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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 186: It’s A Setup!

Chapter 186: It’s A Setup!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"What does he mean by twenty million?"

"Supporting his friends?"

"Bro Bei, what do you mean?"

The audience was all hyped up. They wanted to figure what is going on. To ordinary people, twenty million was an astronomical amount of money.

Chen smiled and explained, "I will buy out all the remaining jewelry they have after the mega sales ended! Other than that, I will purchase it according to the original price! I will not ask for any discount! I will consider spending more if twenty million is not enough!"

"Damn! Are you freaking serious?!"

"Bro Bei is really supporting rivals in business! This is just too damn generous!"

"Awesome! You can do anything you want if you are rich enough!"

"This is the Bro Bei that I know! We have misunderstood him!"

The people around him were shouting in excitement. They got all excited by Chen's announcement. At the same time, those professional cameramen recorded everything that Chen just said. They knew this news was worthy of being reported.

"It's easy to be successful! But, it's hard to bless other when you are successful! This young man is really something extraordinary! He is so generous that everyone should learn from him!"

"I have decided! I will write an article with the title of; Be a Blessing! And, this young man will be the core character of the article!"

"Great idea! Nowadays, the gap between rich and poor is too big! The society needs this kind of positive energy!"

"That's right! Those filthy rich people should wake up and starts to learn from him! Learn how to bless other!"

All of a sudden, everyone became so supportive of Chen. The criticism and doubts from the audience were completely gone in the air. They were all replaced by praises and supportive comments. Someone was getting grumpy while Chen took all the light on the stage. Wenfeng and Ruguan's faces turned green when they witnessed the dramatic change in front of them.

Initially, they wanted to embarrass Chen but Chen dissolved the embarrassment with only two simple sentences. He then received tonnes of compliments. The audiences almost forgot that the main characters of the days were Wenfeng and Ruguan.

"Everyone… Please be quiet… Be quiet…"

Wenfeng shouted for some time, and he finally managed to get everyone's attention.

"Everyone, please don't listen to his bullsheet!"

Wenfeng continued to say, "We are going to give a lot of discount on the jewelry! There won't be anything left by the end of this mega sales! Thus, we don't even need Chen Xiaobei to help us by buying the leftover stock!"

Everyone was getting impatient when they heard Wenfeng's comment.

"Quit talking crap! Let the sales begin! Let us help you to clear your stock!"

"That's right! We come here for the huge discount! We can't wait any longer!"

"Open the door now! I want to surprise my girlfriend with the jewelry that I buy from here!"

"Stop wasting our time! Open the door now!"

Chen and Wenfeng were trying to gain support from the audience. The truth was, the audience did not really care about their argument. All they care about was the money that they could save from this mega sale. The audiences looked like a bunch of hungry wolves that could not wait to consume all the products inside the shop. Wenfeng and Ruguan finally smiled when they saw the audiences were acting so supportive and passionate. Although their well-planned scheme did not even hurt Chen, the audiences were still really excited to make their purchase. In other words, they would have a good business today!

Chen would still be defeated if their sale was successful.

"Don't worry everyone! I have arranged everything! My employees are entering the shop right now! All of you guys can shop as long as you want!" Wenfeng announced excitedly.

"Finally… It's going to begin…"

At the same time, Ruguan was extremely excited as well. For him, this was a historical moment. He strongly believed that his Crown jewelry Shop would be glorified with the help of Wenfeng.


The iron rolling door was opened from the inside. The moment that everyone was waiting for became a shocking and extremely disappointing moment! The Crown Jewelry Shop was empty except for the employees that stood there petrified. Not even a single piece of garbage could be found on the floor.

"What… What the hell just happened!?" Wenfeng's eyes were wide opened.

"Am I dreaming…?" Ruguan's mouth was wide opened as well. He pinched himself unconsciously to make sure that he is in reality!


"This is not a dream!"

"What the f*ck! This is not a f*cking dream!"

Ruguan was completely petrified. It was like his brain just short-circuited. He could not think straight anymore. There was nothing else he could do even if he can think straight. He could not figure out what just happened to his shop.

"Motherf*cker! F*cking hell!"

At the same time, the customers that were standing by to shop were irate!

"Where is the jwelry?! Where the f*ck is the discount?! Where the f*ck is the mega sale?!"

"Are you treating all thirty-thousands of us like monkeys? We are not here to be fooled around by you!"

"Motherf*cker! This is cheating! You f*cking cheat us! Do we look like an idiot to you?!"

"I want to call to customer complaint department! The Crown jewelry shop is sheet!"

"I will never come to this kind of f*cking shop anymore!"

"I'm going to tell everyone that only idiots will shop at Crown Jewelry Shop!"


"Everything is destroyed… My Crown Jewelry shop is destroyed… God… Why does this happen to me…"

Ruguan was completely devastated. His legs went soft and fell to the ground.

"There must be someone messing with us!"

Wenfeng turned furious and stared at Chen angrily, "Speak! You are the one who messed around with us right!"

"Hehe… You guys are the ones that cheated your customers. How am I related to this?"

Chen shrugged and said casually, "Please don't simply blame others without solid evidence! You look like some mad dog! This shows that you are nothing but an imbecile!"

"You must be the one! I'm going bet with my head that you are the one that robbed Crown jewelry shop! I'm calling the cops!"

Wenfeng took out his cellphone and started to call the police. He summarized everything to the police.

"Just call the police! I believe that the police will bring in the right person that committed this crime!"

Chen was extremely calmed. He even felt like laughing secretly. This whole thing was planned by Chen. Everything was under his control. Others were just the stepping stone for his evil plan. When the police came, they quickly took a look at the CCTV footage. The second thing that they did was to walk to Wenfeng.

"Wenfeng! You are under arrest!"

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