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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 183: One-Star Spirit!

Chapter 183: One-Star Spirit!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

How dare you say you never act like an asshole in front of everyone? You are acting like a mega asshole right now! Do you think ordinary people would spend one two million Yuan to do shopping? Wenfeng and Ruguan's eyes almost rolled to the back of their heads.

"Hmph! I'm expecting that you will definitely make a mess at our sales tomorrow!"

Wenfeng grinned and said, "I have invited a lot of reporters to come to my mega sales tomorrow! All of them would point their camera at you if you were to make any stupid move! You will be embarrassing yourself in front of everyone!"

"Hehe… What kind of person do you think I am? I can promise you that I will not make a mess at your sales tomorrow!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and said, "I shall leave first, for now! I wish all the best for your sales tomorrow!"

Chen turned around and left with Jing Fei.

After some distance, Jing Fei could not hold on to his frustrations anymore. He frowned and said, "Bro Bei, are we really not going to do anything about this matter? Our reputation will be destroyed if we allow him to execute his plan!"

"Of course, I know about this!"

Chen walked while fiddling with his cellphone. People in the city were talking about the mega sales of Crown Jewellery shop in Weibo and Jewellery forum.

[Have you heard about it?! I heard the jewelry would be given a great discount tomorrow!]

[Yes! I heard their jewelry are even cheaper than the jewelry sold in Beichen Jewellery shop! Definitely worth checking it out!]

[Sigh! I'm Bro Bei's die-hard fans! But, his shop has been closed for some time. I have no choice but buy jewelry from Crown Jewellery shop!]

[Yea… What happened to Bro Bei? Why did his shop remain closed for such a long time? Do you think he closed down the shop for good due to the great loss that he suffered earlier?]

[I don't think he suffered any losses! He promised that he would donate thirty-one million but he didn't even fulfill his promise!]

[Man… I really have no idea what's going on with Bro Bei]


"Seems like I lost connection with my fans due to my recent inactivity in the group. My fans' loyalty started to be shaken by some other external factors. My reputation will completely disappear if I don't do something about it!"

Chen raised his eyebrows while reading all these comments. He then quickly posted a status along with some pictures. The pictures showed the documents of setting up the Xiaoyao Foundation. Chen then wrote a line of captions beneath the pictures.

[I have been busy with the donation matter. Finally, there some ground-breaking progress! I will donate all the money that I promised to donate earlier! Also, this donation matter is going to be a long-term commitment! Lastly, Beichen jewelry shop will be re-opened at ten in the morning tomorrow!]

The post created an atomic-bomb-impact in Weibo! All of Chen's fans got super hyped!

[Damn! Bro Bei finally comes active! I really miss you!]

[This is some cool sheet! Bro Bei is the MAN! I can't believe you set a charity foundation secretly!]

[Bro Bei, I know that you will never disappoint us! You are the real MAN that keeps your promise!]

[Since Beichen Jewellery shop is going to be re-opened tomorrow! I will not spend my money in Crown Jewellery shop!]

[I shall be there at ten in the morning tomorrow! And, I will only spend my money in Beichen Jewellery shop!]


Chen's fans' loyalty remains high. Thousands of them responded to Chen's post in a short period of time. Without a doubt, Beichen Jewellery shop will be filled with tones of people tomorrow!

"Bro Bei… Why did you say that we will re-open Beichen Jewellery shop tomorrow? We do not have any stock with us right now…"

Jing Fei was holding his cellphone and did a quick read on Chen's Weibo. He looked distraught.

"Have you heard of an old song before? We don't have the gun. We don't have the bullet. But, the enemy will build for us!" Chen grinned. His smile has a hidden meaning to it.

Jing Fei was shocked. He asked shockingly, "I thought you mentioned earlier that you would not make a mess at Crown Jewellery Shop tomorrow?!"

"Hehe… I did promise that I will not make a mess tomorrow. But, I did not mention that I will not make a mess for them today."

Chen laughed evilly and said, "Have you forgotten that I said that everything would change when the sun comes up tomorrow?"

"You are trying to say…"

Jing Fei's emotion took a quick turn. A smile started to be formed on his face slowly.

"We will start our secret operation at midnight!"

Chen had everything under his control.

After that, Chen went home. He was planning to take a good rest. So, he will be able to execute his plan flawlessly. A beautiful spirit flew to his side the moment he got on his bed. She had a sweet oval face, cycloidally arched eyebrows and a pair of big hazel eyes.

She was wearing a maid costume. Her boobies had almost burst out of her dress. The length of the dress was so short that her backside was half revealed. A pair of sexy stockings were being out on her long and elegant legs. The soft and fair forbidden zone was formed between her legs.

That was goddess that every man wished for!

"Hehe! My master! Do I look gorgeous and sexy? Do you have the urge to push me on to your bed?"

The spirit was only twenty centimeters tall but she was extremely seductive. Unfortunately, she could not be touched because she was in spirit form. She is Wenyuan's spirit.

"Damn girl… The way you dress up yourself is so inappropriate."

Chen gulped, and he could not look away from her. Too bad she was in spirit form, if not Chen would definitely push her on the bed and do all sort of sexy stuff with her.

"Master… Stop lying to yourself… Your body is telling the truth… Look at your little rocket… It's responding to me…"

Wenyuan stared at Chen's little rocket seductively.

"Cough… Cough…"

Chen flushed and quickly divert the topic, "Seems like you have gone through a huge power boost. I don't believe that you can change into maid costume in such a short period of time!"

"Hehe… Of course!"

Wenyuan laughed playfully and said, "The Unholy Spirit Pill that you gave me earlier is extremely effective on me! I can increase my combat power by five hundred every day! Now I'm a One-Star Spirit with two thousand combat power!"

"One-Star Spirit?"

Chen was stunned. He remembered that Xiaobai once told him that the Sirius and himself could be evolved into One-Star Spirit Beasts as well. After some calculations, Chen figured out that by this time they should have evolved into One-Star Spirit Beast.


Wenyuan nodded and explained, "Creature like us are in spirit form. Our combat power is different from human. Our cultivation is counted by stars. Nine-star spirits are the most powerful spirit among all!"

"What kind of ability do you possess right now? I don't think all you can do is change into maid costume with two-thousand combat power." Chen asked curiously.

"I know Face Crafting Skill as well! All I need to do is spend some spirit power to perform the skill!"Wenyuan said proudly.

Chen's face was filled with joy instantly, "Your Skin Crafting Skill should be able to create a human face, right? Just like the one in the book called Strange Tales!"

"Yes! I can do that! It's real!"

Wenyuan smiled and asked, "Master, do you want to try it?"

"It's so happened that I need a mask right now!"

Chen grinned and put on a super evil smirk.

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