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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 187: Real Life Dog Eat Dog Scene!

Chapter 187: Real Life Dog Eat Dog Scene!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Excuse me? Am I under arrest? You must be crazy! I'm the one who called you guys! Hey, stop…" Wenfeng was confused. Even if he had ten thousand more brains, he could still not comprehend why were the police arresting him.


Not waiting for him to finish, an officer had already cuffed his hands. "You're the crazy one!" A middle-aged officer rolled his eyes and said, "I've been a policeman almost all my life, and this is the first time I've seen a real case of the thief screaming thief!"

"Huh? What thief screaming thief? I don't understand!" Wenfeng was stunned. Since when did he become a thief?

"Officer, what do you mean?" Ruguan had gotten up and curiously asked the police officer. "Young Master Wen has invested a total of eight million yuan into the business, how is he a thief?"

The middle-aged policeman twitched his lips and said to Ruguan, "You must be very dumb! Your 'partner' sold you out! And you're still counting his investment for him? Here, see for yourself!" As he spoke, the policeman took out a tablet and played the surveillance video footage. The video was in full HD and was showing the front door of the store at 1:03:31AM. And in the video, "Wenfeng" was seen wearing all black and moving about in front of the store entrance. He looked directly into the camera and so his whole face was perfectly captured on video. Soon, by 1:04:07AM, the camera was destroyed, and the video ended there."

"Wha… How can this be?" Wenfeng was once again stunned. He wanted to say something about this, but could not find the words and almost bit his tongue.

"Wenfeng you cunt! How can you do this to me!" At the same time, Ruguan shouted at him in a disappointed tone, like a pig that was screwed in the ass. "I trusted you! I really thought that you were helping me! But you turned around and stabbed me in the back like this! F*cker, I'll kill you!"


Ruguan summoned every ounce of strength in his body and threw out a strong punch on Wenfeng's left eye.

"Owww…" Wenfeng reacted to the pain. His left eye was bruising up fast, making it look like a panda's. "Ruguan! You crazy asshole! I slept early for today's launch; I was already in bed by 11 last night…" Wenfeng explained through gritted teeth.

"You think I'm blind? If you slept at 11, then who the hell is the guy in the video? A ghost? I'm going to beat you to death!" Ruguan was in a rage and would not listen to his excuses.


With that, another punch landed on Wenfeng's right eye, making him look exactly like a panda.

"F*ck you! That's not me! That's an imposter! A fake!" Wenfeng screamed out. "Someone could have just 3D printed a mask with my face on it! I'm not going down like this!"

"Wha…" Ruguan was taken aback. Although the 3D printing idea was a little farfetched, it was not entirely impossible! Besides, Wenfeng did not have a motive for this. Could they have been wrong? Ruguan calmed himself down and turned to the officer. "Sir… Do you have any other evidence? Fingerprints or anything else?"

The middle-aged officer smiled and replied, "This Wenfeng guy is really sly, he didn't leave anything else behind at the crime scene! But justice always triumphs above evil! We found solid evidence to put him away!"

"What? How can that be?" Wenfeng's eyes bulged, he was stunned. He was not the person who committed the crime, how could there be solid evidence that he did? And at the same time, Chen was also startled. Other than the camera at the entrance of the store, he did not remember leaving any trail behind at all. Just what did the police find and how did that turn out to be against Wenfeng?

"You'll see after watching this next surveillance video, all will be revealed!" The cop continued while playing another video on the tablet. It was footage from the inside of the store. There was not any movement at first, but right about 1:04:39AM, the store's main doors were suddenly opened. "Wenfeng" and his partner appeared and entered the store. The officer then paused the video just right there and turned to them. "Now if you noticed the time from these two videos, the time between the point where the camera outside was smashed and when they opened the entrance, was only 32 seconds!"

"Mmhmm, yes!" Ruguan nodded. "But what does this prove?"

"Our technical experts have checked and found that the shop uses state of the art locks for both the shutter doors as well as the entrance! Especially the one at the entrance, it's a high-end import from Japan!" The officer continued.

"That's right! That lock was custom made! Cost me one hundred thousand! They even call it the safest lock on the market!" Ruguan replied.

"Exactly! And this is the proof!" The officer exclaimed. "Even the best international burglar will need at least 3 minutes to pick that lock! But the evidence shows that the thieves got into the shop after opening the shutter and the main doors in just 32 seconds. So, unless he has the keys himself, that would not be possible at all!"

As soon as the officer finished explaining, Ruguan took a deep breath and raised both his clenched fists towards Wenfeng. "Wenfeng, you son of a b*tch! I treated you like family! I gave you the keys to the store! And you used that to break in and steal my goods! Now, the evidence is clear! I want to kill you…" Ruguan knocked Wenfeng over and pinned him to the ground, before continuously beating him up like a madman!

"F*ck this sheet! That's not me! You dare to hit… What the f*ck? You're hitting me… I'll bite back!" Wenfeng was cuffed and was not able to defend himself from Ruguan, and like a cornered dog, he sank his teeth into Ruguan's leg to fight back.

"Owww…" Ruguan fell as well and couldn't gain any footing to get up fast enough, so he held Wenfeng's leg up and bit it.

"Oww… Owww…" The two idiots were going at each other and biting hard, so hard that they were both bleeding from it! And this was on stage, just right in front of tens of thousands of people, a live "dog eat dog" scene!

Chen was watching the whole thing from the sides, trying his best not to laugh out loud. He did not expect that his decision to learn to lockpick on a whim ended up working in his favor instead! And the truth is, in the 32 seconds that they took to open the locks, Jing Fei spent almost 20 seconds to open the shutters. No one would have thought that the custom-made super lock that international burglars would require three minutes to pick was easily opened by Chen in just 10 seconds! Wenfeng was definitely not getting out of this one!


Just then, his phone rang. It was a call from Uncle Qin.

"Xiaobei! The Miss is in trouble!"

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