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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 180: I’m Not Going To Cure Him!

Chapter 180: I’m Not Going To Cure Him!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"This… How is this possible?"

Luo was stunned. She then asked, "Did Xiao Zhe mentioned his reason for coming here?"

"I think he said something about telling the wrong thing to the police. He wants to make some changes to his statement. Also, he mentioned that Bro Bei is not the one that beat up his son and the bodyguards." The young policeman was shocked as he delivered the message to Luo.


Luo was confused at then. Earlier, Xiao had resolved his heart to suing Chen. People like Liu Quanfu and several Luo's officers did try to convince him to drop the case but he wouldn't listen to any of them. It had been less than one hour since he made the report. What changed?

"Bring Xiao Zhe here! I want to ask him about it!" Luo said.

Soom, Xiao was brought to Luo. He greeted Luo politely, and he gave Chen a complicated stare.

"Xiao Zhe, you mentioned that you wanted to change the statement that you made earlier! What the hell happened?" Luo asked.

"It is all a big misunderstanding! Mr. Chen here did not hurt my son or the bodyguards… Their injuries were caused by falling accidentally…" Xiao said while frowning.

Luo quickly rolled her eyes. How was it possible for seven grown men to fall at the same time? Needless to say, Chen was the one that made him changed his mind. Luo turned around and looked at Chen and Chen was looking at her with a smile on his face.

"Goddess Luo. I won the bet just now!" Chen grinned and winked at Luo.

That stupid look on Chen's face deserved a beating.

"You win nothing!"

Luo stared at him and thought, "I will never kiss this asshole!"

Little did she know, she kissed Chen ninety-nine times some nights ago.

"Xiao Zhe!"

Luo's face darkened and said seriously, "The police station is a serious and sacred place! You are not allowed to change your statement just like that! I'm going to ask you one last time! Were the injuries on your son and his bodyguards caused by falling on the ground?"

"Yes… Indeed…"

Xiao nodded. It was pretty hard for him to admit to the wrong truth.

"Okay! This case will be dropped since your statement had changed! No more bringing this case up!" Luo said seriously. She knew precisely that Chen was the one that hurt his son and the bodyguards. Also, she knew that Xiao Zhe and his son are total scumbags! They deserved to be beaten! Thus, she had no plan to continue investigating this case. So, this case ended now!

"I understand! I will not bring this case up anymore!" Xiao nodded.

Luo ignored him turned to Chen and said, "You can leave now! Watch yourself in the future!"

"Leave? Nobody says I'm leaving now!" Chen pursed his lips and put up a bossy look by putting up his leg against another leg. Luo rolled her eyes once again.

"This is police station! Not a restaurant! People usually beg to leave this place! And, this asshole is doing the opposite! Such arrogant!" Needless to say, someone was going to suffer from Chen's wrath. Luo looked at Xiao pitifully, move two steps backward and looked at how was Chen going to deal with this situation.

"Mr. Chen… This is all a big misunderstanding… Please come with me…" Xiao said in a soft voice.

"Misunderstanding? I have been held here because of your false accusation! How is this a misunderstanding?"

Chen raised his eyebrows and said coldly. "I'm going to tell you now that my state of mind had suffered from huge trauma! I will not go anywhere without my one million or eight hundred thousand compensations!"

Xiao opened his eyes wide when he heard Chen's demand. That was obviously blackmail! He could feel his balls hit by a rock-hard punch. Unfortunately, he had no other option except for begging Chen to treat his son. Even the orthopedic prodigy; Elder Wong mentioned that Chen was the only one in this world could heal his son. There was nothing he could do except for embracing Chen's blackmailing.

"Are you looking for one million or eight hundred thousand compensations?" Xiao gritted his teeth. He could sense that his bank account was going to suffer from a great blood loss! His business was not doing great since he lost Murong Tian as his support. That was no small money for him.

"Hehe… I want 1.8 million! Not a dime less!" Chen pouted and smiled evilly.

"What?!" Xiao's heart squashed when he heard the amount of money that Chen demanded.

"Why don't you just rob from the bank!" Xiao thought.

However, Chen just ignored him and proceeded to act like a boss.

Luo smiled when he saw the thing that is going on in front of her.

"This kid is getting over his head! Xiao Zhe is not an idiot! It's impossible for him to give you such huge amount of honey for free! You are asking too much for compensation!" Luo thought.

"Alright! I will pay you!"

Before Luo can respond, Xiao already agreed to pay Chen.

"You can transfer the money to me through online banking… My bank account is…" Chen said a series of numbers.

Xiao did not dare to drag any longer. He transferred the money to Chen without any hesitation. Luo was completely stunned.

"There must be something wrong with Xiao's head! His son was just beaten up by Chen terribly! Why is he giving money to Chen? This is unbelievable!" Luo thought.

She had no idea that Xiao's son was made a cripple by Chen's Muscle and Bone Shifting Technique. Chen was the only one that can cure his son.


Chen received a message about the money had been transferred to his account.

"Mr. Chen, are you happy now? Please follow me to the hospital now…" Xiao said politely.

"Did I mention anything about going to the hospital with you?"

Chen said coldly, "That money that you just transferred to me is merely a compensation! I did not promise you anything else!"


Xiao was stunned. Then, he said nervously, "Are you looking for more money? I will pay! Just give me a number!"

"It's not about money!" Chen said coldly.

"Then… What is it about?" Xiao frowned.

"Your son is the one that caused all this! You guys were planning to kill me! Now, you are asking for my help when no one else can help you! Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

Chen gave another cold stare to Xiao and said, " I will not treat your son!"

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