The mammoth impact when their fists met head-on created a blast of airwaves. He could feel the development of his strength!

Chen used to be envious of Uncle Qin, awestruck by Uncle Feng and oppressed by Murong Xiaoyao.

And now, at this very moment, Chen's strength is parallel to theirs!

Just like a sluggard-student who, unwittingly, rose to the level of the top students!

That feeling when he counterattacked is phenomenal! Especially when Chen saw the look on Xiaoyao's face - like she had just seen a ghost.

That was such a good feeling!

"No way… How is this possible? What happened… Since when did Chen's cultivation had reached the pinnacle phase of the physical stage? My God… I must be dreaming…" Xiaoyao stood frozen in place.

He small face was filled with incredulity. The pair of large, dewy eyes were filled with shock.

She could not accept the scene before her eyes.

She just could not understand how his strength advanced so quickly.

Xiaoyao was naturally gifted, and she has been training since a young age.

On top that, Murong Tian had invested liberally in a lot of expensive medicine; which was how she was able to reach the pinnacle phase of the physical stage when she was only twenty-one.

However, if someone else were to do it, even if they spend their whole life, they would not be able to achieve such an accomplishment.

That was something Murong Xiaoyao had always been proud of.

However, Chen managed to pulverize this achievement with a single punch.

Xiaoyao only used twenty-one years to achieve something that other people would need a lifetime to achieve.

But Chen… Chen only used a couple of DAYS!

This guy is not human! He's a monster!

A sense of helplessness welled up in Xiaoyao's heart.

Soon, she couldn't bring up any strength anymore because she was too disappointed with herself.

She had wanted to teach Chen a lesson but now… She didn't know what to do with him.

If he continued to become stronger…

Xiaoyao knew that, someday, someone would inevitably kick her ass!

Just then, two uniformed policemen walked in.

"Who is Chen Xiaobei? Come with us now!"

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