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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 184: Clear The Place Immediately!

Chapter 184: Clear The Place Immediately!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Master! The look on your face is as evil as a big bad wolf! The face of the guy that you want a copy of will definitely suffer from your masterful plan!"

Wenyuan was looking at Chen with her big and lively eyes. She too, put on an evil smile. Normally, she would have a lot of evil ideas in her mind. That was why Chen and her could work together really well. She knew that Chen had some evil thoughts in his mind when she took a look at Chen's face.

"I want a copy of Wenfeng's face!"

Chen grinned. He could not even stop his evil laughter. It was like the spirit of the big bad wolf just took over his body.

"Eh? Master, are you planning to strike on that son of the b*tch, Wenfeng?"

Wenyuan frowned. Her face turned furious instantly. Even though Wenfeng was not the one that killed her family, he was definitely one of the accomplices. Thus, she always wanted him to be punished heavily.

"Great! That's just great! Master! Please make sure that son of the b*tch suffers greatly! If possible, take his worthless life!"

Wenyuan said angrily in a determined tone, "Alright, I should get back to work. Let me help you craft Wenfeng's mask right now."

After that, Wenyuan went back to the Spirit Cage and started to work on the mask crafting. She might look playful most of the time. But, she could be really serious when it came to work. Chen took the opportunity to Check on Xiaobai and Sirius while Wenyuan was working on the mask. As expected, both of them were now One-Atar Spirit Beast. They owned a whooping two-thousand combat power. In other words, they were extremely powerful. The safety of Chen's parents was guaranteed when they were assigned to guard Chen's house. According to Xiaobai, they would evolve into two-stars Spirit Beast after ten days of consuming the Heavenly Pet Food. By then, each of them would possess three-thousand combat power! Even Chen could not win the battle if both of them fought with Chen at the same time.


Time flew, and it was midnight. Chen put on Wenfeng looking mask and the Nightwalker Outfit. He chose not to drive tonight. He ran to the place that he set with Jing Fei earlier. Jing Fei wore a pitch black suit as well. His entire body was completely covered except for his eyes.

"Jing Fei!" Chen shouted at the back.

"Bro Bei?"

Jing Fei recognized Chen's voice but he was extremely shocked when he turned around.

"Wenfeng?! How come you are here at this time?!"

Jing Fei took another good look at the person. His jaws fell on the ground. He thought he heard Chen's voice but it was Wenfeng that appeared behind him. Jing Fei was puzzled. But, he trusted his eyes more than his ears. Without a second thought, Jing Fei raised his punch unconsciously and attacked the person.


There was a thousand combat power embedded inside his punch. It was equivalent to a four hundred pounds powerful punch. Wenfeng would definitely die if this punch landed on his body. However, the punch was put to halt completely by one single palm. Jing Fei failed to proceed with his attack even though he used up all his strength.

"Too powerful! This is not right! It's impossible for Wenfeng to stop my punch!"

Jing Fei is not dumb at all. He opened his eyes wide and stared at Chen and said, "You… Are you really Bro Bei?"

"Hehe! Even you can't differentiate me from Wenfeng! This mask is perfect!" Chen grinned.

He looked the same as Wenfeng.

"Oh my god! It's really you, Bro Bei!"

Jing Fei's shocking voice was a little bit shaken. He would never believe in the existence of such a skillfully crafted mask until he saw one with his own eyes. Jing Fei had ventured in Jianghu for years. If he could not differentiate Chen from Wenfeng, then, no one else in this world would be able to do so.

"Stop standing there. Let's go! Time is money!"

Soon, they have reached their destination; Crown Jewellery shop.

"Hold on…"

All of a sudden, Jing Fei stopped Chen from moving forward. He pointed at the top sides of the door. There were two high definition CCTV being installed at the entrance. Chen would enter the CCTV's recording area if he took another step forward.

"Damn… You are really professional!"

Chen smiled and said mockingly, "Unfortunately, I don't need your professionalism tonight."

After that, Chen started to move forward. He did not even try to cover himself from the camera. He even made a few mocking faces at the camera.

"Hmm… I understand now!"

Jing Fei had an epiphany suddenly, "Now, Bro Bei's identity is Wenfeng! The CCTV will record the appearance of Wenfeng but not Bro Bei! In other words, Wenfeng will be the one that commits this crime! Damn! What a masterful plan!"

"Destroy it," Chen ordered calmly after he left the evidence for the CCTV.



Jing Fei destroyed two CCTVs within a second. Next, they needed to unlock the door. The lockpicking skill of a real thief would be tested in circumstances like this. Since Jing Fei was known as the Thief King in Jinaghu, it meant he could unlock most of the locks that were being sold in the market. He then started to take out two thin needles and started to mess around with the lock. It might seem messy but real lockpicking skill was definitely needed here to unlock the door. The strength that one exerted while picking the lock was very important.

"Lockpicking is so interesting…"

Chen was paying close attention to the way of picking a lock effectively. He noticed a lot of small details with his Scholar Heart. In a short period of time, he managed to master the skill of lock picking. There was a saying; you can learn everything when you pay attention to the things that you want to learn. He might be able to use this skill shortly.


The heavy rolled up door was finally unlocked. However, there was one more lock to be unlocked behind the rolled-up door. Chen took over the two thin needles and started to work on the lock with the lock picking that he had just mastered earlier.


The second door was unlocked within ten seconds.

Jing Fei was stunned by the speed of unlocking the door. He said, "Bro Bei… Since when you learn how unlock a lock through lockpicking? You are damn skillful! Your speed on unlocking the door is even faster than me!"

"I just learned it from you!"

Chen shrugged and said, "Why are you acting so surprised at such a simple matter?"

"Sim… Simple?"

Jing Fei's eyeballs almost fell on the floor.

"This is the atomic lock that made in Japan. I went through three years of training to successfully unlock it…"

"Because you are stupid!"

Chen grinned and tossed his cellphone to Jing Fei. He then ordered, "Cut the crap, let's grab everything that we can grab from his shop! This time, don't even leave the furniture behind!"

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