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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 189: Target Locked!

Chapter 189: Target Locked!

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Chen was very sure of what he had to do, and the first thing on his mind was to get back to the jewelry store, and lock himself inside the vault. His store was sitting in the heart of the city, and the vault was a completely private space where he would not be interrupted or seen, and that was where he would make his plans.

"Whether I can rescue Mengchen or not, will depend on the items I've got from the Red Envelope Group!" Chen's eyes glowed with determination as he took out his phone and opened the treasure chest.


[God's Eye Talisman: A talisman made by Qianli Yan. Allows the user to clearly see everything within 1000 miles from his position. Each talisman lasts one minute only. Would you like to retrieve it?]

"Yes! Retrieve!" And just with a tap on his phone screen, a beam of light shot out from the phone and landed in his hand. It was three paper talisman that had intricate and mysterious looking symbols drawn all over it, the well-drawn figures and patterns all form a small but complex seal in the center that shaped like an eye. Although just a simple piece of paper with drawings on it, it gave off a mystical feeling about it.

Chen took one of them up, and with just a thought, the talisman burst into flames. It burned with a red and yellow flame that was not hot to the touch, and as soon as it started burning, Chen felt a mysterious energy flow from the talisman into his body. By the time the talisman finished burning, the eye-shaped seal in the center did not burn, but instead, glowed with yellow and red light, and floated in front of Chen's eyes.

"What the f*ck!" Chen could not help but exclaim. Through the glowing eye, his vision became as if he was looking through a high-powered telescope. He could now easily see 1000 miles, right into a neighboring city! The sudden increase in vision almost made him sheet his pants! What was more shocking, was that other than being able to see things from far away, he was able to see every detail very clearly! He was looking at a place called Third Old Lee's Convenience Store in White Cloud city, which was a neighboring city to Green Vine. There was a middle-aged man manning the store, holding the newspaper in one hand, and cleaning his toenails with his other. Chen could read the newspaper he was holding without any trouble, as well as see clearly the skin and dirt he cleaned off his foot!

'Holy sheet! Holy f*ck! Oh my god! This stuff is legit! It's exactly like what Qianli Yan could do himself! This sheet is lit… Wait, I need to focus! This thing only lasts one minute!" Chen quickly focused his sights on the outskirts of his city. Green Vine's territory was circular with a radius that was just about thirty kilometers. The city had mountains to the north, a lake to the south. The east was cut off by the sea, and the west by a highway. The city's borders were very well defined by these four things, and the city's covered territory was all within the limits of his sight.

"If Mengchen was kidnapped, then she must still be somewhere here in this city. I have to find her exact location first!" Chen then started scanning the city for her. If this was done by someone else other than Chen, even with the God's Eye Talisman, trying to find Mengchen among the whole population of Green Vine was almost impossible. But for Chen, that was a different story altogether! Thanks to having the Scholar's Heart, he had a super brain that could process large loads of information at near impossible speeds! With just a simple glance, he could identify and register each and every face he saw to his brain quickly and discern if she was there or not in an instant. With his superior memory, he could scan the city in a very organized manner and identify if one area had already been scanned or not. After one minute, the glowing eye burned out and disappeared. But even then, Chen had already scanned half of the people currently in Green Vine City! Chen's method of scanning the city in search of someone was many times faster and much more accurate than state of the art surveillance systems!

"Looks like is not on my side today, I can't find her after using just one talisman. But, I'll definitely get there with the second one!" Chen was very confident. He immediately used another talisman and continued scanning the city. Since he already had experienced before, his search was much faster and efficient this time.

"Found her!" In just half a minute, Chen excitedly locked onto his target. But after seeing where Mengchen was as well as who was with her, his face turned into a terrifying scowl. A malicious and murderous gleam could be seen in his eyes.


A sharp metallic sound of a sword being drawn suddenly rang through the vault and the long unused Chaos Sword Essence emerged floating in front of him! The Black Dragon residing deep inside of it appeared to be squirming around, as if about to break free and roam the world once more, exuding a chaotic and domineering pressure!

"You've been thirsting for blood for so long… Today, I'll let you feed all you want!" Chen's gaze was as cold as ice. He unsummoned the sword back into his palm, and went out of the vault.

The port, East City. There were hundreds of warehouses here. Some were filled with goods stored by various people or businesses from the city, and some were empty. The kidnappers had brought Mengchen there and were in hiding in one of the many empty warehouses. This was a brilliant idea as these warehouses were private property and rarely kept in check. No wonder the Lan Family failed to find Mengchen even after using every connection they have in the city.

Warehouse number 33. For reasons unknown, this warehouse had been emptied for several months already. Until two days ago, when a few mysterious men quietly broke into it, and kept the warehouse doors locked. They secretly hid in there, away from other people, and only came out when necessary to avoid attention and being found. In the corner of the warehouse, was a steel cage with a frail-looking girl inside. Mengchen looked weakened and tired, her body shivering nonstop with fear. Tears were still rolling down her soft cheeks and off her beautiful face, but there was only despair in her eyes. She was constantly biting her lips from being too anxious, and did not dare to even breathe too loudly. Next to the cage, there was a bowl of soggy ramen, there were already a couple of dead bugs floating on top of it. It was clear that the ramen was made for her two days ago when she was just kidnapped. But she could not find the appetite nor the will to eat or drink anything given by her kidnappers. These two days in the cage had been the most horrible and terrifying experience of her life!

About ten so meters away from the cage, was a table filled with all sorts of snacks, cigarettes, playing cards… And the masterminds of this kidnapping were all seated there as well.

"It's already two days, Lan Zhengguo must be anxious to the core right?" Shi Kelang said while smiling.

"You don't say? He only has one precious daughter. It would be funny if he isn't!" Shi Dafeng responded while puffing on a cigarette.

"Then shouldn't we call him now? Let's first demand a one billion Yuan ransom!" Shi Mingwei said excitedly.

"That's right! Let's ransom Lan Zhengguo first! Then lure the Chen bastard out! I want to cut him one million times and torture him until he dies!" Shi Dafeng said from his wheelchair.

"That's right! We spent so much money on these Demon Platoon mercenaries to send Chen Xiaobei to hell!" At the mention of Chen's name, Shi Dafeng and Shi Mingwei's eyes lit up with intense and burning hatred.

"Don't worry! With Mr. Farker here, we'll definitely get back at him for all that he did to us. That little piece of sheet is going to die a horrible death!" Shi Kelang said in an icy tone.

"I just hope you guys get the ransom soon; then I can have fun with the girl!" A blonde middle-aged man with blue eyes said while licking his lips. He looked at Mengchen with a lewd expression.


Right just then, the warehouse doors flung off their hinges, and a silhouette clad from head to toe in black, strode into the warehouse. The intruder walked in like he was the grim reaper himself, overflowing with an immense killing intent to the people seated at the table!

"Save your breath! Even if you all had the money, you need to be alive to use it!"

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