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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 178: The Loser Has To Warm The Bed!

Chapter 178: The Loser Has To Warm The Bed!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"I am." Chen took one look at them and made an educated guess.

Which was why he wore a very calm expression on his face.

It was, however, Xiaoyao who panicked, "Officers, you must be mistaken. Why are you taking Chen away? He's a good person!"

Chen was surprised to hear her say that. He had never thought that, at a critical time as such, that the Flatboard Princess would defend him.

"Whether or not he's a good person is not up to you to decide."

The older policeman then said, "Chen Xiaobei, you have been accused of assaulting innocent people, inflicting serious injury. You have the right to remain silent…"

"I don't need to remain silent. I did hit them." Chen shrugged, his face expressionless.

"Man! Bro Bei is the true man! Respect!" The policeman grinned and said, "To be honest, we are loyal fans of you! But it's our duty to take you with us."

"Ah, so we are on the same team!" Chen's eyes lit up.

His fans club now has one hundred and fifty-five thousand fans, with two-thirds of those being outright zealous.

It was nowhere near the hundreds of millions of fans the internet celebrities have, but Green Vine City had a population of only five million; one out of every fifty people was Chen Xiaobei's fan.

It was pretty cool if you came to think about it!

"I don't want cause you any trouble, so I'll just go with you." Chen smiled.

Having said that, he left with the policemen.

"Chen Xiaobei! You're an idiot! Why would go and hit someone? How are you going to attend the charity dinner now that you are arrested?" Xiaoyao was overwrought.

She quickly called Murong Tian.

"Dad! Chen was arrested! What are we going to do? Can you please think of a way to save him?" Xiaoyao was at her wits' end.

Murong Tian, on the other hand, was calm, "Don't worry. It's nothing. Chen can handle it."

"Dad, that's easy for you to say! Chen Xiaobei has already been taken away!" Xiaoyao insisted.

"Relax, honey. I promise you, Chen will settle it himself." Murong Tian said confidently.

"Don't you think you're a little too overconfident about his abilities?" Xiaoyao frowned.

"Hehe, why do you think I allowed my baby daughter to be in a relationship with him?" Murong Tian laughed meaningfully.

After a pause, he added, "Don't forget, after we find the Green Jade Safety Pendant, we might need his help to help us to settle the problems!"

"…" Xiaoyao was at loss for words; she could not believe her ears.

Green Vine Police Station.

Interrogation room number three.

Chen sat inside, playing with his phone in the most carefree manner.

Liu Quanfu knew him, and most of the policemen were Chen's fans. Thus, everyone turned a blind eye.

Not only did they leave Chen uncuffed, they even allowed him to use his phone.


Just then, the door to the interrogation room was pushed open.

Luo rushed in. She looked lively and valiant dressed in a police uniform. Her long hair undulating, exuding a strong womanly aura.

"Chen Xiaobei, what is wrong with you? Beating the daylights out of Xiao Jianzhong and his six bodyguards! Do you know how bad the situation is?" Luo looked stern, and her tone was grave, obviously very concerned about this matter.

"Hehe, I'd like to know how bad the situation is that it's causing Luo the goddess to be so frantic?" Chen chuckled. He had never seen her so wound up before.

"How could laugh at a time like this?" Luo frowned at Chen and said dourly, "Xiao Zhe is determined to sue you! He wants to put you in prison! Even if I pull some strings, I won't be able to preclude him! And here you are, laughing. Do you want to eat prison food?"

"What? No sheet! Did I hear it right? You actually pulled some strings for me? Did the sun come up from the west today?" Chen's eyes widened and stared at Luo.

He could not believe that this is the Ice Demon Queen that he knows all along.

"Oh, don't flatter yourself, I wouldn't do it for you!" Luo rolled her eyes at Chen, and said impatiently, "I was just worried that no one would take care of your parents when you're in prison!"

"Hehe, don't need to explain yourself. Your eyes have already betrayed you!" Chen sniggered, and asked with great interest, "By the way, if I were to be imprisoned, would you look after my parents for me?"

Luo wrinkled her forehead and said, "If it happens, I will take care of them."

"Damn! Luo the Goddess! You are such a good friend!"

Chen was delighted, he said excitedly, "Today we meet again for the first time! You really are a kind-hearted lady! I got nothing to say! Let me give you thirty-two likes!"

"Oh shut up! Do you think your folks would be happy when you're behind bars?" Luo said pensively, "You need to find a solution and quick! How are you going to defend yourself? Do you have any evidence or witnesses? I'll help you. Even if I can't turn this case around, we could at least reduce your sentence."

"It doesn't matter. No need to trouble yourself. I won't be in there for too long. Very soon, Xiao Zhe will be bailing me out himself!" Chen shrugged nonchalantly.

"Is there something wrong with your brain? Right now, Xiao Zhe wishes he could hack you into little pieces of meat~ Why would he bail you out?" Luo snapped, "Don't you know how inexorable Xiao Zhe is? The officer that I approached were bought by Xiao Zhe! While his son and bodyguards are lying in the hospital bed, he will not rest until you are dead!"

Hearing this, Chen laughed, "Don't worry. I have everything under my control! There will always be a way out when you encounter a barrier! And there will be a handsome guy waiting on the way out…"

"What rubbish!" Luo gave him an incandescent stare, "Oh I give up! How can you be so insouciant?"

"Sigh, why don't you trust me?" Chen pursed his lips and said, "Want to make a bet?"

"Bet on what?" Luo was exasperated, looking extremely disgusted. How could this bastard still think about betting in a crisis like this?

He really was looking for trouble!

"Let's bet on whether Xiao Zhe will bail me out. The rules are straightforward: Winner will be the king, and the loser will warm the bed for the king!" Chen raised his brows and grinned, "Are you in?"

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