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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 190: Won’t Stop Until I Die!

Chapter 190: Won’t Stop Until I Die!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Chen Xiaobei! How come it's you?"

"Our plan is perfect! How the hell did you find us here?"

"This is just impossible!"

The person behind the master was extremely shocked by Chen's sudden appearance.

"Did this bastard call the police? Go and send someone to check it out!" Even the blonde and blue eyes Farker was getting nervous. He quickly ordered someone to check out the perimeter of the warehouse.

Other than the master planner, there were at least thirty others in this warehouse. All of these demons were hired by Shi Family after they sold their mansion. They were from European countries. They did not look friendly. Based on their physical appearance, they were definitely some kind of mafia!

"Boss! There are no policemen outside! Not even a person's shadow can be seen outside!" A black guy with his MP5 reported back to his boss.

"Hahaha… This guy must be out of his damn mind! How dare he come here alone? Does he not know how to spell the word; death?"

Farker had his arrogant look on and said, "Our Demon Mercenary Gang has at least thirty machine guns here! All we have to do is squeeze the triggers for a second! And, you will become a "holy" guy! Hole-y, get it?"

Everyone including Shi Family laughed when they heard Farker's claim. According to them, Chen's combat power was higher than Shi Kelang, but it was impossible for him to fight against guns and bullets! In the end, Chen would only kneel down in front of them and beg for mercy. However, Chen did not even bother looking at them, he took a careful look at Lan. He did see her with the God's Eyes Talisman earlier but the impact was so strong when he saw his goddess was tortured badly at a close distance.


Chen's face turned cold. His bloodlust had increased by folds!

"Xiaobei! Run! They are going to kill you! Run…!"

From far, Lan was shocked when she saw Chen. She started to shout nervously. She had been kept inside the cage for two days. She knew how scary the Demon Mercenary Gang was. Based on her deduction, Chen would definitely die if he refused to leave this place!

"B*tch! Shut the f*ck up!"

She Kelang was worried that Chen might bail. Thus, he rushed to Lan and knocked her out.

"Asshole! How dare you?!"

Chen's eyes moved and deep inside his eyes were completely hollow. He had eliminated all his emotion. His bloodlust was overflowing! There was only one ending for him today! He would not stop until he killed everyone here!

"Son of the b*tch! Why are you acting so arrogant before you die?"

Shi Kelang raised his eyebrows and shouted arrogantly, "You destroyed our family! Today, you have to pay for what you did to us! Beg for mercy now! If not, you will die miserably later!"

"Bastard! Destroying your family is my way of showing mercy to your family! Today, I will make sure all your family members disappear from this planet earth!" Chen spoke with a cold hard tone. It was so powerful. Just like when an emperor gave out an order to someone, no one could go against his will!

"What a joke! Who do you think you are? I will change my surname if you can walk out here alive today!"

Shi Kelang continued to shout, "Do what you need to do Mr. Farker! Show him no mercy! Cripple him first, and we will torture him slowly!"

"Easy peasy lemon squeezy!"

Farker laughed condescendingly and ordered his followers, " Bring him here!"

Two mercenaries with machine guns walked towards Chen. Both of them had their guns pointed at Chen and laughed coldly, "Son of a b*tch! Go over to our boss if you don't want to have a taste of our bullets!"

"Do you think you are invincible with a gun in your hand?"

Chen focused and swung his arms towards the mercenaries. His cultivation is at the pinnacle phase of the physical stage! A three thousand combat power Jianghu elite! Both the mercenaries failed to react to Chen's lightning speed. Their guns were in Chen's possession the next second.




Blood started to gush out from their head. It was a gruesome death for them! Everyone in the warehouse could feel a chill crawling into their spines when they saw what happened to their comrades. They never expected Chen to find a way to snatch their guns when two guns were pointed at him! That was unbelievable!




Chen did not give them the time to be impressed by his inhuman speed. He squeezed on triggers of both machine guns. The remaining fourteen managed to find their ways to the closest fourteen mercenaries' head! Actually, this was the first time Chen had laid his hands on a gun. The Scholar Heart allowed him to make the perfect calculations. His muscles had undergone a huge transformation after he reached the pinnacle phase of physical stage. Thus, not a single bullet was wasted when Chen shot at them! That was definitely a huge scary impact on everyone's heart.

"This… This is impossible!"

This bastard is inhuman! He is a God! The God of Guns!"

"I have never seen such accurate shooting in my entire life! Not even the Northern Europe Reaper possesses such impressive skill.

"This is incredible!"

All those mercenaries had been through different kind of wars. That was their first time witnessing such impressive shooting skill! All of them were in deep shock after seeing what Chen could do to them.

If it wasn't for the bloody smell in the air, most of them would still think that they were just dreaming.

"I have not killed for some time… I feel like my skill is rusty…"

Chen tossed away the empty machine guns and used his hands to massage his hardened face.


[You have killed a big bad guy! 1000 merit points had been awarded to you!]


[You have killed a big bad guy! 1000 merit points had been awarded to you!]


[You have killed a big bad guy! 1000 merit points had been awarded to you!]



[Your current merit points is 86000! You need another 4000 merit points to go to next level! Charm: 8600, Luck: 8600!]

Suddenly, a series of messages was shown to Chen by his Netherspirit Battlescouter. Those are the merit points that he received from killing sixteen mercenaries!

"Not one of them was a good guy! I'm doing the world a huge favor!"

Chen's stare was still ice cold. He took a look at the remaining people in the warehouse.

Only one thing was on his mind right now; kill!

"What a group of retarded fools! Why are you guys stunned here? Go and beat him up into a pile of pulp!"

Farker witnessed half of his mercenary gang was massacre brutally by Chen. He was so furious that he almost puked blood and shouted hysterically at the remaining gang members.

"Yes, sir!"

The remaining fourteen mercenaries aimed Chen with their machine guns and started to shoot at him crazily. The place where Chen stood earlier was unrecognizable anymore! However, Chen was no longer standing at that spot!

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