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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 181: Jewellery Shop Crisis!

Chapter 181: Jewellery Shop Crisis!

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Xiao Zhe almost vomited blood when he heard that Chen refused to treat his son. He had just spent a whopping 1.8 million. He never expected Chen to say no to his request. That made Xiao Zhe really angry and frustrated.

"You son of the b*tch! Are you treating me like an idiot?" Xiao Zhe shouted angrily.

"You were a freaking moron from the beginning. You know it yourself that I will definitely not treat your son even if you use your ass to think about it!" Chen said condescendingly.

"You mother*cker!"

Xiao Zhe's face turned green. He quickly turned to Luo and said loudly, "Madam Luo! I want to sue this bastard! He beat up and hurt my son…"

"Shut up! Where do you think you are right now?"

Luo interrupted him again and said gravely, "I did tell you just now that I have closed this case! You mentioned that you would never bring up this case anymore! Now, you just broke your promise! Are you treating me like a stupid monkey? Do you know that I can sue you for obstructing justice?!"


Xiao Zhe was stunned. He was so angry that his body shook involuntarily. But, there was nothing else he could do to change the current situation. He did not have the guts to offend Luo too much. All he could do was shouted at Chen angrily.

"Chen Xiaobei, you son of the b*tch! I will deal with you in private!"

He then left after he threatened Chen.

"What an idiot!"

Chen rolled his eyes at him. He was not afraid of him at all.

He turned around, smiled, stared at Luo and said flirtatiously, "My beauty, Luo Puti, we should totally stick to our bet that we made earlier. Do you want to kiss the right side left side of my face?"

"You wish! Get out from my face!" Luo rolled her eyes on Chen.

She will never recognize the bet that she made with Chen earlier.

"You are not allowed to do this kind of thing to me. Our boat of friendship just sailed out to the ocean. Are you going to break my heart?" Chen said with a smile on his face.

"Hmph! Stop assuming things! I have never agreed to get on your boat of friendship!" Luo rolled her eyes at Chen again.

"You are right. You have never agreed to get on my boat of friendship but you have gotten on my bed before!" Chen raised his eyebrows and laughed evilly.

"Are you looking for some beating? I'm definitely more than happy to do you a favor!" Luo faced turn red and started to act like she was going to beat up Chen.



Chen's cell phone rung suddenly. It was Jing Fei's nervous voice on the other side of the call.

"Bro Bei! Something bad just happened! We've run into trouble while we were trying to buy the material needed to craft more jade pieces…!"

"Alright… I will come over right now!"

Chen's face changed immediately. He rushed to the jewelry shop after he said goodbye to Luo. When Chen arrived at the jewelry shop, he asked Jing Fei to enter the vault with him to discuss the problem that they had encountered. He locked the door to prevent others from eavesdropping on them.

"Okay… Tell me. What happened?" Chen asked seriously.

"I follow your order to go around the city to purchase the materials that we need. Now, we have enough gold, silver, and gems. But, we are lacking jade scrap right now. I can't seem to buy it in the market." Jing Fei said.

"How did this happen?"

Chen's face became even more serious. This was not good news. All the profit came from the crafting of jade pieces with jade scrap. It was a lucrative business with almost zero cost. Chen's income would drop significantly if the jewelry business falls.

"I don't know about the detail as well. A few days ago, I already sealed the deal with the seller. I was going to get the material from them today. But, they suddenly changed their minds and said that they couldn't sell the jade scrap to us!"

Jing Fei frowned. He seemed really frustrated.

"Someone must be messing with us!"

Chen analyzed and said, "The jade scrap is actually considered as useless garbage. They should be happy that we are willing to buy it from them! Someone must be controlling them behind the scene. Thus, they changed their mind together. The person might even threaten them!"

"That's right! Bro Bei, your analysis makes perfect sense!"

Jing Fei nodded and said, "When I talked to them two days ago, they were begging me to buy their jade scrap! Today, I can sense fear in their voice when I talk to them. Some of them even tried to avoid me!"

"Go and investigate this matter now!"

Chen made the decision pretty quick. He said, "There some be someone really powerful behind those jade dealers! The problem is with that powerful person! The problem will be dissolved automatically when we make peace with him!"

"Powerful person? Now I remember! There is someone like that!"

Jing Fei did a quick flashback, took out a name card and hand it to Chen.

"Bro Bei, take a look at this name card. I received this name card from one of the jade dealers a few days ago!"

"Zheng Daqian?"

Chen's stare became focused, "He is the president of the Green Vine City Jade Stone Association."

"I heard the jade dealers mentioned that this Zheng Daqian cut off the source of jade stone! Every jade dealers have to go through him to stock up their jade stone. And, he will not sell you jade stones if you offend him!" Jing Fei said.

"That's right! He must be the one that is messing with us!" Chen made the deduction pretty quick, and he sounded really firm.

"What should we do next? Should we kill this bastard?" The murderous aura was spilling out from Jing Fei.


Chen shook and said, "We must look for ways to solve this problem. Violence is not always the solution to everything. We must figure out why and how happened to us! There is always someone even more powerful above him! Killing him will not solve the problem!"

"Bro Bei, you are so damn wise! I was too aggressive…" Jing Fei was shocked. He entirely agreed with Chen's concerns.

"There is an address printed on the name card. We should visit him. We might receive something out of our expectation."

Chen flicked on the name card, and he grinned.

"Receive something? What would that be?" Jing Fei was puzzled. He had no idea what Chen was talking about.


Chen raised his eyebrows and said, "We have never offended this Zheng Daqian. Why would he want to mess with us?"


Jing Fei frowned and had an epiphany all of a sudden, "Are you trying to say that someone is giving the order to Zheng Daqian to mess with us?"

"Hehe… We shall go there and figure it out."

Chen smiled and walked out the jewelry shop.


The Green Vince City Jade Stone Association located at south side of the city. The building looked like a big factory. They saw hundreds of thousands of jade scraps lying on the floor when they entered the building. One could judge that Zheng Daqian had total control of jade stone marker in Green Vine City.

"Who are you guys?"

A guard stopped them and asked arrogantly.

"We are here to meet your boss to talk about jewelry business." Chen smiled and said.

"Who the hell do you think you are? One cannot simply meet the boss just like that! Get lost now!" The guard shouted condescendingly.

Chen frowned and he stared at the guard coldly.

"Excuse me… I didn't hear you clearly. Can you please say again?"

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