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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 185: The Enemy Will Build It For Us!

Chapter 185: The Enemy Will Build It For Us!

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Jing Fei tossed out some stones to destroy all the CCTV. He then started to execute the plan that Chen told him earlier. He kept everything that he could see in the treasure chest. Things like gems, gold, silver, jewelry, jade stone could not escape the fate of changing a new owner. Chen even ordered Jing Fei to keep the tables, chairs, and counters into his treasure chest as well. Within few minutes, the Crown Jewellery Shop was utterly empty.

"Bro Bei, let's take a look at their inventory." Jing Fei said happily.

Those things that they just kept in the treasure chest were just appetizers. The main course was in the inventory.


Chen opened the thick and heavy door of the inventory. The things that they saw in the inventory made their eyes shine bright like a diamond. There were countless pieces of jewelry stored in the inventory. One could get blinded by the light reflected off the jewelry. Ruguan had a total of three hundred million Yuan wealth. Ninety percent of it was inside this inventory. Wenfeng's eight million Yuan worth of investment was in this inventory as well. Everything added up together was on par with the number of jewelry that Chen owned during his jewelry mega sales.

Actually, Ruguan and Wenfeng were planning to use this jewelry as bullets to defeat Chen

"Haha… Bro Bei! Everything that you said is right! We don't have a gun, and we don't have bullets as well. But, the enemies have prepared those for us!"

Jing Fei said excitedly, "Tomorrow, our Beichen Jewellery shop can open for business, as usual! But the Crown Jewellery shop will become the joke of this city! Hahaha…"

"Let's clear the space!"

Chen swung his hand and put on a mocking smile.


After that, Chen and Jing Fei went back to Beichen Jewellery shop. They entered the inventory and started to use the Transmogrifying Flame and Heavenly Smithing Furnace to modify the jewelry that they just stole from Crown Jewellery Shop. Both of them spent the whole night to work on the modifying work. They drank Potion of Hundred Herbs for rejuvenation.

It was very crucial for them to completely change the physical appearance of the jewelry. It was to make sure no one in this world could find flaws with their jewelry.

At eight in the morning tomorrow, all of Chen's employee came back to work from their holiday vacation. That included Lin Nan as well. Chen arranged a meeting early in the morning. He asked Jing Fei to distribute tasks to them. Everything went smoothly. All of them were waiting to serve tonnes of customers at ten later. The circumstance would definitely not turn out into something as crazy as last sales.

Chen did not plan to stay inside the shop. He greeted his employees and exited the shop casually. He walked to the Crown Jewellery Shop located on the street next to his shop. Wenfeng and Ruguan put a lot of effort into advertising their mega sales. Tonnes of people were gathering around Crown Jewellery Shop. Although the people that came for the mega sales was not as many as the sales organized by Chen, there were at least twenty to thirty thousand people waiting outside.

There was a stage being set up at the front entrance of Crown Jewellery shop. Chen had to use all his strength to squeeze to the front of the stage. After ten minutes of waiting, the main characters finally arrived. Wenfeng and Ruguan walked onto the stage together. Both of them were all ready for this big day.

Both of them had their stylist style their hair. They put on expensive suits and shiny leather shoes. Everything about them was near perfect. They were shining on the stage. The crowd under the stage were cheering for them. That made them looked like superstars.

"Everyone, please be quiet."

Ruguan had a microphone in his hand. He acted sincerely and said, "I'm the CEO of Crown Jewellery Shop; Ruguan! Thank you so much for using your precious time to come and support us! Your passion towards us flatters us…"

Suddenly, a voice interrupted him while he talked on the stage happily.

"Cut the crap! Start the mega sales now! My wallet is extremely hungry! I can't wait to shop in your jewelry shop!"

The person that shouted was none other than Chen Xiaobei.

"Why is this bastard here?"

Ruguan's face turned angry and shouted, "Security! Please drag this bastard that tried to make a mess here out of this place!"

"Are you kidding me?! I brought tonnes of cash here to shop in your jewelry shop! Why are you trying to chase me out?!"

Chen continued to shout, "Is this how Crown Jewellery treat their valuable customers? Such bad service! This is bullying! Everyone, let's boycott them! Let's leave…"

Ruguan was freaking out. He couldn't afford to have Chen make a mess on this big day.

"Security! Come now! Drag him out!" Ruguan shouted.

"Boss Ru, calm down!"

Wenfeng took over the microphone from Ruguan and said, "Today is the big day of Ruguan's jewelry shop. It's totally normal for Bro Bei to feel envious of us. He can do whatever he wants. And, we will not be affected by him."

Wenfeng emphasized on two words; Bro Bei and envious. Clearly, Wenfeng was trying to kill two birds with one stone. He wanted to embarrass Chen in public and destroy this good image in everyone's heart.

"Bro Bei? So, that young man is Bro Bei!"

"Damn! It's really him! I thought he is a nice guy! Why did he look like a b*tch in real life?"

"He can't afford to see other do better than him in the jewelry business. This is such a b*tchy act!"

"I never thought that Bro Bei is this kind of person!"

"This is not what a real man will do!"


Most of the people gathered outside the Crown Jewellery Shop were not Chen's fans. Thus, they were easily affected by Wenfeng's words. All of them started to criticize Chen. Ruguan gave Wenfeng a thumbs up when he saw the strategy that Wenfeng used to shut Chen up. That was definitely better than asking the security guards to drag Chen out from this place.


All of a sudden, Chen jumped on the stage. He grabbed the microphone without a second thought.

"What are you trying to do? This is not the place for you mess around!" Ruguan was shocked and he shouted angrily.

"Boss Ru, remember, we must maintain our sense of civility!"

Wenfeng tapped on Ruguan's shoulder and said, "If Bro Bei wants to make a mess here, we should just let him do it! There are twenty to thirty thousand of people here watching him! There are different reporters from different TV station live-streaming his action as well! Let him be the clown of the day!"

Everyone looked at Chen at the same time after hearing Wenfeng's comment. The cameraman pointed their camera at Chen as well.



He saw that he became the center of attention of everyone, he cleared his throat and started to make up something.

"Everyone, please don't misunderstand my intention! I'm not going to make a mess here today! On the contrary, I have prepared twenty million Yuan to support my friends here!"

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